MakingchangeworkOur solutions for the NHS
Working                                                                  The NHS Operating Framework is clear about       ...
Giving                                                                 No one wants to travel to hospital if they         ...
Freeing                                                                    Less time spent travelling between offices to u...
Making                                                                   The key to working more efficiently is working di...
Working                                                                          We see healthcare from your point of view...
O2 Health solutions include:Consultancy and change managementMobile working and communicationsRemote data access and captu...
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O2 Health Nhs Solutions Brochure Feb 2012


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O2 Health Nhs Solutions Brochure Feb 2012

  1. 1. MakingchangeworkOur solutions for the NHS
  2. 2. Working The NHS Operating Framework is clear about what’s needed. So is the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention programme. Sharper processes, lower cost, higher quality.closer That’s what our team of healthcare, business and technology experts can give you.togetherThe faster healthcare changes, How we can helpthe more innovation matters. Our approach is problem first, technology second. We’ll workThe kind that moves care with your clinical teams to understand their challengescloser to patients, joins up and see where we can make a difference. Then we’llservices and makes them more recommend a combination of technologies to:efficient. Think of O2 Health Give patients more controlas the partner to help you of their health by giving them a more active role in their own caremake that innovation happen. Free up your care teams to spend more time with patientsWe help teams redefine how Make your organisationthey work. Our consultancy and more efficient with new ways of help you change theway you give care to patients.In the community, in hospitalsand in the home.2 O2 Health Making change work O2 Health Making change work 3
  3. 3. Giving No one wants to travel to hospital if they can get care at their GP’s surgery or at home, or manage their own condition. And with primary care set to face more demand frompatients an ageing population, innovative community care suits healthcare organisations too.morecontrolYour patients can take an Making Care Supporting Giving power Personal independence to the patientactive role in their wellbeing We can help you build care Giving people a way to get in We can help you give peopleand live more independently routines around patients’ needs touch with support whenever with long-term conditions more by making it possible for them they need it gives them the choice and a better experienceby using our tools. to log their own clinical data, freedom to live independently. of healthcare. With our Side monitor vital signs or record Our Help at Hand mobile by Side service, patients don’t drug treatments. telecare service does just that. have to go to hospital to see a It means our customers can stay specialist. They only have to go connected to the people they as far as their GP, who sets up a depend upon for care. And it video consultation. They can see means freeing up more time for who they’re talking to, as well as the people who need face-to- scans, x-rays and the latest care face care the most. information. All on the same screen. All at the same time.4 O2 Heath Making change work O2 Heath Making change work 5
  4. 4. Freeing Less time spent travelling between offices to update records by hand means more dependable and up-to-date patient information available wherever and whenever your people need it. We can also make sure your people get training in ways that suit them, andup your help you keep them safe in potentially difficult situations.teamsWherever you’re giving care, Getting information Communicating Helping your people Looking after anywhere better learn and develop your peoplewe can help you make sure When your teams are on the When teams communicate Give your people the training Your people sometimes faceyour teams spend as much road, they’re gathering new better with each other and they need to do their jobs, but risk, especially if they’re working information. And they need with patients, things work let them do it where they want. alone in the community. Andtime as possible with access to the information you’ve better for everyone. We’re We’ll work with you to produce the more they provide care in already got. We’ve got the experts at making that possible. training and interactive learning patients’ homes, the more that riskpatients, not paperwork. technology to let them do both We’ll analyse how your teams people can access on their increases. It’s up to you to keep it on the spot by getting them work, find out what they computers or smartphones. to a minimum. We can help with straight on to your systems, need and translate that into advice, training and technology wherever they are. recommendations for new like alarms, monitoring devices systems and tools. and response services. Portsm o midwi uth commu ves ha nity their a ve dmin t halved digita ime w lp ith inform ens. They p a ut into th tion straigh e cent t while ral sys they’r tem the pa e with ti having ent – witho t ut to hos o go back pital.6 O2 Heath Making change work O2 Heath Making change work 7
  5. 5. Making The key to working more efficiently is working differently, not just using more technology. So we’ll help you rethink your processes, pinpoint the main issues and build a business case for change. If you already know the new processes you need, we’ll help youyour bring them in through technology and change management.organisationmore Managing information Creating more capacity Making the most of your peopleefficient Gathering, storing and sharing information reliably and safely makes you more efficient and productive. And it helps you cut clinical and business risk. We can give you systems to collect and You can create extra capacity by cutting the number of patients who miss appointments. If you can find other ways of giving them what they get from consultations, so much the better. Your people have great professional skills. But they can’t use them when they’re spending time on admin. We’ll help you streamline paper-heavy processes so you exchange data on the move and Our systems reminding patients can free people up for what keep it secure. So you’ll avoid about appointments will bring they’re best at. Caring. For the delays and worry to patients no-show rates down. And remote example, our technology canBy making the most of your and clinicians that go with lost meetings between patients, help you with electronic proof or unreliable data. clinicians and consultants using of attendance. And you canresources and collaborating with video and messaging will mean use it to manage schedules less travel for everyone. We can from the centre. You can keepother care givers, we can help give you both. your people up to date with changes without them comingyour organisation save money back to base to check a diary. And you won’t have to keepand get more done. calling to make sure they’ve got the message. als NHS R ospit 4m o t he r h uth H losing £ tient c om m am o u ni t y P ortsm ust was u tpa der c a re t Tr ed o in s p e nd e ams NHS r on miss Our rem by 33% m a yea tments. o-shows f wi th p o re t i m in n taf a t ie n t e appo cut the onths. S lots w e he s s inc e tem hree m acant s sys in t lped t ev g he m u 40% ow fill th n waitin se techn ology se c an n do w xpen t o do bring the e p a p er and without w or k away s s. from t time ra clinic hei r d of e xt esks.8 O2 Heath Making change work 9
  6. 6. Working We see healthcare from your point of view. Business and healthcare professionals are as big a part of our team as technology experts. Many of them have worked either for the NHS or organisations that support it. And they’re backed by an advisory panel made up ofwith us people in NHS clinical roles. That adds up to a lot of insight to shape the systems and services we provide.We’ll work with you to find out Finding the right Streamlined service Sharing what Investing in technology for you we learn the futureabout your organisation, what Designing technology is one thing. Getting it up and running We’ll help you put the technology Through our Centre of We’re backed by ouryou’re trying to achieve and how into action through trials and is another. Sometimes different technologies work alongside each Excellence programme we work international parent company pilots. Then we’ll refine it with directly with NHS clinical teams Telefónica, with its specialistwe can make a difference. Then you and roll it out. So we’ll be other and there’s more than one supplier. On paper, that could on making care work better. We Health division. Its Health with you from defining the pool clinical resources, expertise Research and Design Centrewe’ll recommend the specific problem to putting the solution make things complex. But we manage the whole process and and investment to pilot new in Spain invests millions each into action and monitoring the ways of giving different types year in developing new wayscombination of technology that results. All at your pace, not ours. keep things as simple as possible. of care, share the best ways of to support healthcare delivery. working and celebrate success.solves your problem. We work with partners to make sure you get the best advice and technology. But you only have to deal with one contact. Us. to our itment al comm nderstanding ent wn a re u m ave sho wn a depth of ailed engage d alth team h e sho h det porte He ey’v roug are sup ult “The O2 hip to date. Th n achieved th ion of c s relat ions ve bee or ganisat r teams will re e uld only ha Im proved ing for ou mor that co clinical teams. with train , with ectively wit h our com bined iently and eff nology, re effic by tech e delivered mo vic in a ser tient ca re.” tim e for pa Ward Dr Jim or l Direct Medica tern Isles es NHS W10 O2 Heath Making change work
  7. 7. O2 Health solutions include:Consultancy and change managementMobile working and communicationsRemote data access and captureMobilisation of patient recordsScheduling and task managementTeam collaborative workingTraining and e-learningLoneworker and looking after at risk workersClinical collaboration tools and remotepatient consultationsMobile telecare response solutionsAppointment reminder servicesFor more about O2 Health, to speakto a representative, or read someof our success stories, please