How to Prevent Baldness?


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How to Prevent Baldness?

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How to Prevent Baldness?

  1. 1. How to Prevent Baldness? HTTP://WWW.1300HAIRLOSS.COM.AU
  2. 2.  Every one of us has our most embarrassing moment. The time you hated so much when you humiliated yourself for whatever reasons. That was just a moment, a point in time. But how much more do you hate yourself if you are experiencing your most embarrassing moment all the time because of your baldness. You can just imagine how painful it is to have a wounded ego. There are no treatments for wounded ego available in the market but for balding or receding hairline, there are a lot. Two of the most known drug treatments for hair loss are Minoxidil or Rogaine and Finasteride or Propecia. Minoxidil was originally formulated as a treatment for high blood pressure and was observed to possess a side-effect which is hair regrowth. Since then (Rogaine) it was used to regrow hair topically using 2% and 5% solution of minoxidil. As a hair treatment, prolonged use of Rogaine has possible side-effects like abnormal and inflamed scalps. Finasteride, an oral drug originally formulated as treatment for Prostate Cancer, was later on used as a hair loss medication.
  3. 3.  Propecia, a brand name that has 1 mg of finasteride, was used as a regrowth drug for mild to moderate hair loss. Propecia is said to have known side-effects like impotence, erectile dysfunction and testicular pain. Taking care of your hair before the signs of thinning hair occur is very important. Prevention is better than cure. Complete hair loss is “irreversible”; that means all treatment to hair loss and hair regrowth medications are useless if the scalp hair follicles have already diminished. The only solution to complete baldness as of this moment is hair transplant and hair cloning which involve surgery. It would be painful to you and to your Pocket.
  4. 4.  Take good care of your hair; don’t wait for the signs of hair loss to warn you. Apply mild shampoo to cleanse your scalp every day to prevent DHT from accumulating in the scalp. DHT is one of the primary reasons for hair loss both women and men of all ages. If the signs of hair loss show up, use Leimo to prevent further hair loss.
  5. 5.  Leimo products are all natural and scientifically proven effective in cleansing your hair and scalp and dermatologist tested proven safe without known side-effects. For receding or balding condition of your scalp, no worries, Leimo hair laser with its photo-bio- therapy effectively revitalizes the scalp then rejuvenates miniaturized hair follicles resulting to a healthy full and thick newly grown hair. There are only three words to avoid complete baldness: Prevention…Prevention…Prevention…