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Location Based Services Solution for your Business


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Do you have an audience that you want to reach when they are around the corner?
Is driving foot traffic important to your business or event?
Do you want to be able to alert your audience whenever they are close by?

Knowing a users location and being able to specifically send an experience based on that information is going to be the hit of 2011. Location Based Services and Mobile Marketing is no longer something people talk about. It is what we do at Mobile Fringe with our clients. Our Location Based Services and Mobile Marketing is changing what it means to deliver relevant content to a user. This is mobile marketing at the next level.

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Location Based Services Solution for your Business

  1. 1. “Alert people in real-timebased on their GPS location”
  2. 2. One in four users say they would prefer to receive offersautomatically when they are near a store or point of interest Location Changes Everything Pick the Time and Radius of your message Perfect for: • Retailers sending offers • Events • Conferences • Charities • Public or Private See results fast!
  3. 3. Access to a PRIVATE and SECURE website with username and password
  4. 4. On the panel you can choose or enter the message that you would like to send
  5. 5. Once the message and locations are selected, the system will show you the amount of users near the locations
  6. 6. Your locations are ready to receive new people
  7. 7. When a user is close to one of your locations, they will receive your alert message.
  8. 8. 63% of iPhone users are on Location Based Services every week! The Mobile Fringe LBS Value Proven Solution Fast Time to Market Constantly Evolving & Improving • We continually invest in the platform for all of our clients • Integrate new technology for performance and features
  9. 9. Thank you