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Social networkingfinal

  1. 1. Rob Techman R.J. Kern Stevie Schenk
  2. 2. Business Communications Academic Institutions
  3. 3. LinkdIn Facebook Flickr Many others…
  4. 4. Nick Kellet created the game GiftTRAP but needed a manufacture. LinkdIn enabled him to find an old college who developed the game Cranium. They collaborated and his game was developed. NOW… Nick creates games through his manufacture for Facebook
  5. 5. Advertisements on Facebook “Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, is selling more ad spots to big companies like Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble and Pepsi Co.” All images created by Rob Techman
  6. 6. Facebook for classwork Friends Messages Chat All images created by Stevie J. Schenk
  7. 7. Facebook for homework Notes Groups Events All images created by Stevie J. Schenk
  8. 8. Facebook for group projects Groups Messages Chat All images created by Stevie J. Schenk
  9. 9. • Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg in his Harvard Dorm room • Facebook was originally meant for connections between college friends but it has grown to such bigger portions. • Today on average there are 100,000 new people who register on Facebook everyday. • Professional groups have spawned from Facebook for people to follow and keep in touch with their favorite bands, clubs, etc. •
  10. 10.  My Profile is a short biography about yourself. It tells the reader your age, gender, education, and any other basic information about you. Anytime you update that information, it will appear in the news and feeds og all your friends.  Notes and posted items is a cross between simple notes and daily blog entries. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can post HTML videos, photos (which you can also tag your friends in). You can also blog a post about events and certain clubs.  Albums are exactly that, albums. You can upload photos on your Facebook and post them for all to see, and then revisit event later on. You can also tag your friends in these photos so that they too can see themselves in the newsfeed.  Events is a particularly useful tool for planners. It gives people the oppurtunity of inviting a mass number of people to a event and getting almost an instant response if the will be attending or not. Event look similar to regular profiles except for a few differences in the layout and the attending option.
  11. 11.  Never share you password with anyone.  Be aware of what personal information you share online, such as address or telephone number.  Make sure to report anyone who is in violation of the statement of rights and responsibilities.  Block users who send you inappropriate or unwanted posts.  And of course, use caution when accepting friend requests. People are not always who they say they are and use precaution when meeting people online.
  12. 12.  v=JSUWECWYLCo  04facebook.html?_r=1  