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Online Networking (Anti-Sell Style) | Cardiff Met Centre for Entrepreneurship Webinar


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On Wednesday 22nd April I was the guest on a webinar hosted by Cardiff Metropolitan University's Centre for Entreprenurship.* In this version of my Anti-Sell talk, I focused on giving online networking tips, especially in light of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and therefore the fact that the lockdown has put a hold on offline/face-to-face networking opportunities.

* The original plan was to run a networking workshop for Cardiff Met students - at their Cardiff Llandaff campaus - in mid-March, but it was inevitably postponed due to the lockdown.

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Online Networking (Anti-Sell Style) | Cardiff Met Centre for Entrepreneurship Webinar

  1. 1. @steviephil #AntiSell People (anyone!) Online Networking
  2. 2. @steviephil #AntiSell “I. Hate. Sales.”
  3. 3. @steviephil #AntiSell “I. Hate. Sales.” Dislike Struggle With Hate Am Put Off By Dread
  4. 4. @steviephil #AntiSell Steve! SEO for 11+ years Freelance for 7-ish years Welsh ICE member/mentor Blogger at SEOno Organiser of #CardiffSEO Author of Anti-Sell
  5. 5. @steviephil #AntiSell Quick disclaimer: I'm not a salesperson (Just a typical freelancer)
  6. 6. @steviephil #AntiSell So… Why do people hate sales so much?
  7. 7. @steviephil #AntiSell
  8. 8. @steviephil #AntiSell
  9. 9. @steviephil #AntiSell
  10. 10. @steviephil #AntiSell But why?
  11. 11. @steviephil #AntiSell
  12. 12. @steviephil #AntiSell
  13. 13. @steviephil #AntiSell
  14. 14. @steviephil #AntiSell
  15. 15. @steviephil #AntiSell Screw that.
  16. 16. @steviephil #AntiSell The best way to sell is not to sell
  17. 17. @steviephil #AntiSell The best way to sell is not to sell
  18. 18. @steviephil #AntiSell First thing's first though… Networking = business networking events Networking = stuff like BNI
  19. 19. @steviephil #AntiSell Networking can include… Twitter Q&A chats Webinars Podcasts (seriously) Facebook groups Community-focused content creation Online meetups
  20. 20. @steviephil #AntiSell Twitter Q&A chats Networking can include… …But it's not just what you do, but how you do it Webinars Podcasts (seriously) Facebook groups Community-focused content creation Online meetups
  21. 21. @steviephil #AntiSell 11(ish) tips!
  22. 22. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #1 Get involved with 'semi-related' activities
  23. 23. @steviephil #AntiSell
  24. 24. @steviephil #AntiSell Big SEO conference (twice!) Audience size: 500 (combined) No. of direct enquiries: 1
  25. 25. @steviephil #AntiSell
  26. 26. @steviephil #AntiSell Small local web dev meetup Audience size: less than 50 No. of direct enquiries: 6
  27. 27. @steviephil #AntiSell Other examples: WordPress meetup webinar Ecommerce/online biz meetup webinar Startup meetup webinar PR meetup webinar Design meetup webinar
  28. 28. @steviephil #AntiSell I've been to / joined: Web developer conference Cardiff-based entrepreneurship group Freelancer communities My coworking space's members group (Not just SEO groups/communities)
  29. 29. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #2 Nervous about getting involved? Observe first
  30. 30. @steviephil #AntiSell Tips: Watch old episodes first Be a 'lurker' at first See if you can find an attendee list Check its social media (e.g. hashtag) Ask a friend to jump in with you
  31. 31. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #3 Don't just attend stuff Run stuff
  32. 32. @steviephil #AntiSell
  33. 33. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #4 If you're running stuff, you can network with your speakers/podcast guests
  34. 34. @steviephil #AntiSell
  35. 35. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #5 Create content that benefits your community
  36. 36. @steviephil #AntiSell
  37. 37. @steviephil #AntiSell
  38. 38. @steviephil #AntiSell TechEvents.Wales
  39. 39. @steviephil #AntiSell TechEvents.Wales
  40. 40. @steviephil #AntiSell
  41. 41. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #6 Create content on your domain (i.e. not just on Medium, LinkedIn, etc.)
  42. 42. @steviephil #AntiSell Tips: *Get your own web domain!* Save a copy of your guest posts (use Wayback Machine - - to retrieve 'lost' ones)
  43. 43. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #7 Get your testimonials on LinkedIn first
  44. 44. @steviephil #AntiSell Why? LinkedIn first, then your website Tied to social profiles - hard to fake Also: put some in proposals (with a link to the rest)
  45. 45. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #8 Share. Your. Stuff. (Blow that trumpet!)
  46. 46. @steviephil #AntiSell E.g. My Strategy Sharing: New blog posts Old blog posts (from the archives) Event stuff Book stuff Company news / awards Post on: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook profile(?) Instagram(?)
  47. 47. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #9 Be consistent across platforms
  48. 48. @steviephil #AntiSell Consistency across platforms
  49. 49. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #10 Keep your cool (& don't be a jerk)
  50. 50. @steviephil #AntiSell
  51. 51. @steviephil #AntiSell A quick story…
  52. 52. @steviephil #AntiSell
  53. 53. @steviephil #AntiSell “You are confused”
  54. 54. @steviephil #AntiSell “You are confused”
  55. 55. @steviephil #AntiSell Being nice works both ways Don't be a jerk ↓ ↑ Don't retaliate to jerkiness
  56. 56. @steviephil #AntiSell Tip #11 Have some personality (& be personable)!
  57. 57. @steviephil #AntiSell “People buy from people” so Be you, not just your company
  58. 58. @steviephil #AntiSell vs.
  59. 59. @steviephil #AntiSell Tips: Don't just post your own content Don't just post other biz content Actually engage with people Share non-work stuff (really!) Don't just have a work account
  60. 60. @steviephil #AntiSell Offline stuff (for when things return to normal) Coworking Meetups & socials Conferences Business networking events (the classic)
  61. 61. @steviephil #AntiSell Things to remember Try out different things (but…) Networking takes time (so give things chance) Do what works best for you
  62. 62. @steviephil #AntiSell Things to remember And finally: *Play to your passions & your strengths* When you do, sales/networking no longer feels like sales/networking
  63. 63. @steviephil #AntiSell Case studies!
  64. 64. @steviephil #AntiSell
  65. 65. @steviephil #AntiSell Francesca "My first ever job was in recruitment - which was basically sales. And I was rubbish at it." • Joined Welsh ICE (coworking space) • Speaking, workshops, expert sessions • Helping out on Facebook groups • Co-hosting a podcast "I've gone from absolutely hating sales to loving sales."
  66. 66. @steviephil #AntiSell Final Tip Don't sell… HELP people instead!
  67. 67. @steviephil #AntiSell
  68. 68. @steviephil #AntiSell The dream (networking nirvana): Eventually, people will sell you FOR you …so you don't have to
  69. 69. @steviephil #AntiSell