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Top twelve wright power point

  1. 1. Top TwelveEducational Technology Sites By Stephen Wright
  2. 2. Top TwelveNational Association of Special Education TeachersColorado Mathematics Teachers NetworkWet Paint Wikis in EducationStem Collaborative Math Math CentralNational Writing Project MAST InstituteCenter For Language Arts Poll EverywhereEduaction Xtra Normal View This Last
  3. 3. Math FourmThe Math Forum offers problems and puzzles; onlinementoring; research; team problem solving;collaborations; and professional development. Fraction Hunt Students make new words using parts of fractions of words. The students work in teams to be the first to solve the puzzle and win a prize. Check out the link.
  4. 4. National Association of SpecialEducation Teachers The National Association of Special Education Teachers is dedicated to meeting the needs of special education teachers and those preparing for a career in special education. This site give you the latest information on special education legal issues, current legislation, resources on current issues, and publications describing best practices and the latest research based information
  5. 5. Thirteen.orgl Inquiry Based Learning concept to class offers online workshops for comprehensive inquiry based learning. They give explicit explanations, demonstrations, and ideas to implement inquiry based learning. "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand."
  6. 6. Wet Paint Wikis In Education Wet Paint Wikis in Education is a site where you can build your own Wiki or join one in progress. Wikis are used in classrooms in many different ways. They can be used for student or peer research, collaboration and more. Here is an example or classroom Wiki with links to NASA, the Washington Post, National Geographic, and Nova.
  7. 7. Stem Collective This is a fantastic site for giving the students real life application for math problems. It has four interactive online learning adventures for middle school math. The site uses high quality video and real life problems relating to their interests. It has virtual environments, simulations, videos and interactive math activities. It includes: overview, prerequisite concepts, objectives, standards curriculum alignment, Key vocabulary, materials needed, group activity, worksheets, and answer key to online challenges. Check this out it is amazing.
  8. 8. Colorado Mathematics Teachers Network A social network for Colorado mathematics teachers and educators. This is a great site for Colorado Teachers. I realize that none of you are in Colorado but I am sure there are some in your areas. This is a social networking site for teachers to connect and collaborate. It also has links to free lesson plans, videos, and photos and more.
  9. 9. MAST Institute Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute At the University of Northern Colorado Mathematics and Science Teaching (MAST) Institute, established in 1987, provides leadership and coordination for projects and programs to improve mathematics and science education. The web site has a wonderful list of premium math sites. At present it links to 18 sites. Check them out. This site is authored and maintained by Jerry Overmyer Mathematics and Science Outreach Coordinator for the University of Northern Colorado.
  10. 10. Math Central Math Central is a site for mathematic students and teachers. It is maintained since 1995 by the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It has great math resources: Quandaries and Queries research thousands of math questions or submit new problems. Math with a Human Face Check out the poster on this link. Problem of the Month this month’s makes my head hurt. Find all primes p such that 2p + p2 is also a prime. Math Beyond School is a compilation of articles that aims to address the question: Where will I ever use this math?
  11. 11. Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. Its the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, TV, print — anywhere. It works with texting, web, or Twitter, it’s simple and flexible. With poll everywhere you can take poles for statistical analysis. Students can respond via cell phone, computer, or any web based device. Polls with less than 30 respondents are free.
  12. 12. Xtra Norman Now here is the fun stuff. You can make animated videos from a cast of characters and situations. You type in the text and tell the characters what to say. This could be a great way to introduce a new unit or group project. The basic background and actor are free. There is a fee if you want a choice of background and actors.Make Sure to Enlarge the Screen When You Play The Video Check out the video I made!
  13. 13. Center For Language Arts in Education University of Northern Colorado K-12 Teacher Resources Professional Resources For Language Arts Teachers Professional Organizations University of Northern Colorado Professional Contacts Other Resources on the Web
  14. 14. National Writing Project Wikis Foster Scaffold Collaboration in an English Language Arts Classroom Summary: Sarah Hunt-Barron, a South Carolina teacher-consultant, documents the use of wikis to foster collaborative, project-based learning in her classroom. She describes her rationale for introducing wikis to her students and relates some lessons she learned from their use.