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Your Questions About Invest In Stocks For Free


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Your Questions About Invest In Stocks For Free

  1. 1. Your Questions About Invest In Stocks For FreeThomas asks…Are there any websites that I can trade stocks for free?I want to invest in gold without actually buying gold, I just want to put some of my money intogold, is that possible at? if so how? thank, I would also like the least cost way possible please,thanksSteve Winston answers:Use the ETF "GLD". If you dont know what an ETF is... You should learn about them first. Youreally shouldnt buy any investment you dont totally understand. What youll find yourself doingis buying investments when everyone knows about them.... Which is usually at the top of amarket. When your friends and neighbors are discussing an investment... When everyone onTV is talking about an investment.... Thats when the "smart money" decides its time to get out.If you can afford to buy gold... You can afford the $10 or less it will cost you in commission tobuy it through a broker. 1/7
  2. 2. Richard asks…Best stocks to invest in through each industry sector?Im looking for solid technical analysis and solid fundamentals. This is just to get other peoplesperspective. See what your opinion is and how accurate you are. In all honesty looking for goodpeople with investing skills. Feel free to send me your future outlook on certain stocks withsupport backing your prediction. Just tryin to see whos the best out there?Steve Winston answers:Ssn , samson , is a good one it the oil sector , its got several price catalysts coming in the nearfuture , its about $3.80 right now but is expected to climb to at least $7.00 in the next few mos. ,its j/v w/ halliburton and i think it has strong solid long term potential as well as a good one to flipas i have been doing for the past 3 wks. (it fluctuates at least 10-20% wkly)anything in silver will be a good long term invest. Imho , pzg is one i am goin to get into in thefuture , its a silver stockgfre, bromine stock, good fundamentals , and a good long term investment imhoim not a broker , i just like to research good stocks , still new at this myselfheres some good sites to do your research as well- (excellent esp. To find thefundamentals) , (gd. To use when flipping) , (good to seeif the stock has a trend) , , and 2/7
  3. 3. are just a few helpful research sites as well - good luckSteven asks…i want to open free demo account to invest in stock market..anyone know a web site ?Hello everyone im searching for a good free tutorial to learn investing in stock market.Steve Winston answers:You might want to look at - this is a free site that lets you create aportfolio of stocks with $100,000 in "play" money. Each day the site ranks the best performingportfolios, so you can see how your picks perform compared to other investors. You can readposts on investing from the best traders, as well as share your own investing ideas. There is acharting feature, so you can see how your portfolio performs compared to the S&P 500. Also,you can create your own "group" so that you can see how you are doing compared to yourfriends. 3/7
  4. 4. Here are this months best traders: luck.Donald asks…You own a portfolio equally invested in a risk-free asset and twostocks. If one of the stocks has a beta of 1You own a portfolio equally invested in a risk-free asset and two stocks. If one of the stockshas a beta of 1.7 and the total portfolio is equally as risky as the market, what is the beta for theother stock in your portfolio? Round your answers to two decimal placesYes it is 1.3! Thanks! How did you figure it out? I thought it was .3Steve Winston answers:Isnt it 1.30? 4/7
  5. 5. That would assume:1/3 is invested in the risk-free asset.1/3 is invested in Stock 1.1/3 is invested in Stock 2.If, however, the investment is 1/2 risk-free and 1/2 stocks combined, then the answer would be2.30.The answer is a simple average of all the betas. If risk-free = 0 and stock 1 = 1.7, then 1.3 isneeded to average a beta of 1 among all three.Daniel asks…Any good free courses teaching about strategies for investing instocks and options?Any good free courses teaching about strategies for investing in stocks and options?I used to see infomercial about wizetrade any other similar companies? 5/7
  6. 6. Steve Winston answers:First of all I suggest you forget about anything you see in an infomercial. I have never been to awizetrade seminar, but I have been to others. They are simply sales pitches to convince you tospend thousands of dollars buying their products.There are a lot of different ways to approach stock investments, I suggest you start with the"fool school" at keep in mind that is only one approach, and other approaches may be equally valid.For options there are two sites I can recommend, sites will give you a good foundation in options, but I would still recommend you read atleast one good book on options before trading them.Mark asks…Anyone here able to teach me ways to make money online?Im 17, and I really need to make some money. Ive always been interested in money my whole 6/7
  7. 7. life, and know I can. I need someone who has eaither done stock or other things online to make money who can teach or let me in on a few things... Also, if you know any way I can invest in stock for free let me know, because every stock trade there is cost alot. if your interested in making money with me, or wanna help let me know your IM name for anything if ya have one. thanks. Steve Winston answers: Graduate from college. Youll make a good living if you do. What little money you have will be gone chasing get-rich quick schemes. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read More… Your Questions About Invest In Stocks For Free 7/7Powered by TCPDF (