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Coca-Cola SchoolPal by Anne & Stevie


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Our idea to raise funds for public schools. A brief at Young Glory, 2015 December.

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Coca-Cola SchoolPal by Anne & Stevie

  1. 1. YOUNG GLORY Proposal by Lucianne Putri & Stevie Sulaiman for 2015 December Brief LET’S RAISE FUNDS FOR OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  2. 2. With more and more students needing extra-attention (from being diagnosed with ADHD or other development disorders), and with cuts and shifts in funding affecting extracurricular activities and teachers alike, our public schools are in dire shape. Create a new system or campaign that could be rolled-out by any public school or school board anywhere in the world. Format doesn’t matter, as long as it has the potential to raise funds. It could be a traditional campaign, an app, a game, a website or a social media campaign. CHALLENGE
  3. 3. INSIGHT Public schools are often considered a second, or a third, or a fourth choice. In many countries you go to public schools because you can’t afford your kids to go to private schools. People put their kids here not because of the quality, but because of expecting a cheap – if not free – tuition fee. That’s why it’s getting increasingly difficult for these schools to get support, whether it’s from government or from public.
  4. 4. FOCUS Shift the purpose to providing equal right for education for the children with special needs – autistic, ADHD and some of other disorders. Even if this campaign cannot help the entire public schools, it can still help these public schools.
  5. 5. The world consumes billions of bottles and cans of Coca-Cola a year, and since 2010 there has been a campaign to personalize your Coca-Cola by printing your name to replace the brand name in the packaging. What if we collaborate with Coca-Cola to use this on-going campaign (and momentum), while giving a new twist to it? OPPORTUNITY
  6. 6. Enable billions of Coca-Cola purchase to contribute in donating for public schools for the children with special needs. OBJECTIVE
  7. 7. SchoolPal Coca-Cola Print the name of the student and their school on a Coke. Part of what you pay for a name will be donated to the school.
  8. 8. SchoolPal Coca-Cola Scan the label to get more info about the student and the school. How much fund they need, how much they still need. Brooklyn Ruecker Winston Knoll High School
  9. 9. Thanks for sharing happiness to the public schools