CLCs social media presentation, June 2012


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A presentation to Community Legal Centre workers in Melbourne, Australia on the uses of and theory underpinning social media.

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CLCs social media presentation, June 2012

  1. 1. The Theory & Uses of Social Media Steve Womersley: Loddon Campaspe CLC
  2. 2. Social Media’s premiseA connected world is a better world.
  3. 3. From the horse’s mouth...
  4. 4. “Our mission isn’t to become a public company, our mission is to make the world more open and connected.”Mark Zuckerberg18 May 2012
  5. 5. If it’s true that a more open and connected world is a better world...then it must also hold true that an insular and unconnected world doesn’t work.
  6. 6. What does this mean?• We don’t know who shares our values• We don’t know what others are doing• They don’t know what we’re doing• We work in opposition (not in partnership) with those who share our values and aspirations
  7. 7. Uses of Social Media• Promotion (news, events, stories, value)• Sharing (aka content curation)• Social action and campaigning• Fundraising• Website traffic• CLE and Advice delivery• Reaching new constituents• Recruitment (volunteers)
  8. 8. Thinking about going social?Steve’s Top 4 Tips
  9. 9. 1. Take the plunge Image: santimolina
  10. 10. 1. Take the plunge• Trust your staff to use social media responsibly• Don’t block Social Media channels• Don’t let internal opposition thwart curiosity, interest or enthusiasm• A connected world and a risk averse world can’t coexist
  11. 11. 2. Social Media policy angst? Suck it up.Image: ohlittleheart
  12. 12. 2. Social Media policy angst? Suck it up.• Templates abound for adaptation and use• Social Media Policies should be a guide and a working document not a hurdle• You’ll stuff up sooner or later and that’s fine. Social media is a (by and large) forgiving universe
  13. 13. 3. Know where you want to go Image: iwinatcookie
  14. 14. 3. Know where you want to go• Draft a communication plan (goals + targets)• Employ a Communications Worker (2-4 hours p/w per social media channel)• Communications Worker = skills and inclination to drive, innovate, learn, play• Don’t rely on volunteers• Assess progress and update plan as required
  15. 15. 4. Remember: Small is BeautifulImage: pj_vanf
  16. 16. 4. Remember: Small is Beautiful• Free/low cost apps level the playing field• Small non-profits aren’t hobbled by lengthy chains of command• Non-profits the earliest adopters and most creative users of social media• It’s all relative: LCCLC May 2012 (<70 fans, reach 609) LCCLC May 2009 (0 Fans, reach 0)
  17. 17. Twitter 101
  18. 18. Sign Up• Free• one email address per account• Pages accessible without account, eg Loddon Campaspe CLC’s Twitter page
  19. 19. Glossary• Tweets• Handles (eg @GossipGirl_Bgo)• Hashtags (eg #auslaw)• Links (eg• Replies• Retweets• Favorites
  20. 20. Profile pages• Links back to website (eg• Note consistent design elements• Tweets, Following, Followers• Follow tab• Favorites• Lists (will details later)• Recent images
  21. 21. Home page (after sign in)• Tweets (NB no longer just LCCLC tweets)• Australia trends• @ Connect (Interactions/Mentions)• # Discover (Stories/Activity/Who to follow/Find friends/Browse categories)• Direct Messages/New message
  22. 22. Exercise #1In Melbourne today with @rightsagenda to present Social Media training to Community Legal Centre workers #auslaw• Question 1 Why use @rightsagenda not Human Rights Law Centre or Phil Lynch?• Question 2 Why add the link to the Federation’s events page?• Question 3 Why use the #auslaw hashtag?
  23. 23. Sign InUsername Passwordlcclc justiceclc4gv justicenaclcbruce justice
  24. 24. Exercise #2• @LCCLC find @NACLCBruce and subscribe to CLC Tweeps list• @CLC4GV find @NACLCBruce and subscribe to CLC Tweeps list• @NACLCBruce visit Lists/Member of and choose only ONE list to Subscribe to
  25. 25. Excercise #3Question What should @naclcbruce do when @lcclc and @clc4gv subscribe to clc-tweeps?
  26. 26. AnswerTweet about it, egWant an up-to-date list of Australian CLCs on Twitter? Subscribe to!/NACLCBruce/clc- tweeps and I’ll keep you posted. Sweet! #auslaw
  27. 27. Exercise #4• @LCCLC Find the Local Media Tweeps list and see how many members you can add from Search (Bendigo/People)• @CLC4GV Find the Local Shepparton Tweeps list and see how many members you can add from Search (Shepparton/People)• @NACLCBruce Find the Oz Human Rights Champions list and see how many members you can add from Search (Human Rights Australia/People)
  28. 28. 3rd Party Applications (eg Hootsuite)• manage multiple accounts from one place• shorten links• schedule posts and tweets• Analytics• Allow you to edit retweets
  29. 29. Using Social Media for Communicationand Promotion• Value (branding)• Events (CLE, launches etc)• New services (eg outreach)• Newsletters• Causes and campaigns• Fundraising• Employment and Volunteer opportunities
  30. 30. “In our 2010 survey of 271 Facebook users, 38 percent said they would definitely or probably look for a Facebook page for an organization with which they were considering volunteering. This climbs to 43 percent for respondents who said they use Facebook daily.”The Nonprofit Social Media Decision GuideOctober 2011
  31. 31. What’s worked for us?• MadMimi emails for CLE events (1 week prior)• Kooky newsletter titles• Video teasers (eg BYBD)• Media follow-up from tweets• Direct messages to media• Support from unexpected Facebook quarters• Facebook = behind the scenes, sneak preview, lighthearted• Frequent blog posts = increased website traffic
  32. 32. What hasn’t worked for us?• Spreading ourselves too thin• Crowdsourcing• Facebook?
  33. 33. Communications and Promotions groundwork
  34. 34. Get your website house in order• CMS-based, easy to update, delegated responsibility• Simple and logical structure• Unique URL if possible
  35. 35. Make a good first impression• Consistent online channel designs• Quality avatar of your logo
  36. 36. Build a digital photo library• People process info better with images• Recruit students or volunteers• Buy a decent digital SLR and skill up• Explore Creative Commons• Spend a penny, don’t use poor quality images• Lookout for photo or video opportunities• Prioritise fresh photos but access photo library if necessary
  37. 37. Subscribe to online resources• Web 3.0 is constantly evolving• You’re always playing catch-up• Subscribe to Beth’s blog, iTango, Heather Mansfield etc• CLEWS Resources (NACLC website)
  38. 38. Principles to apply re communications andpromotion
  39. 39. Prioritise story telling and the visual• Social media thrives on stories• Don’t just broadcast information or ask people for stuff, tell them your story and inspire them to act• Hard pitches don’t work
  40. 40. Remember, it’s not all about YOU• Don’t just broadcast what YOU are doing, share content that will interest those who follow you or who regard you as the expert in the field• Tweeters who include links in their tweets are the most frequently retweeted• Thank people for following, mentioning you
  41. 41. Calls to action• Every post, tweet etc should prompt visitors to do something (eg to follow a link, bookmark a hashtag, share your post)
  42. 42. Knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone• Ensure visitors can access your social media channels via your homepage• Ensure your email signature links to your URL and social media channels• Post to every channel you manage, on the proviso that...
  43. 43. The medium sets the tone• Each channel requires a different tone of voice, length etc• Facebook more personal than Twitter• Find out what works best for each channel you manage and craft posts/tweets etc accordingly• Resist the temptation to link Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc
  44. 44. Be fleet of foot (or better still, prepared)• Social media never sleeps• Today’s blog post is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper• Stretch your coverage as wide as possible• Share the load (eg multiple Facebook Admins)• Anticipate and schedule tweets, posts etc (using hashtags)• Law Week Sash: VLF blog post One hour later...
  45. 45. Have fun• Keep the “Social” in Social Media• Social media rewards humour, creativity and the visual• Don’t post a photo of a bunch of suits at your project launch; show them a photo of your Principal Solicitor with his pants down
  46. 46. Track your progress• A simple spreadsheet is fine• Pay attention to Facebook Insights to see what works (ie what people respond to) and change course as you need to• Subscribe to Google Analytics• Some 3rd Party applications provide analytics