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Presentation film posters

  1. 1. Analysis of<br />existing<br />Horror film<br />posters<br />
  2. 2. Film posters are created as an advertisement of a film, to create interest around it and increase the potential viewers, in turn creating profit and success for the film. A horror poster uses gory imagery, haunted imagery, photography of frightening villains / vulnerable victims. They aim to create an atmosphere around the film of total horror, whether it be a slasher movie / psychological horror etc.<br />They can be seen at cinemas, in magazines, on the sides of buses, billboards or bus stops.<br />
  3. 3. 1996 – Scream<br />This poster is not modern, however it is advertising one of the exemplar Slasher films of all time, which is what I aim to replicate.<br />The simple layout with an extreme close up of a victim with a fearful facial expression represents the horror genre as does the title ‘SCREAM’ which grabs attention due to the white font on black background and simple, block font. The mascara, lipstick and facial expression represents a typical slasher victim. <br />The text at the top of the poster gives a brief outline of the film plot and also establishes the horror genre with language such as ‘murder’. The pun and informal language establish the target audience of adolescents and young adults. It stands out due to the contrast between the font and background.<br />Postmodernism – Scream is a very postmodern film which is evident even on the film poster. The actor’s facial expression is slightly comedic, which represents the general tone of the film and an aspect of post modernism. Talking about the conventions of scary movies is also clear on this poster and one of the post modern elements of scream.<br />The Billing Block and <br />
  4. 4. The uninvited<br />This medium shot of a creature trying to get in instantly creates a response of fear. The setting is very effective and conventional – haunted houses and woodland are very common horror movie settings, both of which are used in this image. It suggests that the victim is isolated with the ‘monster’.<br />The black and white colour scheme, and high contrast between dark and light create a mysterious, dark atmosphere and represent the horror genre well.<br />The billing block is very small and quite unnoticeable, yet it makes the poster looks professional. I will include this in my poster. The writing ‘from the producers of ‘the ring’ and ‘disturbia’ suggests that this movie will be as captivating as the two aforementioned films which were very successful. An audience seem more willing to watch films with directors / actors etc that are well known and successful.<br />The white font used looks typical of horror products and stands out well whilst not taking focus from the photograph. “fear moves in” is the slogan of the movie and creates a pun on the photograph – suggesting that the appearing monster is fear, and that it does get in.<br />
  5. 5. SAW<br />This is also a conventional film poster as often they do not include the actors, just gruesome or fear invoking imagery. The edge of the saw show above gives a hint of the storyline and the ‘feared subject’ in this film, whilst also representing the slasher genre. The simple font for actors name is effective as it does not take attention from the photography.<br />The photograph used is quite simple, shot in a studio with a clear white background. The limbs are made to appear as a victim who has been tortured, and the limbs being disconnected to a body carries further gruesome suggestions. It causes the viewer of this poster to be reminded of their personal fear of pain and death. This effect would have been done using professional studio effects (make up etc) and also editing effects.<br />This poster also uses a black and white colour scheme, similar to the others I have analysed.<br />The font for the title signifies blood, therefore horror and pain. It attracts a lot of attention due to the only bright colour on a greyscale poster. <br />The inclusion of a very good review on the poster suggests to the audience that they would benefit from watching the film as it has impressed professional critics.<br />
  6. 6. Brief summary of horror film posters:<br /><ul><li>Main image of poster is usually the villain / victim or gruesome imagery
  7. 7. Blood and gore is a common feature
  8. 8. If settings are included, they will fit conventions of a horror film (haunted house, isolated area, forest)
  9. 9. Most horror films use a high contrast setting and de saturated images – the black and white creates a dark and sinister atmosphere to the poster, therefore suggesting the same about the film.
  10. 10. Font can be simple print or elaborate horror font, depending on the style of the poster.
  11. 11. Billing blocks feature main actors, directors and producers are often included
  12. 12. A slogan or sophisticated ‘line’ about the film
  13. 13. A review suggesting that the film is captivating and entertaining,</li>