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Výnimočná ponuka dokumentárneho cyklu.

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Special offer - 100 years

  1. 1. “100 years - 100 films” SPECIAL OFFER by .flashmedia
  2. 2. 20th Century: 100 Years - 100 Events - 100 Films ! We show in chronological order the events that shaped the 20th century.  We examined the different historical events and look at how and why they had such a great impact on our world.   ! There are about 600 witnesses to different events including: the last witness to the Titanic tragedy, Lenin's grand-niece, Al Capone's grand-nephew, the sons of Mussolini and Charles Chaplin, a nurse from Pearl Harbor, Hitler's secretary, survivors of Auschwitz, the navigator of the Nagasaki bomber, the heroes of Mount Everest, an Apollo 11 astronaut, Edward Teller, Shimon Peres, Helmut Kohl, Pope John Paul II and Ali Agce, Lech Walesa, Otto von Habsburg, George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev.   ! We sifted through 7 million meters of film from 440 world archives and searched through 6000 articles from newspapers in 36 countries. 60 editors, numerous cameramen and countless research assistants worked on the series for three years. Master: English, Dub: Deutsch, Русский, Magyar, Český  100
  3. 3. EVENTS OF THE 20th CENTURY years topics 1900 Welcome to the 20th Century 1901 The End of an Era: The Death of Queen Victoria 1903 A Dream Comes True: the First Motor-Driven Flight of the Wright Brothers 1906 The Ruins: Earthquake in San Francisco 1907 Rasputin and the Romanovs (the Tsar's Family) 1909 The Good Fight: Suffragette Demonstrations Ė Women Battle for Equal Rights 1911 The Race: Amundsen Reaches the South Pole, Scott dies 1912 The Demise: The Maiden Voyage of the Titanic 1913 Emperorís Jubilee 1914 The Assassination: Sarajevo and the Beginning of World War I 1916 The Great War: The Battle of Verdun 1917 The Storming of the Winter Palace: The Russian October Revolution 1918 Revolution in Germany: Scheidemann Proclaims the German Republic 1919 The Contract: The Treaty of Versailles 1920 The Ban: The Beginning of Prohibition in the USA 1922 The Seizure of Power: Mussoliniís March to Rome 1922 The Discovery: The Excavation of Tutankhamunís Tomb 1923 The Putsch: Hitlerís Revolt in Munich 1924 Leninís Death: Stalinís Grab for Power 1925 The Goldrush: Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood 1926 ĄThe Roaring Twentiesď: Josephine Baker in her Banana Skirt 1927 The Winged Hero: Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic 1928 The Invention of the Century: The Discovery of Penicillin 1929 The Crisis: The Stock Market Crash
  4. 4. 1930 The March: Gandhi 1932 The Crisis: The End of the Weimar Republic 1933 The Beginning: Hitlerís Seizure of Power 1934 The Long March: Mao 1936 The Hero of the Olympic Games: Jesse Owens 1936 ĄMoments of Deathď in the Spanish Civil War 1937 The End of Airships: The Explosion of the ĄHindenburgď at Lakehurst 1937 The Sucessor: Dictator Stalin 1938 The Munich Conference: Hitlerís Bought Peace 1938 The ĄReichskristallnachtď 1939 The Border Violation: Hitlerís Attack on Poland 1940 The Visit: Hitler in Paris 1941 The Attack: Operation Barbarossa 1941 The Unexpected: Attack on Pearl Harbour 1942 The Unthinkable: Auschwitz Concentration Camp 1943 The Ghetto: The Boy from Warsaw 1943 The Cold Battle: Stalingrad 1944 The Liberation of Europe: Decision Day 1945 The Bombing of Hiroshima 1945 Victory Day: The Red Flag on the Reichstag 1946 The End of the Master Race: The Nuremberg Trials 1947 Division of Palestine and the Founding of the State of Israel 1948 The Flights: Raisin Bombers over Berlin 1949 The Separation: The Founding of the East and West German States 1951 The Comeback of a Legend: Churchill Returns 1953 The Conquest: The First Ascent of Mount Everest
  5. 5. 1953 The Coronation: Young Elizabeth becomes Queen of England 1953 Upheaval in East Germany: Stones against Tanks 1954 The Myth: Marilyn Monroe in Korea 1954 The Island: Bombing of Bikini 1955 Tens of Thousands of German Prisoners Return Home from the Soviet Union 1956 The Riot: Anti-Communist Protest in Hungary 1958 Elvis Presley: The King of Rock ínĎ Roll 1959 The Victory: Fidel Castro in Havana 1960 The Catch: Israeli Agents Track Down the Nazi Criminal Adolf Eichmann 1961 The Wall: The Leap to Freedom 1962 The Crisis: Missiles on Cuba 1963 The Assassination: John F. Kennedy in Dallas 1964 The ĄLoudmouthď: Cassius Clay Becomes World Champion 1965 The Decoration: A Royal Medal for The Beatles 1966 The Third Goal: Germany Loses the Football World Championship 1967 The Return to the Wailing Wall: The End of the Six-Day-War 1967 Student Revolution in Germany: The Death of Benno Ohnesorg 1968 The Shot: The Death of a Vietcong 1968 The End of the Prague Spring: Words vs. Tanks 1969 The First Man on the Moon: Neil Armstrong 1970 On his Knees in Warsaw: German Chancellor Willy Brandt in Poland 1972 The Victim: A Girl from Vietnam 1972 The Attack on Israeli Athletes during the Olympic Games in Munich 1974 The Watergate Hotel: US President Richard M. Nixon resigns 1974 The Guillaume Affair: An East German Spy in the Chancellery 1975 The End of the Vietnam War: Flight from the US Embassy
  6. 6. 1976 The Mourning in Soweto: The Bloody End of Student Protests 1977 The Airplane: Palestinian Terrorists Hijack a German Airplane 1978 The First Test Tube Baby 1979 The Revolution: Ayatollah Khomeiniís Return to Teheran 1980 The Strike: Solidarity 1981 The Attempt on the Pope 1982 The Falkland War 1983 The Fake: Hitlerís Diaries 1985 The Virus: Rock Hudson Becomes the First Famous Aids Victim 1986 The Challenger Tragedy 1986 The Nuclear Disaster: Chernobyl 1987 The German Political Scandal: Rainer Barschel 1988 The Kidnapping: The Catastrophe of Gladbeck 1989 The End of the Cold War: The Toppling of the Wall 1990 The Reunification of Germany 1991 Operation Desert Storm: The Gulf War 1991 The Coup: Communists Attempt Take-over in Moscow 1992 War in Europe: Starving Croatians Behind Serbian Barbed Wire 1993 Terror in Somalia 1994 Changes in South Africa: Mandelaís Victory 1995 The Assassination: Yitzhak Rabin is Killed in the Holy Land 1997 The Birth of the Myth: The Death of the Princess of Wales 1998 The Scandal: Clinton and Lewinsky 1999 The Incomparable Century: A Flash-Back
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