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Rebellion web

  1. 1. 1 Illustration by Maria Kalavrezou nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 2
  2. 2. LCO ME toWE YM 0 08 pped u s livin g on the d the iffer moon ent v . We iews re- of the as sto you love want it ea th- h pe we do. , we nd the w ! a lly ho uc h as fY M008 su es have draw n in a eally is up on us ight th eme as m re ve ry pro ud o oint fo r us. This is ple th an THE COVER STORY 9 hts ter r winte rn We a gp peo T he nig itte r, win old is er turnin more is sue. ed b dac ith th anoth reach uality s turn spen fire w to be ant to top q ourer ha ay to f the e in- we w d, if y Wh at be tter w in fro nt o you enjoy th relea se e with ano ther ea d the wor s, fam- SNAPSHUT & YEAH - THE WINNER 13 d up , as befor s spr friend curle azine ever elp u your ay than mag . s; we ase h show you m of a sue r u ple se ssion als auty this is ne fo - So , plea elp a s be credib le work in anoth er m ilesto er ye a r and an ery- re ading this any in d ustry profe t out the re an dh REBEL RABBLE 15 8 is anoth nk ev and to ge can. YM00 rough to tha ch ily want s we und, e it th like mu . We ple a it aro mad would fa r! So k now ve peo sp read what have We d so time. creati sue, know other 4 iss ues. ot in volve such a short mad e many njoy the is ite an d let us DAMON BAKER 17 as g So e that h ain in tifully webs s Pre s- one ene d ag ite, beau ut and k ou t the istma happ webs che ck it o chec k fo r Chr suit has w e bee n would We h ave a ne ditor Stevie ! Go e stu ff we’v s for you th ink. hey, if you r stuc S ubsc ription r old! HESTON BLUMENTHAL 21 AH’s e om ion And YEAH ung o awes miss by YE it h the fo r sub an d ex- ea s... a m ily, yo up w king fresh ent id d or fa catch re loo vie ep it EAH , frien We a t to ke me Y yone PROjECT SHOP 25 & Ste . n so an doing e wa e you site, w to giv ou r web citing . If yo u wa drop nt us us a line! brillia nt the me; w e’v ce w e e Erre y lo vin’, ju st llion is such a n e eve r sin kn ew BREAK THE RULES 33 Rebe this o . We bout nuary e ited a in ja ver; w exc back but a se been d it way e, throw at them anno unce ea great gu ys w ould ibu tors WE ARE DISPOSABLE, YEAH! 36 uld b you contr it wo what EAH in- no idea cred ible Y t us some had r the in an d sen us. A s eve it out of the bag f diffe rent REBELLION, WHAT REBELLION? 41 pu lled e up o col- stuff. mad vie’s cr edible is sue is ith Ste rst hole tarting w our fi The w of Re bell ion. S el Ok i to create n Wo ng’s POLITICAL APATHY 43 iews Gam ’s Be bellin g v tion w ith there bora er. T hen ow re la cov a nd h race, illustr ated e hu man jAMES HEAD 45 at th look
  3. 3. CONTRIBUTORS We asked YEAH’s watercolour illustration star, jessica Lewis to tell us a bit more about her and her work... jESSICA LEWIS jONNY CASS DAMON EMRAH WILLIAMS GOWING BAKER ALTINOK WILL jESSICA LUCIANA GAMEL WELLS LEWIS BIANCHI OKI My best pieces of work are when i get the urge to draw, and just do it without thinking. In that way i guess i am inspired by the materials and textures from the environment around me (wherever that may BEN GLENN jAK jAMES be). I like collaborating with designers and working in their studios; WONG MILLINGTON SPEDDING HEAD the colours, materials and clutter create an atmosphere which i think has an impact on my illustrations. i love working to music for the same reason. i can only be creative if i feel like it. i have a short attention span. ALSO, THANKS TO... Patrick Collier, Claire Basiuk, Will Wells, Phil Evans, Kylie Barton, Amanda Bollini, Paul Williams, jools Chaffer, Na Hooper, Richard Ock- MARIA PAUL SWEATY DAN enden, The Beardy Grahams and Mummy Steve and Mummy Errey.KALAVREZOU TINKER ESKIMO MACKEY 6
  4. 4. 7 Illustration by Paul Tinker
  5. 5. 9 Illustration by Dan Mackey
  6. 6. 11 Photography by Emrah Altinok 12
  7. 7. SNAPSHUT & YEAH GLENN MILLINGTON THE WINNER PICTOGRAPHIK Last issue, we launched our collaborative donated to the UK charity, Wannabeamazin. In The idea behind the piece was to create an graphics, banners and billboards. And the oc-competition with Snapshut, to find a TShirt de- addition to the Snapshut ‘24/7 Collection’, the image that would work well as a paste up, that casional website.sign to fit with the theme, Rebellion. Snapshut brand also produces a series of strictly Limited challanged the opinion of the media, suggest I’ve been working as a freelancer for a fewis a niche streetwear brand based in London, Edition T-shirts and canvas bags. - Check out an alternative point of view and do this as con- years now and draw upon experiences fromUK, producing simple art-inspired designs the Snapshut website, www.snapshutdesigns. cisely as possible. I also wanted to encourage past roles as a screen printer and sign writerprinted on eco-friendly garments such as their com, or visit Snapshut’s online ‘pop-up’ store the viewer to think about what they were being when creating and manipulating imagery orsignature soft bamboo T-shirts. for more details. told, so included the subverted logo with the constructing graphical layouts. I love to use Snapshut uses sustainable fabrics sourced The winning design will be available on the simple question, ‘oil?’, rather than making the photoshop to make photo real composites orfrom ethical manufacturers, and 5% of profits Snapshut website from November 15th. image into a statement. take it to the polar opposite and generate ab-from the sale of Snapshut bamboo T-shirts are Pictographik fuses the disciplines of graphic stract or pattern based work. I’m also a vj/video design and digital image manipulation for all artist working under the name thought.projec- areas of print media, from posters and flyers, tor. business sets and brochures to garments, vinyl13 nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 14
  8. 8. women enjoy ever skimpier bathing suits. This music to sound nice, I like it to sync with my might be a case of political correctness, rather emotions and stir up a harmony from within. It than misfired rebellion, but either way, it is an in- should become the soundtrack for the scene justice and warrants action. that it evokes. But dubstep makes me feel like Mephedrone: A rebellion against real drugs. It I’m getting tied up and mugged on the set of a was cheap, it was easy to score and Christ was German porno. And that’s not something many it potent. It cascaded through university cities, of us can relate to. subjecting once-normal people to the dreaded These things are the cul-de-sacs of human “5-stage-mephemorphosis”; a less than subtle progress- what if the Heel-skate technicians had Rebels tend to fall into two categories. There pliance in order to bask in a momentary illusion transition from party acolyte to “dashing” racon- been researching biofuel engines instead? Whatare people with radical ideas, who believe they of individuality. Here are a few of the popular mi- teur, then proceeding from a gibbering maniac if mephedrone really was a miracle fertilizerhave a better way of living life. Then there are nor rebellions which should have had suffered a into a gurning mess, finally settling as a self- which could have ended world hunger, had itpeople who are just a bit awkward so they re- rebellious nip in the bud. loathing pool of sweat with a person attached. not been swallowed up by an ocean of teenagesort to dying their hair and getting rude tattoos on Heelie skates: A rebellion against feet. They It was a new, dangerous banner to which the nostrils? But of course, you kid’s needn’t con-their foreheads. The former group may include make for inefficient roller skates and hazardous most unlikely groups flocked, but by the time it cern yourself with these things. Go dye your hairindividuals such as Galileo or Chairman Mao, shoes. Of course, the wheels are located in the was made illegal, most born-again users had a primary colour and pierce each other’s geni-while the latter usually consists of failed musi- one part of your foot that you don’t use for ma- already realised that they simply weren’t made talia. And once everybody is doing it, removecians or musicians who have built their success noeuvring. And when you slip and fracture your of the right stuff to rebel against their own nervous the piercings and shave your heads. And onceon the image of failure. Rebellion is often a hin- pelvis, the paramedics are legally entitled to systems. we’re a nation of un-pierced slapheads, cut offdrance, a way of disrupting others from their true stand and mock you for a full 15 minutes before Star Tattoos: A rebellion against our own your ears and cover your scalp in marmalade.goals. they administer the morphine. I put these in the complexion. Say to the world “I have no That’ll show them yellow bellied conform- I am not a rebel. As a scientist, I’m aware same league as Soap-on-a-Rope™ and Blu- imagination, but I need to get ists. Meanwhile, WE’RE STILLthat this planet will eventually be consumed by etooth headsets; they’re just half arsed attempts inked before my midlife cri- NOT IN SPACE.the Sun; therefore it is imperative that we all work at turning the average, frail human into an all- sis kicks in” for only £30.towards human progress in aerospace tech- powerful multi-gadgeted-cyborg. But the end However, the classicnology. This means that a responsible human result turns you into something less like Robo- Chinese “Special Friedshould avoid all other distractions (Art, Youtube, cop and more like a badly refurbished Inspector Rice” symbol and thepleasure sex, computer games, horse riding, Gadget. snake fornicating with awriting for magazines, silly things like that) for Leggings: A rebellion against the social con- flaming skull might onethe sake of our species. Dawdling is a rebellion vention of trouser-wearing. Don’t get me wrong; I day be considered “retro”against the survival of the human race. However, love bottoms. I love the outline of ladies bottoms. (A rebellion against the pres-there is a time and place for rebellion, and when It’s fun when girls appear to have forgotten their ent and future) and are thereforeone act of rebellion gets in the way of man- trousers. But these things cause 70% of wearers good investments the near future.kind’s colonization of the stars, we need to rebel to brandish a cellulite-ridden camel toe that flaps Twitter: A rebellion against verbal gos-against these rebellions to get ourselves back between every other syllable and it’s not sexy, sip? A poor man’s Facebook for... rich people?on the straight and narrow. It’s fast becoming a it’s just sinister. It does, however, present an op- What is the point of it? Who honestly gives ameaningless and loose fitting word, which is in portunity for the return of the cod-piece. shit about a celebrities rambling commentary?itself a rebellion against language. Swimming trunks: A rebellion against Spee- Nobody needs a minute-by-minute string of an- Rebellious as we are, humanity has a dos. Since a brutal smear campaign destroyed nouncements about which part of Katie Price isdreadful habit of picking up dreadful habits. the reputation of the noble Speedo briefs, mak- next to be inflated, or an update on Bono’s at-When enough people decide that a habit is too ing them synonymous with the paedophile, de- tempts to teach yoga to starving dolphins.dreadful to continue, they promptly adopt a new cent men were forced to swim in gargantuan Dubstep: A rebellion against melody, har-“thing” from the nearest celebrity or a suitably Bermuda shorts, which are about as suitable mony and symphony. I might be on myphotogenic idiot, with increasingly bovine com- for swimming as a wedding dress. Meanwhile own on this one but seriously... I like15 Article by Ben Wong, Illustration by jonny Williams nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 16
  9. 9. DamonBakerisnotjustafashionphotographer,he’sanexplorerofstyle. We asked him a few questions about his work... Where did you come up with the idea for the shoot? My ideas for shoots aren’t just ideas I have came up with, I guess you can say it’s my mind translated into photos. What was the best bit of this shoot? Meeting the team, going wild in the studio and being creative in post processing. How did you get into photography? I get asked this question a lot. I don’t see it as something I ‘got into’, I see it more as something I’ve always been a part of, something I’ve always had a passion for and something I hope to do until the day I die. If you could work with any photographer or model, who would it be? One of my favourite models is Coco Rocha, she moves perfectly. I enjoy being in a room surrounded by creative and interesting people so getting the meet the people I have is a blessing on it’s own. What are your plans for the future? I’d like to be a photographer, pretty please. You can see more of Damon’s work on his website - nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 18
  10. 10. 19 Pat. Ut wisim vel ero odolobor in ulla feum vendreetummy nim irit digna corem nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 20
  11. 11. Heston Blumenthal & The Fat DuckFood, Art and Science on one plate You probably think that there is not much ceived the highest acknowledgement from the left to talk about Heston Blumenthal, but there gourmet world with 3 Michelin stars, and occu- is! He is not your average chef, and his ideas pies the second position in the list of the World’s transform the dining experience in a magical 50 Best restaurants, without even having a for- (or crazy?) trip. He can take you to Wonderland mal training as a chef. He can even make the through the rabbit hole and turn a small village Victorians look trendy again, and the Romans restaurant into one of the best restaurants in the to become cool by recreating their dishes on a world. He is highly respected as a scientist, but TV show! The man can do anything!21 Article by Luciana Bianchi, Photographs by Clive Booth, Design by Gamel Oki without having a science degree. He has re-
  12. 12. Who is Behind the scenes there is a side of Mr. Blumen- cided on a topic for the project: Aroma Encapsulation Heston Blumenthal & What is THE FAT DUCK ? He began his interest in food after visiting a fa-thal that we don’t know much about, but is even more - a technique which can trap a smell (or a flavour) in a mous restaurant in France with his family. It was byimportant than any international prize – the influence solid compound, which can be released with several observing the theatrical movement of the service, thatand impact of his work on education. different techniques, creating a final magical effect. the 16 year old Heston became madly in love with I have known Heston for a few years, and have The students had a budget for their entire proj- gastronomy and fine dining. Self-taught, with onlyhad the great opportunity of working in the kitchen of ect, a topic and a deadline. After several months of an O-level in arts, he studied science and food fromThe Fat Duck for a special project. I have written a meetings, lab hours in their free time, and research, all possible angles, and saved all his money to visitportrait and several other articles about his approach the finished project came to an end. The results ma- the best restaurants and producers around the worldto avant-garde cuisine. My experience at the Fat terialised in the form of a scientific abstract, some during his holidays. He was obsessed with food andDuck gave me the chance to get to know his work in prototypes, a video of the lab experience through the he couldn’t think about anything else. He was initiallydepth. Last year I approached Heston with a rather months of development, and 4 pictures with ideas of a salesman, but changed his life completely, whenunusual project, which he liked and approved. dishes using different techniques. he moved into the restaurant business. In Bray, a The story began with a chemistry trip. I and two Heston received the group at the Hinds Head, small village in Berkshire, he bought a pub, hardlyscientists from Alton College, Fiona Revell and Lesley and the students were able to present and explain anticipating that this small place would one day beBrewer, decided to open a research group in Mo- their ideas and how their work had progressed. The one of the world’s most famous restaurants.lecular Gastronomy. The intention of the group was photographer from YEAH magazine, Ben Errey, was The Fat Duck offers more than a dining experi-to create a new opportunity for young and talented in charge of the photos. ence. You have a dinner, a “theatre ticket” and achemistry students to experience the real life of a Heston asked a lot of questions, and was truly unique sensory experience. In approximately 4researcher, with all the excitement, difficulties, limited impressed with the quality of the work, which was hours, the guest is transported into Heston’s universe,budget and extra hours of commitment. afterwards sent to his experimental kitchen, where eating fabulous food, experiencing science and food One biochemist (Fiona Revell, head of the chem- chefs and scientists develop dishes and techniques in a very exciting way, and discovering history andistry Department), one research chemist (Dr. Lesley to be used in the Fat Duck menu and on TV shows. art through his dishes. It could be scrambled eggsBrewer), one chef and wannabe scientist (me!), 10 Afterwards, the group spent the morning visiting all the in which the eggs magically taste like bacon andA-level students, and a ‘mystery chef’ – and so, the facilities and talking with the staff from The Fat Duck. are cooked in liquid nitrogen at the table, or a dishjourney began! The selected students were: Sam The journey finished with a very special lunch at the invoking travel to the sea, accompanied by suitableCobb; Katy Sworn; Claire Stratford; Alexander Cobb; Hinds Head, experiencing the food from the pub with sounds and scents – even edible sand. A tea, hotHannah Bruton; Sam Page; Leah Devaney; Harry some treats from The Fat Duck. Each of the students and cold unbelievably at the same time, or sweetsUzzell; Samantha Marais ( a chemistry and biology were also presented with a bag of the very unusual with edible paper, and a journey through the historicalstudent with a special talent for art!), james Cover- treats from ’The Sweet Shop of Heston Blumenthal’. whisky routes in Britain particularly Scotland. At Thedale and Katie Roe. Some of the students have now finished their A-levels Fat Duck, the guest must be prepared for the unex- Dr. Lesley Brewer, an experienced research sci- and have been accepted at some of the top Universi- pected, and realise that it is not just about the foodentist, who specialises in aromas, worked for many ties in the country to begin their degrees in Septem- and drink, which are exceptional, but the whole pack-years in the beer industry before becoming a lecturer ber. Some others still have another year to go. age with entertainment and non stop surprises; in thisat Alton College. With our guidance the students de- light, going to The Fat Duck is not expensive. The chef has also 2 pubs in Bray and is open- ing a new restaurant in December called ‘Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’, inside the Mandarin Oriental Ho- tel in London. Luciana Bianchi is a chef de cuisine and interna- tional food writer. Follow her on twitter @LucianaBianchi23 Pat. Ut wisim vel ero odolobor in ulla feum vendreetummy nim irit digna corem 24
  13. 13. ethos and the desire to address the us the use of a shop for free use of an empty shop is what led us and for that we’re still really to the idea of creating a pretend grateful. In those two weeks shop from cardboard. It would we built our set up our be an interactive performance exhibition. They were the set inside a kind of general most exhausting weeks store, loosely based on of the entire project; most Woolworths; offering an ar- days we wouldn’t leave ray of satirical products that until three in the morning visitors could buy with the but somehow we got ev- fake money we had given erything ready in time and them. We wanted to engage opened ‘Shop’ on the last day people with our work and our of April. That first day was intense; ideas by simply asking them like everything else we were learning as we went. At times the place was so busy I thought no, stating that to do what they would normally all our products would go on the first day, as it he needed a do in a shop. was we had roughly 500 visitors and ‘sold’ over cardboard CV, It took us a year to design all ‘Shop’ 300 products on day one. With the exception of so he bought one the various elements, to collect thewas a year a few people we knew, everyone who came in of our products and cardboard from local shops, print every-in the making. A on the first day was just passing by and wasn’t left, but he didn’t give up so thing and build up support for the project. Infew of my friends and expecting to find our shop. Some people loved easily and returned after taking his product apart that year, Project ‘Shop’ took on a life of it’s own,I when we were in our first year studying Fine Art it straight away, while most people didn’t know and writing a CV on it! Naturally we gave him a occasionally to the detriment of ours. Along theat the AUCB formed a collective called OutsideIN what to make of it. Most commonly they wanted job. During the four days we experimented with way, we organised supporting events; things likewith the intention of making work together and get- to know what it was for, who we were and how we the performance, changing things and introduc- workshops in silkscreen printing and product de-ting it out into the public. We noticed the empty were making money. I think their idea of the experi- ing new elements such as live product demon- sign and although we weren’t interested in makingshops around Bournemouth and we got excited ence changed when we explained that we were strations. money it became necessary to fund the project,about the idea of using one of them as a place to doing it for its own sake and no one was making At the end of our final day we held an open so we applied for grants, printed and sold t-shirtsexhibit, especially because it would give us an op- money, and that our aim was simply to challenge artist led discussion to talk about the project, and threw a huge fundraising party in a house ofportunity to engage people who don’t go to galler- the way people think about shopping and the ef- with the MP for Bournemouth, the president of cardboard, even so we ended up funding mosties. We all agreed that we wanted something that fect it has. Additionally they were surprised to learn the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Com- of the project with our own money. It was difficultwas both free and completely removed from the that all of the cardboard used was waste that we merce, the head of Fine Art at AUCB, the head at times, there were points when we all becamegal- lery context, made from cheap had recovered from real shops. of Bournemouth Creatives, fellow students and stressed and angry at the project and each other, or found materials to We constantly streamed live footage of ‘Shop’ members of the general public. We were able to but it was also rewarding to see what we could create an experi- on our website, The ben- bring all of these people together to talk about the accomplish together. Getting a shop turned out to ence of art that efit of the live broadcast was that people who issues surrounding the work, in particular, the use be the most frustrating part. For a year we didn’t would be stumbled upon our exhibition while on break from of empty shops as temporary spaces to show- know if we would ever get a shop. Everything de- accessible work would then go back and show it to their col- case art and ways we could build on what we had pended on the space and towards the end it was to any- leges, also visitors would call their friends at home done. We are now working with the Bournemouth especially hard when we had done so much work one. That and tell them to log-on to see ‘Shop’. It was really Chamber of Trade, the Arts University College and it felt like we were soldiering on with nowhere encouraging when people came and said they Bournemouth, SCAN, and other interested parties to go and with only a few weeks until our had been told, encouraged or even dragged by to create an annual festival of arts in Bournemouth, deadline and no shop we were start- friends to come see ‘Shop’ and it was especially part of which will utilise empty shops to exhibit art, ing to admit defeat and began half- satisfying to see people come back more than films, music, theatre, etc. We’re doing this be- heartedly developing contingency once. cause we want to make a difference and share plans. A few people joined in with the performance; with other people the art and the spaces for it that Luckily, two weeks before we one kid asked for a job, to which at first we said we would want to see. opened we made a deal with let- ting agent, Ellis & Partners who gave25 Article by Patrick Collier, Illustration by jonny Williams 26
  14. 14. claire27 BASIUK Pat. Ut wisim vel ero odolobor in ulla feum vendreetummy nim irit digna corem Velessis nulputeuipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 28 nulput in in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 28
  15. 15. 29 Pat. Ut wisim vel ero odolobor in ulla feum vendreetummy nim irit digna corem nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 30
  16. 16. JAK SPEDDING I decided to take the idea of rebellion back to its simplest form. The human form and the apparent ‘rebellion’ when people do not conform to the idea’s of modern society; I decided to use a female model rebelling against so- ciety by bearing all for the camera but took the edge of it by placing her in a place where society has no say over what is right or wrong, nature. The antlers from a deer are to show the idea that nature is encasing her rebellion and inside that ‘capsule’ the idea of being naked is a totally normal thing. I shoot most of my work on digital for convenience but I crave the look of film so I shoot all my work using old film lenses which I have adapted usually with a big hammer to fit on the front of my camera. This is an extremely pleasing way to shoot as a lot of the lenses don’t have the modern coatings and the feel you get off them is amazing! It stops you thinking about how sharp a picture should be and what a picture truly means to you!31 Velessis nulputeuipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 32 nulput in in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 32
  17. 17. clash yourself, buy a dress/top/leg- gings (*delete where appropriate) with conflicting colours. 2. Never wear mismatched pat- terns - I say, do it. Some of the hottest looks this season have been created using a mismatch of different prints. Carry it on into Autumn/Winter by mix- ing stripes with plaid and leopard print with polka dots. My top tip is to find a common base colour in the clashing items of clothing and to think couture not trash. 3. Never wear socks and sandals - Sometimes this is never acceptable (four words: jesus sandals, sports socks) but you can work it with closed toe sandals/pumps and cutesy ankle This issue, fashion writer Cass into your winter wardrobe, you can socks. Think Alexa Chung not Velma Gowing teaches you which style rules brighten up the dullest day. I say, wel- from Scooby Doo. you should rebel against in order to come winter whites! Personally, I think 4. Always match your clothes with get a A* in fashion. this fashion myth should be banished your accessories - This is the one I’ve always found it difficult to do as to the world where Crocs came from, style taboo which I go out of my way I’m told and I am also a firm believer and instead it should be replaced by to ignore, nothing looks tackier than that rules are there to be broken. Both a new fashion law that decrees that matching shoes, bag, necklace and apply unconditionally when it comes leggings should not be worn as trou- bracelets. Pick and mix your acces- to fashion. The list of dress etiquettes sers (please don‘t get me started). sories for best results. that is drilled into our heads from an The following list consists of so 5. Always leave sequins and early age urgently needs a revamp. called fashion ‘rules’, all of which I glitter for the evening - I’m a bit If you don’t know what I mean, here urge you to break. Express yourself like a magpie, I’m attracted to is an example of one of those fashion and embrace these five fashion faux glitter and sparkle, so I be- myths: ‘Never wear white before Me- pas. lieve in bringing that glittery morial Day’ (or ‘after Labor Day’). This 1. Never wear clashing colours - jumper into your day wear dated rule dictates that it is not suitable Ignore the ol’ saying “red and green wardrobe by teaming with to wear the colour white outside of the should never be seen”, because a black high waisted skirt summer season. Fair enough, it’s not anything is possible when it comes to or jeans. Likewise, don’t the wisest idea to opt for white skinny fashion. You can make sure that you limit your wardrobe into jeans when its raining cats and dogs don’t go OTT by clashing your acces- two categories (daywear outside, but who on earth invented sories with your outfit. How about an and evening wear), feel this style taboo? Someone who lacks emerald green bodycon skirt with a free to mix things up a bit. forward thinking in the fashion de- ruby red structured satchel handbag? partment, clearly. By bringing white Or if you’re not confident enough to33 Article by Cass Gowing, Illustration by jessica Adelaide Lewis
  18. 18. 35 Illustration by Phill Evans 36
  19. 19. Combining the concepts of Disposable Perspec- tives and the creative and production talents of YEAH, “WE ARE DISPOSBALE YEAH” is a pho- tography project designed to promote analogue film photography, concluding in a unique and ex- clusive book. Run as a competition, entrants were asked to enter up to five images, with only one condition; that the images must have been taken using film photography. Aside from that, the brief was completely open, we just had to sit back and watch the entries roll in. We received huge numbers of entries from all over the world with a whole range of brilliant, weird james Hope Flakner and wonderful imagery. Then came the hard bit - Choosing with final images for the book! Sadly we couldn’t fit everyone’s work in, so we were forced to choose 50 images for the book, and a further 5 winners, including an overall win- ner who would win the Diana Mini. It was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do, with so many amazing images to choose from it took us a long time. The book will be released in mid December, and will be available for pre-order very soon. jovan Todorovic37 38
  20. 20. Stephan Kaps Marta Kockanek BOOK COMING SOON WWW.WEAREDISPOSABLEYEAH.COM Elisa Nelissen39 40
  21. 21. going for something a bit milder like wearing stands in the way of Ikeas plans for world dom- my shoes on the wrong feet, not blasting holes ination. But I don’t live in any of those places so in coppers. Whether or not it’s a great way of it’s all semantics. securing a fishing trip with Gazza I just feel that So now my contention is that it is practically most laws are there for a reason and are pretty impossible to rebel in the 21st Century in a so- sensible, especially murder. So as I apparently ciety weaned on naughty steps and political lack the required evil to bowl for Columbine I’d correctness. Maybe I should be thankful that like to lobby for the implementation of more life has become too comfortable and too ful- laws so there are more to be broken – but petty filled and there’s just nothing worth rebelling for; ones. I just want to fuck the system, but with- without feeling overly suppressed how could out anyone getting properly fucked. So how to I get into it? There’s no point hunger striking land on that ‘Do not pass GO. Head straight to just because they changed the name of Opal jail’ square on my monopoly board of male Fruits to Starburst or because my supermarket maturity? stopped stocking Lucky Charms. If only I lived in Sorocaba, But we’re not in those wonderful, colour- Brazil, where passionate ful nations where I could be an outlaw kissing in public is illegal just for forgetting my moustache li- (I’d do it in Dubai but I cense (Massachusetts) so another I see rebellion in two contexts today; the first act considered insubordinate ten years ago is heard they chop off your avenue’s blocked and now I’m stuckis rebelling at injustice – perhaps prejudice or now a mainstream movement. The day Beck- lips and I don’t want to on a square that’s not going to leaddiscrimination, the second is rebelling against ham started wearing eye-makeup the day all leave puberty with no me anywhere nearer to fucking jail.society, and for no other reason than that. just edginess left being a Goth, even wearing Ben lips). Or take France, So seeing as I don’t have the moralwanting to be different and make old people Sherman’s and Doc Martins stopped being where you’re forbidden fibre for political activism, and I don’ttut – both integral to bridging that gap between un-conformist in the mid 90’s. Alcoholism, wild from naming a pig Napo- heal fast enough for religious self flag-adolescence and adulthood. Yet I cannot see drug abuse (I’m more than a little addicted to leon, I could do that without any ellation perhaps I’ll give up rebellingspace for me to do either – it seems every cough drops at the moment) and listening to qualms. Or Peru, beautiful to be different just for differencemanner of peaceful or non-violent protest has death metal have all failed me. So I tried com- Peru, where unmarried men sake. Being stuck in puberty isn’tbeen done and can no longer hold attention pulsive lying, a mild eating disorder and sac- are not allowed to keep fe- so bad; at least my sex drive willlike any valued protestation requires. All my life rificing small animals – still nothing, despite male alpacas in their apart- always be sky high.. sayingI’ve been a conformist, a boring, simple guy. Its combining the last two. We’ve got a long way ments. Perhaps we should that, it will mean never havingsuddenly dawned on me that if I want to finally from where sticking it to the man was swearing follow the example of Singa- the post pubescent mental ca-be any kind of a man at all I must pre-empt a at your Gran, or wearing safety pins through pore, where if during a random pacity for a sex life that connectslook back on my youth able to say with some your ears and to my detriment! That’s when search you are found not to beyond solely a physical levelconviction ‘I was such a tearaway’, or ‘what a sticking it to the man was safe, and a big belief have flushed a public toilet it’s – though I doubt my girlfriendjack the lad I used to be, thank god I grew up’. I of mine is that if you’re going stick it anywhere it a fine or prison sentence for holds much hope ofdon’t want to be stuck in pubescent purgatory; should be safe – especially to the man. your dirty crime. Though my that happeningI’ve been here too long already. Perhaps the only sure fire way to be classed favourite is Sweden where regardless. Unfortunately for my generation an impor- as a rebel is to get arrested. If laws are required it is illegal to train a seal totant part of puberty has been stripped away to keep societies in order then all I need to do balance a ball on its nose,as it is almost impossible to rebel nowadays. is break a few so I can finally leave adoles- I can only speculateEveryone is just too damn liberal – even Par- cence feeling I’ve ticked every box and got my that it is only this,liament is 50% liberal at any given time. Every card stamped. Only thing is I’m not Raul Moat, and any notionsensibility, every ideal and every image con- my mental instability remains undiagnosed for of individuality,ceivable already exists so unfortunately any one. He may be an underclass hero, but I was that somehow41 Article by Will Wells, Illustration by jonny Williams nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 42
  22. 22. ment against popular culture, but they all end to express concerns and foster activism. We up wearing the same clothes with the same live in a new age that poses new challenges hair styles listening to the same music... out and the new generation need to grab the op- of rebellion, a new norm is formed. The British portunity to overcome such challenges. Without people need to realise that no vote, means no such engagement and activism, nothing will opinion, so let us break the cycle and conform change. People need to take responsibility for to that idea, encourage activism in politics and their opinions and the media need to take re- highlight its importance among the young. Ed- sponsibility and report rather than sensationa- ucation needs to incorporate this notion, so that lise politics to avoid turning our political system people across all social divides are aware of into a Big Brother, leaving the public on the out- the power they can hold. side looking in. The media is a fantastic tool to encourage Big Brother has died, and we need to make engagement with politics. It is a great medium sure political apathy sharply follows suit. Rebellion in itself is an anti-establishment tion, “this generation” needs to realise that theact. The very word means action against what future lies in their viewed as the norm. Any form of rebellion can It has been a turbulent time for politics spear-be classed as political action, from the obvious headed by the expenses scandal; the generaltrade union movements, to the more subtle... public have become exhausted by the mediarefusing to wear the correct school uniform. And coverage that has fuelled new waves of apathyso it seems odd, that the most prevalent form of for the system. The audiences of such mediarebellion in the 21st century is that against the became enraged with the system. This ragenature of politics itself. however has not turned into positive activism to Turnout for the 2010 general election was a change the system and revitalise British poli-disappointment. Although participation was up tics, but gave people a reason to sit at home onby 4% it still remained well below the post-war polling day. The general public and “this gen-average of 78%. Only 44% of 18-24 year olds eration” are politically exhausted. Such silentturned out to vote, showing that political apathy rebellion will ensure that this anger isn’t felt, andamong the young is still prominent, and this is- that the energy that it generates isn’t redirectedsue needs to be addressed.“This generation into solving the problems that lie at its core.has a chance to change our politics” said Ed Rebellion is a part of a vicious circle leadingMiliband in his first speech as Labour Leader. back round to conformism. Take subculturesBut before this change can be wheeled into ac- for example. ‘Emo’ teens are making a state-43 Article by Kylie Barton, Illustration by jonny Williams
  23. 23. JAMES HEAD Skateboarding has always had a DIY mentality from it’s genesis in the seventies. This has ranged from people customizing their grip tape, pressing their own tee shirts and creating skate parks. In Aldershot, Farn- ham and Fleet there have been spots grow- ing in the concrete jungles (for those of us that are trained enough to spot them). The main force behind this increase growth is Laup Barter. Here is the story of a skate park that was once in Aldershot called “Laup- side”, this account is written by the laup himself. “The laupside site had a mini ramp on it some 18+ years ago so we knew there was concrete under all the grass, beer bottles, cans and rubbish. My friend French and I cleared the first little bit back in August 09 and built a quarter pipe. At the time we didn’t know that the council were planning the much needed re-build of Aldershot’s park, we figured if no one else is going to build anywhere to skate then we thought we’d build it ourselves. From then on the momen- tum grew and by the time of its heavy hand- ed destruction, little over a year later, there was a regular crew of people riding there most days and building most weekends. A big thank you to Mike Vincent, Rob Hill and Ian Munns who put as much time and effort into the place as anyone.”45 Pat. Ut wisim vel ero odolobor in ulla feum vendreetummy nim irit digna corem Velessis nulputeuipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 46 nulput in in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 46
  24. 24. 47 Pat. Ut wisim vel ero odolobor in ulla feum vendreetummy nim irit digna corem nulput in euipsum modoloreet lore con velenim vendion ulputpatet alit 48
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