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Your Questions About How To Invest In The Stock Market Without A Broker


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Your Questions About How To Invest In The Stock Market Without A Broker

  1. 1. Your Questions About How To Invest In The Stock MarketWithout A BrokerMark asks…How can I go about playing(investing) the stock market?I would like to with invest in the stock market but would like to without a broker. Is thatpossible? If so... no major major trades but something small... fwhere can I go about doing that?What sites etc. would I begin at?Thanks.Steve Winston answers:Before you trade view this site it will help you a lot. 1/8
  2. 2. Sandra asks…I want to invest in the stock market?I have a very diverse selection of stocks and I wonder how can I go about investing on my ownwithout a broker? But if not whats the cheapest way to go because I just started a 401kSteve Winston answers:Simple to open a brokerage account which you manage, such as at Scottrade, which I use. $7per trade, any number of shares. I started managing my own 10 years ago becauseSmith-Barney was doing poorly. Ive done extremely well on my own. While you have tounderstand what you are doing, I think its the smart way to go. Nobody will take better care ofyour money than you will. 2/8
  3. 3. David asks…How do I buy stocks in the stock market?Hello, I know what is the main purpose of investing in the stock market and all that jazz. Butmy question means how do I do it with a broker. Do i have to open an account? Can I do itwithout a broker? How do brokers know how to place an order?ThanksSteve Winston answers:Yes you can. You can buy stocks through a mutual fund or directly from the company.Id recommend T. Rowe Price for their no load mutual funds. Or you can go directly to thewebsite of the company, look under "investor relations" for stock information.William asks… 3/8
  4. 4. do want STOCK QUOTE from stock brokers & their analysis oneach stock???Simulation games are usually played on the internet, where people can experience the thrill ofinvesting in the stock market without any risks, costs or any fear of losing money when and ifthey make a poor investment decision.Many teachers and professors of banking and finance are now using stock market simulationgames to teach their students about the rudiments of investing in stocks. Most stock marketsimulation games come with a fee to get started, but there are some that are free of anycharge.One need not ve prior knowledge about the stock market to join.This is how stock market simulation games usually work:First, players must register. After registration, players are given an initial sum of "virtual" moneyto invest in companies of their choice. Players build a portfolio of stocks by buying and sellingshares in companies. Most stock market simulation games use real-time market data.objective of most stock market simulation games is Winston answers:Magritte made once a painting of an apple withthe title:"This is not an apple"He was right, it was a painting, not an apple.As with the "question" above,it is not a question, it is an intrusion.Better give a non- answer to a non-question, 4/8
  5. 5. Im sure Alice in Wonderland would agree..Donna asks…What would you suggest should be the 1st to learn concerninginvesting and trading stocks?How do I invest in the stock market without going through a broker?What is your suggestion on the purchase of penny stocks?Thank you very much for your immediate response.Steve Winston answers:You can invest in CERTAIN companies (larger ones) by going directly to the company. Look upDRIPs (dividend reinvestment plans). Try or google it. 5/8
  6. 6. Penny stocks are not for beginners. Itd be like gambling.Also consider using E-trade or (my favorite) Schwab for reasonably priced trades.Lisa asks…I Need help on a stock market project for school?ok im in 11th grade and im researching different stocks. now im suppose to use yahoo financefor this project. our teacher says we start off with $20,000 in only allowed to invest into2 companies on the stock market 1 on the NYSE and 1 on allowed to divide the$20,000 between those 2 stocks anyway i like. i also have to calculate how many shares ofstock that im able to buy. then i must subtract the brokers fee. im thinking of using chevron asone of my choices. my question is if the stock market were to crash what would be somecompanies that would still move along without being affected. sorry if im not making muchsense im having a hard time understanding this stock market stuff. thank you.Steve Winston answers: 6/8
  7. 7. Okay, soooo you are looking for " safety" rather than trying to make " big bucks". You would buycompanies that sell or handle " staples"...the common, everyday things that people continue tobuy in good times or bad ( ...and GOOD GRIEF !..where did an 11th grader get the idea that a "crash" is coming? continually go up and down...sometimes for years one way or theother...BUT a " crash" is something totally different...)...but , anyway you could look a JNJ..shampoo, toilet paper, razors, household cleaningproducts...and a steady mentioned CVX... Big oil.... How about just a little " refiner" instead? ALJ...the drivingseason is coming and they usually profit a little better than companies like CVX that are involvedin more than just gasoline....for the nasdaq look at a " shipper"...a good one is TBSI...really makes gains because ofworldwide trading...or a steel company STLD...the world is building like crazy lately.Ken asks…How can I best invest $100?I have $100. I want to invest it in something that will gain me more money, but I dont knowwhere. I have looked at EE Savings Bonds, but they have a minimum waiting period of 5 yearsbefore I can cash it. I think I could invest it in the stock market, but I dont know how to dothat without a lot of broker fees and charges. Would it be a good idea to invest in Euros?They seem to be always gaining, but that seems like it would require a long time to gainanything substantial. Please give me your ideas. 7/8
  8. 8. Steve Winston answers: $100 is savings bond money (i-bonds...not EE Bonds) $100 a month is mutual fund money. $100,000 is stock investing money. Ignore my counsel and find yourself out your "investment money." Or, said another way: If you dont invest in an appropriate vehicle for the amount of money you have, you are gambling, not investing. The house always comes out ahead when you gamble. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read More… Your Questions About How To Invest In The Stock Market Without A Broker 8/8Powered by TCPDF (