Your Questions About Stock Market Holidays


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Your Questions About Stock Market Holidays

  1. 1. Your Questions About Stock Market HolidaysPaul asks…Is there time decay on options over the weekend and on holidayswhen the stock market is closed?Steve Winston answers:I would have to say yes there is time decay, but how much would depend on the length of timetill expiration and how close the market price is to the strike price. The greek letter thatrepresents the amount a option decays per day, theoretically, is Theta. It is usually expressed ina negative number representing the decrease in price per day. This number will usually increasethe last 30 days. Dont forget that only the extrinsic value will depreciate before expiration; theintrinsic value will remain until expiration, exercitation, or assignment. 1/9
  2. 2. Carol asks…when black friday comes, and the holidays come, does the stockmarket go up to sales?im doing an economics assignment for school and I want to know two things:which parts of the economy are not harmed when the economy goes down (which people canmake money if the economy is down)Steve Winston answers:Black Friday has little to do with the overall stock market performance. Instead of looking atblack friday, I would look at Retail Sales numbers. Retail Sales in the last two months of theyear have potential to move the markets (up or down)Retail sales are sometimes a direct indication of consumer confidence. 2/9
  3. 3. Susan asks…Veterans Day was a stock market holiday until 1953. Why not now,during 2 wars?The stock market takes holidays on New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day,Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and ChristmasDay. It closes early on the day after Thanksgiving and on Christmas eve. I dont understand whythese holidays are recognized, but not Veterans Day. Obviously, since it closes on MLK dayand Pres Day, etc., the fact that the market is international is not really a concern. Also, afterlooking it up, I found out that Vets Day WAS a stock market holiday from 1934-1953. And then,from 1954 - 2006, a 2 min closure was taken on the day to recognize veterans. But, for somereason, in 2007 and on, even this was not done. While I am all about people having jobs andworking, and have no problem with businesses etc. being open on any holiday they choose to, Ithink that the stock market does a disservice to veterans by not being closed on this holiday. Inthe past, the market has closed for Election Day and Columbus Day, too. Id like to know whothe governing body is that makes this decision and why Veterans Day does not rate as high asPresidents Day, MLK Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.?Steve Winston answers:Money= greed 3/9
  4. 4. Linda asks…How many times per year is the Japanese stock market closed fora holiday?I listen to NPR news daily and it seems to me that the Japanese stock market is closed for aholiday 2-3 times per month. NPR never tells the name of the holiday.Steve Winston answers:They are closed on weekends + Japanese national holidays. Theyve got heaps of publicholidays in Japan.2009Jan. 1 New Years DayJan. 12 Coming of Age DayFeb. 11 National Foundation DayMar. 20 Vernal EquinoxApr. 29 Showa DayMay 3 Constitution Memorial DayMay 4 Greenery DayMay 5 Childrens DayMay 6 Holiday 4/9
  5. 5. Jul. 20 Marine DaySep. 21 Respect for the Aged DaySep. 22 HolidaySep. 23 Autumnal equinoxOct. 12 Health and Sports DayNov. 3 Culture DayNov. 23 Labor Thanksgiving DayDec. 23 Emperors BirthdayRuth asks…stock market holiday - Christmas & new year?i would like to know the holiday schedule for UK & US stock markets for this month.So, from today 23 dec till 3nd jan.... when will the excahnges wont work and will have holiday.PS: Reply only if you know correct answer, no guesswork pls!Bump 5/9
  6. 6. Steve Winston answers:Check out the link below for a quick answer.John asks…Stock market holiday - Christmas & new year?i would like to know the holiday schedule for UK & US stock markets for this month.So, from today 23 dec till 3nd jan.... when will the excahnges wont work and will have holiday.PS: Reply only if you know correct answer, no guesswork pls!Steve Winston answers:Stock Market is closed tomorrow Friday the 24th. The stock market is open on 12/31 and on1/3. No holiday for New Years this year. 6/9
  7. 7. Ken asks…is tomorrow is holiday in stock market and what is your forcast forthe next week ?and the future market what is the condition in it nowSteve Winston answers:Tomorrow is a holiday for the US stock market, the rest of the world stock markets are open andrunning. To see what will happen next week, Watch the other world markets.Japan is just across the date line from us, so when our market closes for the day, their market isjust opening for tomorrow. Followed by Hong Kong then Singapore and the other AsianMarkets, then the middle east, Europe, and Lastly the US.If you see oil dropping during our night, (their day) you can bet oil will drop when our marketopens. Same for the other commodities, stocks and bonds.So far today, Our Sunday, their Monday because they are on the other side of the date line, 7/9
  8. 8. their markets are dropping.Donald asks…what days is the stock market closed for the holidays?Christmas/New Years, ect.?Steve Winston answers:Christmas and new yearsthe stock exchange will be open January 2despite what that guy above me says 8/9
  9. 9. Laura asks… Is the Australian stock market closed for a holiday of some kind on April 13? I cant seem to find updated prices. Curious. Our market closed for Good Friday, but most definitely will not be closed today. Never heard of Easter Monday. Steve Winston answers: Its a public holiday for us over here today babe...Easter monday. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read More… Your Questions About Stock Market Holidays 9/9Powered by TCPDF (