Reasons Thinning Hair Hits You


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Reasons Thinning Hair Hits You

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Reasons Thinning Hair Hits You

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  2. 2.  Have you noticed that your hair is falling out? Have you seen this kind of trend in your father or mother when he or she was your age? If so, then you might think that there is nothing left for you to do but to just accept your fate; it is genetic—you have always been told. You would simply want to accept the fact that you are predestined to lose your hair like your parents once you reach a certain age.
  3. 3.  But then, do not give up so easily! There may be a lot of reasons you have thinning hair but no matter how much you think of these reasons and the possibility that there are ways that you may alter or prevent hair loss, you would still not be able to help yourself and wonder, “Oh so what about those genes?” Well, indeed, how are you supposed to prevent things from happening if you have been predisposed to experiencing them?
  4. 4.  Itis pretty obvious that the genes are a strong contributing factor if hair loss and hair growth is to be talked about. If your genes have already determined that you would go bald, then you may have to rethink your defensive crouch and try another approach to win the battle. Some people may be not that lucky and so the things that they can do are very limited. They could only accomplish so much even if they have extensive arsenal of hair preservation measures taken. But no, as long as you never hear the bell ring, you need not throw the towel to the ring just yet.
  5. 5.  Often than not, you would hear people attribute their flaws to the bad genes or something like that. They may be right in that sense when you come to think of hair loss or baldness. Genes are very great determinants of a person’s over-all physical make-up; and with bad genes, some things are bound to happen—things that are out of control and thinning hair is one of them. But then there are people who are able to manage to lose weight even if they have been saddled with these genes that make them predisposed to being huge people. The same case could happen for those who have hair loss problems. One may say lucky are those whose genes are not that bad but then again there are these other factors to consider when talking about hair loss. Is it not that there are those who simply lose hair because they are preoccupied about work or about crash dieting? There are also those who smoke a lot, drink a lot and party a lot and they never notice how detrimental it is to their overall health. Autoimmune disorders, hormone issues and medical conditions are just among the other factors that cause thinning hair. If your genes say you are prone to experience it, you would also want to avoid the other factors. If you cannot stop things from happening, then might as well let the process come slowly.