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New Ways Of Promoting Yourself


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A presentation given by Steve Wheen on the 16th of November 2010 as part of the ECCA Enterprise Week in London.

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New Ways Of Promoting Yourself

  1. 1.  NewWaysTo PromoteYourself Prepared by Steve Wheen For the ECCA Enterprise Week London @stevewheen Photograph by Allison Moore
  2. 2.  NewWaysTo PromoteYourself Photograph by Allison Moore
  3. 3. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  The Pothole Gardener  Unexpected  Easily found and memorable  Point of difference and a simple message  Branded  “Shareability” and “Talkability”  Wide appeal  Timely
  4. 4. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  Calling cards of guerilla marketing  Relies on time and imagination NOT a budget  Unexpected and unconventional  Unique/engaging/thought provoking  Referrals/word of mouth
  5. 5. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  Social Media and ‘going viral’  “Social Media is all about creating a conversation, make sure your project has a voice that people want to listen to”  “Social Media is like the gym, a couple of minutes every once and a while wont help”  Have a consistent focus  Be easily found (use the same handle across all media)
  6. 6. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  Promoting your creative project  Consistent message  Unique  Target audience  Build yourself a brand  Make sure you’re easily found
  7. 7. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  A few projects of note  Calligrafitti
  8. 8. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  Hunter Shoots A Bear
  9. 9. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  1000 Awesome Things
  10. 10. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself  HUMTOO is a user-generated production music library  The HUMTOO Bicycle Orchestra  Guerilla gigs around London over December to promote HUMTOO  HUMTOO tag line: “Makes it only about the music”
  11. 11. NewWaysTo PromoteYourself Prepared by Steve Wheen For the ECCA Enterprise Week London @stevewheen