OUR AMBITION  To be a European  leader in mission-                                                          ”excellent    ...
03                                             SEIZING THE OPPORTUNITIES                                                OF...
04         KEY         FIGURES                                                THE BULL GROUP HAS RECORDED A SOLID BUSINESS...
05GEOGRAPHIC BREAKDOWNOF 2011 REVENUE (IN %)                                             France                    55.8 % ...
06          CORPORATE          GOVERNANCE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE In order to successfully deliver its strategic plan by mobil...
07                                                                                             08            06           ...
08            BULLWAY            2011-2013                                                                                ...
09                            ”Bull is ideally placed                            to support businesses                    ...
10             INNOVATION             IN ACTION                                                        In every sector of ...
11                                                                                           PUBLIC                       ...
12               TELECOMS The telecoms sector combines all the challenges        O BOTICARIO that play to Bull’s strengths...
13                                                                                FINANCEFaced with greater pressure on se...
14        INNOVATIVE        PRODUCTS Along with energy efficiency, processing power – whether for supercomputers or enterpr...
15                                                                               COMPUTING                                ...
16        BUSINESS        INTEGRATION        SOLUTIONS Until recently, IT has been a management and optimization tool, but...
17                                                                         SECURITY                                       ...
18         INTERNATIONAL         AND BUSINESS         DEVELOPMENT                                                         ...
19                                                                                A PEOPLE                                ...
Bull                                                                                                                      ...
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Bull Profile 2012 (English)


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Bull Profile 2012 (English)

  1. 1. BULL TODAY
  2. 2. OUR AMBITION To be a European leader in mission- ”excellent an Bull had year in 2011: critical digital systems a year of innovation, Effectively combining processing power transformation and security, Bull designs, implements and ambition.” and runs internationally renowned solutions for public and private sector organizations alike, that transform information systems into positive drivers for excellence, differentiation and value-creation. As a trusted business partner, Bull helps its customers seize all the opportunities of the digital revolution, while managing its inherent risks.KEY FIGURESRevenue€1.3 billion9,000employeesOperates in over50 countries CONTENTS 03 Chairman and CEO’s introduction 04 Key figures 06 Corporate governance 08 BullWay 2011-2013 10 Innovation in action 11 Public sector 12 Telecoms 13 Finance 14 Innovative Products 15 Computing Solutions 16 Business Integration Solutions 17 Security Solutions 18 International and Philippe Vannier, Business Development Chairman and CEO 19 A people company
  3. 3. 03 SEIZING THE OPPORTUNITIES OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION In 2011, Bull celebrated its 80th birthday. of opportunities. Bull’s vocation has always been 80 years during which the Group has to help its customers seize those opportunities never once deviated from its mission: to be a and, as a result, profit from this momentum. trusted partner to its customers, bringing them all the benefits of leading-edge technologies. Technology: passport to a new world Bull had an excellent year in 2011: a year of Digital technology – which already generates innovation, transformation and ambition. As early 30% of global growth – is itself at a historic as January, we successfully implemented our crossroads. So far it has helped businesses and strategic plan, BullWay 2011-2013, with the the public sector optimize their existing activities aim of setting Bull on the path to dynamic growth and processes. But now it has become a direct and improved productivity. And we put in place source of business innovation, inextricably a new organization structure centered on four integrated into products and services. As a key Business Lines that mobilize the Group’s expertise source of differentiation, technology is around the biggest current and future challenges the passport to the new world of the future. of the digital world: Innovative Products, This move towards Business Technologies Computing Solutions, Business Integration is currently marked by four major trends: Solutions and Security Solutions. In parallel, we the insatiable need for processing power; have streng hened our support functions, most the transition of information systems towards the notably with the creation of International & kinds of ”as a service” models offered by cloud Business Development. BullWay is already computing; the ever-closer coming together of bearing fruit, with the Group recording good IT and business operations; and a much greater progress in its commercial momentum and demand for security and sovereignty. Precisely operating profit in 2011, allowing us to reaffirm the areas where Bull’s expertise is focused. our medium-term objectives. Bull: a leader in mission-critical digital systems At the dawn of a new cycle of growth A rapidly evolving environment offers real All these initiatives, however, have been opportunities for a player like Bull, which is accomplished against a backdrop of uncertainty. able to grow by emphasizing and capitalizing A turbulent year, 2011 was marked by various on its differences. The only European company crises. On the ground, the situation is extremely operating across the entire IT value chain, varied from country to country, sector to sector, Bull stands out because of its commitment to even company to company. This is the mark of its customers, its pragmatic approach based structural change – economic, societal, on technological excellence, its made-to-measure geo-political – rather than a slow-down in solutions and the trust it has established: all of the economic cycle. We are playing a part in them also key success factors in our new digital the emergence of a new world. So we are at society. Our history and our identity, our agility, the dawn of a new cycle of growth, fed by the our very apposite positioning and our formidable digital revolution. In a private sector searching expertise in processing power and security, for a sharper competitive edge and greater are all vital assets that underpin our ambition: innovation, and in a public sector wanting to to be a leader in mission-critical digital systems. modernize itself and control its spending,Visit Bull World,the Web TV from Bull new technologies offer an extraordinary wealth
  4. 4. 04 KEY FIGURES THE BULL GROUP HAS RECORDED A SOLID BUSINESS PERFORMANCE AND IS FIRMLY SET ON A COURSE FOR EXPANSION AND GROWTH. SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Through the way it does business and €1.3 billion the solutions it provides to its customers, Bull’s intent is to build sustainable growth revenue which respects the overall need for social, Against an order intake of €1.31 billion in 2011 societal and environmental balance. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT A key foundation stone for future growth, net investment in R&D grew by 23.3% +4.6 % 2011 1.30 compared with 2010. 1.24 2010 REVENUE 1.11 EVOLUTION 2009 (IN BILLIONS OF EUROS)
  5. 5. 05GEOGRAPHIC BREAKDOWNOF 2011 REVENUE (IN %) France 55.8 % Europe (excluding France) 29.1 %The Group records almost half its revenue outside Latin America 4.7 %France. The vitality of high-potential markets like USA 1.7 %Latin America, as well as the business brought in Rest of the World 8.7 %as a result of the acquisition in Egypt, explainsthe 9% increase in revenues recorded outside Europe. Public Sector 29.7 %SECTOR BREAKDOWN Banking & Insurance 12.3 %OF 2011 REVENUE (IN %) Manufacturing & Distribution 10.3 %Bull combines its technological and systems Telecoms 10.1 %integration skills with sector-specific know-how Services 10.1 %to develop innovative, made-to-measure solutions Defense 9.5 %that meet the individual context in which each Social & Healthcare 8.7 %of its customers operates. Transport & Utilities 8.5 % Other 0.8 %A PEOPLE COMPANYThe men and women of Bull are its richest resource WORKFORCE 9,000 2011and the Group is nurturing an environment that EVOLUTION (NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES) 2010 8,600favors teamwork, initiative-taking and commitment, 7,700to attract the best talent and build the company + 4.7 % 2009with their help.EBIT EBIT 43.7Earnings before Interest and Taxes, non-operating 2011 EVOLUTIONand non-recurring items, and contribution of equity (IN MILLIONS OF EUROS) 2010 35.5affiliates. 27.6 + 23.1 % 2009OPERATING CASH FLOWThe Group’s key operational priority, cashflow is NET INCOME EVOLUTIONessential to fund the investment and R&D it needs 2011 18.0 BEFORE EXCEPTIONAL ANDto secure its future growth and make appropriate NON RECURRING ITEMS 2010 15.7acquisitions. The operating cash for the year was (IN MILLIONS OF EUROS) 2009 5.0E 22.3 million. Bull had a solid net cash positionof E 270 million, as at 31 December 2011. +14.6 % In 2011, net income was a loss of €16.5 million, having been affected by exceptional elements, including new tax requirements.
  6. 6. 06 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE In order to successfully deliver its strategic plan by mobilizing all its employees, the Executive Committee has been further strengthened. With its complementary skills and expertise, and a shared vision, the Committee’s aim is to accelerate Bull’s growth and enhance its profitability, by emphasizing its technological and business differentiation. 01 Pierre-Yves Chaltiel 04 Tiphaine Hecketsweiler 07 Philippe Miltin Executive VP International and Director of Communication Executive VP Computing Business Development Solutions 05 Thierry Siouffi 02 Matthew Foxton Executive VP Business 08 Michel Guillemet Executive VP Strategy Integration Solutions Executive VP Innovative Products and Marketing 06 John Selman 09 Stéphane Duret 03 Philippe Vannier Executive VP Finance Executive VP Human Resources Chairman and CEO and Legal and Organization 01 03 04 02 05
  7. 7. 07 08 06 09 07 BOARD OF DIRECTORSThe Board of Directors of the Bull Group Philippe Vannier Michel Davancens Michel Paulinconsists of 12 Directors. The Board is Chairman and CEO Independent Director Independent Directorheavily involved in the Group’s strategy Valérie Bernis Hugues de Jean-Françoisand its future, and has met six times Independent Director Saint Germain Rambicursince the AGM in 2011. It is supported Independent Director Independent Director Marc Blanchetby two specialist Committees, the Representing France Marc Hériard Dubreuil Alexandra SotoAudit Committee and the HR and Telecom Director Independent DirectorOrganization Committee. The Board Henri Conze Dominique Lesourd Philippe Vassoradheres to the AFEP-MEDEF code of Independent Director Representing Crescendo Independent Directorcorporate governance. IndustriesSHAREHOLDER INFORMATIONBull (ISIN: FR0010266601 “BULL“) is listed SHAREHOLDERon the Euronext Paris B market. STRUCTURE (IN %) AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2011STOCK PERFORMANCE Bull (in euros) CAC 40 index5,500 6 Crescendo Industries 20.0 %5,000 5.5 5 France Telecom 8.1 %4,500 4.5 F (Strategic Investment Fund 5.1 % 44,000 3.5 Pothar Investments SA 3.4 % 3 NEC 2.4 %3,500 2.5 2 Employees 0.6 %3,000 1.5 Treasury shares 0.4 % 12,500 Public and investment funds 60.0 %2,000 March February 2011 2012
  8. 8. 08 BULLWAY 2011-2013 A European leader in mission-critical digital systems Bull’s strategy is built around its vision of tomorrow’s digital society and its conviction that the Group has all the human and technological assets needed to be a key player in that society. The BullWay corporate vision is enabling Bull to make the most of those assets, to turn its strategy into tangible results. Through BullWay, the Group is determined BULLWAY: to establish itself as a trusted partner to its customers and a A VISION IN ACTION leader in mission-critical digital systems, by the end of 2013. CLEAR AND AMBITIOUS OBJECTIVES The aim, in terms of organic growth, is to achieve annual revenues of between €1.35 and €1.45 billion, representing a growth rate around 50% higher than the market. Bull also aims to improve its profitability* which should almost double its rate in 2013, to achieve , a target EBIT figure of between €50 and €60 million. Bull is also willing to maintain its financial flexibility, so it can consider making further acquisitions in the future in high-potential areas, in order to strengthen the creation of long-term value for shareholders. EBIT (IN MILLIONS OF EUROS) REVENUE 50-60 (IN BILLIONS OF EUROS) 1.35-1.45 Bull’s aim Bull’s aim 43.7 A growth rate around 50% A profitability that should higher than the market almost double its rate in 2013 35.5 1.3 1.25 2010 2011 2013 2010 2011 2013 *Profitability is defined as the ratio of EBIT to revenue. EBIT represents earnings before interest and taxes, non-operating and non-recurring items, and contribution of equity affiliates as set out in the annual statement of results. This plan for growth (2011-2013) and its associated medium-term financial objectives are based on a constant scope of business activities, a gradual economic recovery over the coming 12-18 months and the lack of structural changes in either the main currencies or government investment policies.
  9. 9. 09 ”Bull is ideally placed to support businesses and government in their digital transformation.” Matthew FoxtonPOWERFUL INITIATIVESSUPPORTING OURCUSTOMERS ANDOUR GOALS + COMPETITIVENESS + AMBITION A stronger Living up to approach our CSR to key sectors responsibilities To support the revolution The Group’s ambition is GROWTH AGILITY in Business Technologies – leveraging its resolute + + Boost your business Le cloud by Bull as IT becomes increasingly approach to Corporate Social specialized for each area of Responsibility (CSR). Bull’sThrough its Boost your To ensure that cloud computing business – and capitalize pragmatic, serious and honestbusiness initiative, Bull is fulfils its promise, to deliver fully on its vast wealth CSR policies are focusedhelping decision-makers fully more agile computing that of experience, Bull is putting around two areas: Corporateseize the new scope of digital directly serves the business, much greater emphasis Responsibility, coveringsystems to act as a strategic Bull has combined all its on a number of key sectors: its economic, societal andcatalyst. An integrated know-how to create Le cloud the public sector, finance, environmental responsibilitiesprogram capitalizing on all by Bull™, a structured and telecoms, defense, energy, as a company; and Businessthe Group’s expertise, Boost pragmatic, carefully phased transport and healthcare. Responsibility, which is relatedyour business explores new methodology. To help Each of these sectors faces to the solutions it provides,ideas in product innovation, organizations meet their big major challenges in terms from computer simulationoperational efficiency, challenges related to the of processing power and and Green IT to paperlesscustomer relationship cloud – strategy, scalability, security, as well as offering processing and solutionsmanagement and security sovereignty and security – significant potential for growth. accessible to those withsolutions which enable digital Le cloud by Bull tackles disabilities.systems to be a powerful four closely linked areas:engine for differentiation, transforming the IT Department,value creation and growth at agile IT infrastructures, securitythe heart of every business. and controlling operation. Visit Bull World, the Web TV from Bull
  10. 10. 10 INNOVATION IN ACTION In every sector of the economy, computer simulation has become the main tool for innovation. With bullx™ and extreme factory, Bull can offer research facilities and companies alike world-class solutions that effectively combine power, flexibility and energy efficiency. In 2011, Bull reaffirmed its position among the global leaders in Extreme Computing. EXTREME COMPUTING POWER WITHIN EASY REACH THE NETHERLANDS From fundamental physics to oil and gas exploration, from ENJOYS GOOD WEATHER aeronautical engineering to financial modeling, scientific WITH BULLX computing has become the vital tool pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. Today, Bull is one of the world The Royal Netherlands Meteorological leaders in Extreme Computing thanks to its strategic focus on, Institute (KNMI) chose Bull to implement and expertise in, delivering very high levels of processing its new high-performance computing power. At the end of 2011, Bull was ranked third in the list environment, designed to improve the of manufacturers of the world’s top 100 supercomputers, precision of its weather forecasts. Now, and was the only supplier in the world to have implemented thanks to its bullx supercomputer – three Petascale machines, on two continents, in less than featuring the exclusive water-based cooling 18 months: Tera 100 for the CEA, Europe’s first computer to break the Petaflops* barrier; CURIE, in France, for GENCI system – and Bull’s extensive range of and the European PRACE initiative; and Helios, in Japan, for expert services, KMNI has an exceptionally the international F4E (Fusion for Energy) program. Recognized energy efficient turnkey solution which for its technological and project management expertise, is forty times more powerful than its old Bull leverages its HPC cloud solutions with extreme factory infrastructure. and its flagship bullx supercomputers. The balanced, flexible and robust architecture of bullx gives institutions, European and Latin American universities and companies of all sizes, in every sector, access to very high levels of processing power: from AWE in the UK and the CEA in France, to BBVA, Dassault Aviation, Petrobras and Sonaca. Having built Europe’s two most energy efficient supercomputers, energy is also one of Bull’s key priorities: for example, its revolutionary cooling Explore our success system has boosted the energy performance of bullx by 40%. stories on Bull World, the Web TV from Bull * Petaflops: one million billion operations a second.
  11. 11. 11 PUBLIC SECTORThe public sector has always been one of Bull’s main areas of excellence. The Group not only understands thespecific characteristics of each type of organization (government departments, local authorities, customs bodies, socialsecurity agencies …) but also their shared need for robustness, security, cost control and operational efficiency.EUROCONTROLSECURES ITS CRITICAL APPLICATIONS Watch the EurocontrolAs a Europe-wide body set up in 1960, Eurocontrol manages video on Bull World, the Web TV from Bullcivil and military air traffic movements for the whole continent,to maximize safety and keep costs and environmental impactto a minimum. Eurocontrol’s application portfolio consistsof almost ten million lines of code and 25 applications, twoof them key pillars of air traffic safety: one that validatesthe 26,000 flight plans submitted every day by airlines, andthe other enabling flight paths to be adjusted and redistributed LANGUEDOC-in real time in case of unforeseen circumstances, especially ROUSSILLON REGIONadverse weather conditions. Eurocontrol’s biggest challenge RELIES ON DIGITAL SYSTEMSis safety, which depends heavily on the continuity of serviceprovided by these applications. To guarantee the reliability Aware of the key role of new technologiesand sustainability of its application development and support, in its changing role and its citizens’Eurocontrol wanted to forge a strategic, long-term partnershipwith an expert in mission-critical digital systems. expectations, the Languedoc-RoussillonIn Spring 2011 the 2GETHER consortium, formed by Bull region chose Bull to help it design,and Tata Consultancy Services, was chosen for this five-year develop, secure and run its informationcontract worth €43 million, to run and deliver application systems. In particular, Bull has beendevelopment for Eurocontrol. In particular, Eurocontrol was won responsible for implementing the council’sover by Bull’s commitment and the industrial nature of business management system, featuringits IT, as an expert in security and complex, critical environments. a number of function-specific modules asIn particular, Bull’s role is to rationalize the management of well as shared yet personalized monitoringthe software portfolio and move it towards a service-orientedmodel, making it easier to hire new talent and capitalize on tools. In 2011, this development wonknow-how, while also helping to cut costs. This new approach a coveted SAP Quality Award.has been up and running since the start of 2012.
  12. 12. 12 TELECOMS The telecoms sector combines all the challenges O BOTICARIO that play to Bull’s strengths: very high-level BULL’S TELECOMS EXPERTISE ON A technologies, the absolute necessity for security CONTINENTAL-SCALE CHALLENGE and interoperability, and flexibility in the face of a dynamic market. As the trusted partner As one of Brazil’s leading cosmetics companies, O Boticário of telecoms operators worldwide, Bull stands has over 3,000 franchises and one of the largest distribution out thanks to its ability to develop integrated, networks in the country. Covering a geographic area the size of a whole continent, and in an equally dynamic sector, innovative end-to-end solutions. the company’s operational efficiency, its vibrant energy and its management require a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure and total robustness. Since 2004, Bull Latin America has been meeting this unprecedented challenge by providing O Boticário with a global, turnkey communications solution along with telecoms operator Embratel. This innovative system – which includes infrastructures, software and services – Explore our success gives each retail outlet high-speed access to point-of-sale stories on Bull World, the Web TV from Bull and stock management applications via a satellite link in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, four HD video channels and an electronic payments solution. Bull provides all the IT systems and services as part of the solution, and is responsible for its design, integration, implementation, INWI operation and maintenance. To meet the technical and GOES FROM SUCCESS logistical challenges on such a large scale, Bull has developed TO SUCCESS an innovative methodology and tools, such as a device that eliminates the inherent delays in the satellite link and the Morocco’s third largest operator, inwi, mirroring of this link with a back-up system utilizing the GSM has made technology a key differentiator network. From its Services Center (enhanced with new bullion™ at the heart of its success. As a global servers) Bull manages everything from applications and service partner – providing everything from levels, and user support, right through to control of the satellites used. In 2011, O Boticário renewed the contract for a further hardware infrastructure (Escala servers) seven years. to core business applications – Bull has built a robust and flexible integrated system, well-suited to inwi’s extensive range of constantly evolving offerings (fixed, mobile, Internet, business…). In 2010, after its initial success in the fixed market, inwi and Bull created all the elements of a mobile offering, in very tight timescales, winning in 18 months six million subscribers and 20% of the market.
  13. 13. 13 FINANCEFaced with greater pressure on security, regulatory changes, increased competition and the constant race for innovation,the financial sector is experiencing an unprecedented IT revolution. Technology is now right at the heart of banking andinsurance activities, where Bull applies its unique combination of sector experience and technical expertise. EXION ENABLES THE BANK OF THE FUTURE Explore our success stories on Bull World, the Web TV from Bull In recent years, e-banking and all forms of remote banking have expanded rapidly. But because they have been developed in response to needs, the tools used do not always have the quality NATIXIS and rich functionality that customers have a right to expect from SECURES ITS TRADING DESKS their bank. In order to align the various channels, rapidly develop new services and offer high levels of security and performance, In order to strengthen its operational an industrialized approach to e-banking is becoming essential. security, Natixis – the corporate, Which is why Bull’s Polish subsidiary, AMG.net, has developed investment and financial services arm eXion; a unique e-banking platform using state-of-the-art of the BPCE group* – awarded Bull technologies and practices from the sector, which enables all channels (Web, mobiles, call centers) to be fully integrated Evidian the contract to implement an with consistent functionality, business logic and appearance. authentication and access control Packaged, secure and flexible, eXion is quick to integrate and solution for the trading desks in its deploy, making it easy to add new products, services or channels dealing room. Based on a biometric at a later date. It offers numerous functions (self-care, transactions, tool that recognizes blood veins, payments) appropriate for all kinds of customers. Expert support the system is well suited to the trading from Bull allows banks to capitalize on the flexibility eXion offers, environment, its procedures and to build the best solution for their specific needs. eXion has trading activities. The solution, which been successfully adopted by numerous Polish banks including Podkarpacki Bank Spoldzielcsy (PBS), the country’s biggest is fully regulatory compliant, has cooperative bank, Meritum, MR Bank and BRE Bank, one of the resulted in security, reliability and largest business banks, whose iBRE application was voted the best productivity improvements for the integrated e-banking solution in Eastern and Central Europe by bank’s 750 traders. Global Banking in 2010. *BPCE: Banque Populaire Caisses dEpargne, Frances second largest banking group.
  14. 14. 14 INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Along with energy efficiency, processing power – whether for supercomputers or enterprise servers – is Bull’s number one challenge. Bull leverages its R&D culture, high-level engineering expertise and constant attention to customer needs to be at the leading edge of innovation. ”The processing power for unlimited innovation.” Michel Guillemet Find us on Bull World, the Web TV from Bull Green IT: THE POWER OF AMBITION Bull takes the lead on energy Achieving greater precision in computer And Bull is evolving its GCOS platforms simulations; increasing the number of to help major customers maximize their parameters; expanding the scope, return on investment and capitalize Energy management continues sample size and sources of data for fully on information assets, through a to be a key priority in Bull’s analysis; speeding up processing combination of power, openness and R&D roadmap. As a result, the times (even as far as real-time)... flexibility. Backed by its R&D excellence Group has patented a number of when it comes to the capacity for and industrial resources, Bull Innovative innovative solutions such as the innovation, processing power is Products designs and builds leading- Bull Coherence Switch (BCS) – the key determining factor for edge systems that meet the challenge which has enabled bullion servers scientific, Business Intelligence and of increased processing power. management applications alike. to significantly outperform their • EXTREME COMPUTING: As Europe’s only computer manufacturer, supercomputers, HPC cloud solutions, rivals in energy efficiency – and Bull operates in the market for ultra- mobile containers Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), the high processing power, to liberate its ambient water-based cooling customers’ ambitions. With Extreme • HIGH-END SERVERS FOR DATA system featured on the very latest Computing solutions focused on bullx CENTERS AND CLOUD COMPUTING bullx supercomputers. All Bull supercomputers, Bull delivers all the PLANTS: mainframes, servers for servers include numerous other, benefits of a leader in Petascale consolidation and virtualization advanced energy-saving features. technologies to everyone from • HIGH-PERFORMANCE APPLIANCES: research centers, to design offices in transactional and BI applications. multinationals and innovative SMEs. The world’s fastest x86 server, bullion is becoming the server of choice for private clouds and critical environments.
  15. 15. 15 COMPUTING SOLUTIONS ”With the cloud and data center transformation, we are entering the age of agility and operational excellence.” Philippe Miltin Find us on Bull World, the Web TV from BullIn the age of cloud computing, Green IT and business technologies,IT infrastructure is central to the digital revolution in business andthe public sector. As an architect, integrator and operator of criticalinfrastructures, Bull Computing Solutions provides end-to-end supportfor data center transformation. Bull Cloud Centers, secure, trusted spaceNEW GENERATION As an expert outsourcer, Bull Managed ServicesINFRASTRUCTURES has five Cloud Centers in France alone, forming a virtual hosting area equivalent to a singleFOR CRITICAL SYSTEMS 12,000m² zone. Managed entirely by Bull, with no sub-contracting involved, the entire ISO 27001 certified facility is managed asSo that public and private sector (Bull Managed Services) to design, a unified whole to deliver continuous service,organizations can focus on their core build and run reliable, agile systems, 24x7. Bull’s secure, industrialized and highlybusiness, the technical platforms on perfectly attuned to its customers’ energy efficient European network of Cloudwhich their computer systems are business activities, usage, constraints Centers forms a trusted space for sovereignbuilt have to evolve. More than ever, and strategic priorities. Vital hosting of even the most sensitive private clouds.hardware and software platforms advantages and expertise make Bullmust guarantee performance and Computing Solutions a trusted partner,security, be easier to use, facilitate delivering high added-value.innovation and help meet all the • INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES:organization’s challenges, from cost audit, consulting, integration, energycontrol to environmental policies. optimization, supportAs an architect, integrator and • DATA CENTERS:operator of critical IT infrastructures, servers, virtualization, storage,Bull Computing Solutions supports archiving, security, HPCdata center transformation, especiallytowards cloud computing. Using • OUTSOURCING AND CLOUDits own technologies and those of COMPUTING:recognized partners including EMC, hosting (servers, private & publicMicrosoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware clouds, Web), on-demand operationand others, Bull Computing Solutions and infrastructure (simulation andcombines consulting (Bull Advisory business applications).Services), integration (of servers,storage, networks) and outsourcing
  16. 16. 16 BUSINESS INTEGRATION SOLUTIONS Until recently, IT has been a management and optimization tool, but it is entering a new era. As a driver for innovation, IT is now directly responsible for value creation. Bull Business Integration Solutions helps private and public sector organizations make the leap, so they can seize the opportunities offered by business technologies, right now. ”Understanding our customers’ business challenges and delivering technological expertise and industrial know-how.” Thierry Siouffi MADE-TO-MEASURE Find us on Bull World, SOLUTIONS FOR A SHIFTING the Web TV from Bull BUSINESS LANDSCAPE With paperless business processes, organization’s specific needs, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions priorities and constraints. With its and mobile applications, technology powerful strategy of industrialization, is more and more closely integrated focus and replication of expertise, Business Intelligence, with the business. Scalable, agile, Bull Business Integration Solutions a specialist issue business computing plays a vital role gives customers access to scarce Analytical tools are becoming more in the rapid transformation of products business skills and supports them – specialized, as they increasingly and processes, and is becoming a in total security – in their transformation take on an essential role in public powerful factor in differentiation and towards the cloud, mobility and Big and private sector organizations. value creation. As a specialist in Data. But they also face new technical complex processes, heterogeneous • BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: challenges, which is why Bull has environments and critical systems, Bull public sector, finance, defense, brought together three key BI skills Business Integration Solutions helps telecoms in its specialist services centers: customers imagine, design, implement and bring to life innovative solutions • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: in-depth knowledge of sector- that let them take full advantage of BI, paperless processes, EDM and specific operational needs (local new tools and ways of using IT. The archiving, ERP, portals, mobility authorities, telecoms), expertise in Business Line uses in-depth knowledge • PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR the main BI tools (Microsoft, SAP) of its customers and their sectors to MAJOR PROJECTS: and capabilities around critical develop turnkey, end-to-end, made- consulting, project control, development, infrastructures, which enable the to-measure solutions adapted to each integration, application maintenance. Group to fully understand issues of scale, security and performance.
  17. 17. 17 SECURITY SOLUTIONSvisibull, Security is a key issue in the digital revolution,no more data because trust is the essential prerequisiteleakage if new tools are to be successfully adopted.To help its customers identify As a European expert in digital and electronicpossible data leaks, Bull Security high security, Bull Security Solutions provides Find us on Bull World,Solutions has designed visibull™, made-to-measure solutions to tackle the new the Web TV from Bullan innovative Data Leak risks of a hyper-connected world.Management (DLM) solution. As apreventive tool, visibull identifiesand dynamically references sensitivedocuments based on a specificset of rules (keywords, recipients), EXPERTISEestablishes a footprint so they canbe recognized even if they have THE KEY TO TRUSTbeen altered or camouflaged For businesses and public sector bodies the risks involved, as well as the specific(using cut-and-paste, data capture), alike, our connected, computerized, characteristics of each situation, Bulland monitors network flows mobile environment – existing increasingly Security Solutions takes an approach(e-mail, webmail) to detect any in the cloud – opens up new opportunities that is both holistic and focusedinappropriate data leaks. but also poses new and unpredictable specifically on security, which is why threats of many different types, with it is well established as a trusted progressively more serious direct and partner to its customers. indirect consequences. The huge issues • DIGITAL INFORMATION: of security and sovereignty are focused in encryption of data and networks, four main areas: digital information, critical transaction security, identity and systems, sensitive sites and homeland access management, secure phones security. The benchmark European player • CRITICAL SYSTEMS: in digital and electronic high security, industrial automation, command and Bull Security Solutions operates across all control, embedded electronics, secure four areas, where guaranteeing optimum software, radio communications security – which is strict yet flexible – ruggedized hardware demands expertise, rigor and innovation. Leveraging its complementary skills in • SENSITIVE SITES: consulting and implementation, Bull Security access control, video surveillance, Solutions develops end-to-end, integrated intruder detection and made-to-measure high-security solutions, • HOMELAND SECURITY: involving a close-knit web of physical, anti-IED jamming, radar signal interception logical and electronic tools. With the ability and processing, naval, airport and terrestrial to understand all the complex aspects of electronics systems.
  18. 18. 18 INTERNATIONAL AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT With a presence in over 50 countries and an extensive range of specialist, highly competitive offerings, Bull has significant growth prospects, especially internationally, among its key accounts and in its strategic sectors. International and Business Development is committed to realizing that potential, by capitalizing on these vital assets. ”Implementing global, innovative solutions, drawing on our business and technical expertise.” Pierre-Yves Chaltiel BRINGING AMBITION TO LIFE To support Bull’s four Business The results of these actions are In 2012, to win even more Lines in their sales activities, clear, even in this first year of new customers, IBD is planning especially on the international operation, with a sustained to extend its avenues for growth stage, Bull has established increase in orders, especially and accentuate its sector-specific a cross-divisional entity: from Bull’s international approach in the public sector, International and Business operations. In some particularly finance, defense, telecoms, energy Development (IBD). In 2011, dynamic countries such as and healthcare; all businesses IBD set up dedicated units Belgium and the UK, despite that share the need to create to directly address certain high- the difficult economic climate, huge amounts of data and potential markets such as the local teams have proved operate critical systems with very the Gulf States and Asia, as – through their initiatives strict security and performance well as an international agency and innovations – that real requirements: the very heart of to work in countries where opportunities exist for Bull. Bull’s expertise. Bull has no direct subsidiary. IBD is also responsible for making the most of synergies within the Group, to support customers and markets that require global, highly sector-specific solutions. So the team has boosted the coordination needed to approach key accounts with particular A benchmark challenges demanding special player with a attention: intimate knowledge of the customer, cross-divisional growing presence solutions, functional or sector in high-potential expertise. geographic areas
  19. 19. 19 A PEOPLE COMPANY See the recruitment video on Bull World, the Web TV from BullIn a hi-tech company like Bull, developing human capital isstrategic in terms of competitiveness and performance. Whichis why, focused around its recently-renewed corporate values,the Group is investing in new talent, growing its skill baseand career development.BULL, As in 2011, Bull plansDEVELOPING TALENT to hire 1,000 new people this yearIn a business based on skills momentum. Commitment to With 1,000 new hires planned forand trust, Bull sees individual customers enables the Group to 2012, half of them in France, Bull’saccomplishment as the best develop the trusted relationships recruitment drive is gathering momentum.measure of collective success, and needed to establish close, In particular, the Group is looking forthat is why developing its human long-lasting partnerships. By experienced people in its key areas ofcapital is central to its strategy. encouraging cross-divisional excellence (Extreme Computing, security,Above all, this is reflected in a working and mobility, Bull also infrastructures, integration) and strategicrecruitment policy that encourages promotes agility: a key success markets (public sector, finance, defense,diversity: a rich source of shared factor in our rapidly evolving telecoms), as well as young graduatesimprovement for the Group’s economic, technological and attracted by leading-edge technologies,teams. Bull also emphasizes social landscape. And to create innovative projects and a stimulatingskill development to support environment. Bull currently employs around favorable conditions for innovation,people’s career momentum, via 9,000 people worldwide. the Group cultivates team spiritapprenticeships, training and job and draws on its highly diversemobility; with managers playing range of skills and personalities toa key role in developing talent. enhance collective performance.Commitment, agility, team spirit; Finally, Bull pays special attentionthrough these shared values, Bull to its organization structures,hones its employees’ sense of working methods and socialresponsibility, initiative and mutual environment: vital for day-to-daysupport, boosting its business career development.
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