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How Do You Deal with Change?


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Change is hard. Even when we know it is coming, change is a disruptive force that brings stress and anxiety. This sermon uses Mark 2:1-22 and Jesus' comments about New Wine and Fresh Wineskins to explore how to deal with change in life.

Published in: Spiritual
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How Do You Deal with Change?

  1. 1. How Do You Feel About CHANGE? A Visual Commentary on Mark 2:1-22
  2. 2. The New Organ
  3. 3. DifferentTypes ofChange Invited Change
  4. 4. DifferentTypes ofChange Invited Change Inflicted Change
  5. 5. Jesus and New Wineskins Mark 2:1-22
  6. 6. Previously in the Narrative Lectionary…
  7. 7. ADangerous Word
  8. 8. ADangerous Word OR
  9. 9. ADangerous Word OR The Old The New
  10. 10. TheMost powerfulword AND
  11. 11. TheMost powerfulword AND forgiveness healing
  12. 12. TheMost powerfulword AND Take up your mat walk
  13. 13. TheMost powerfulword AND The “righteous” The “sick”
  14. 14. TheMost powerfulword AND Old Wine New Wine
  15. 15. TheMost powerfulword AND Organ led Band led
  16. 16. What New Thing are you inviting God to do in YOU?