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Use in Marketing
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Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up
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Snapchat beginnings - how the young app is growing up


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A short presentation on Snapchat for beginners covering the use of the app and its early development.

Published in: Mobile, Social Media
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  • Snapchat may have employed aggressive marketing strategy but only they themselves know how they did that
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  • Called Snapchat beginnings because it covers the beginning stages of the app, and is also a beginners guide to the app.
  • 1:1 Messaging, but what sets it apart is that the content dissapears!

  • Whatsapp has global userbase, Snapchat more than double the photo uploads than FB
  • Evan Speigel, known as being a frat bro in the press
    Created and launched Snapchat when he was 21.
    The 24 year old now acts as CEO of the company

    Young Enteprenuer, like Tumblr founder: David Karp, Mark Zuckerberg
  • Class project at Stanford

    Venice Beach HQ, where many people take selfies
    The company now has 30 employees
  • News stories and good PR about the unique fuctionality (dissapearing photos) helped skyrocket the app.

    Number 11 in the Apple App Store
    Number 7 in the Google Play store
  • Do photos really disappear? (that answer is yes, kind of) of course theres always the option to screenshot, built right into the app. After many complaints the FTC ordered the app to build notifications in the app.

    Additionally, it was discovered that a lot of these photos were actually being stored on the phone.. In the system data which could be recovered. On May 7, 2014, Snapchat settled with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations it deceived users over the amount of personal data it collected. As a result it will face privacy monitoring for 20 years

    Growth initially came from teens who liked the idea of dissapearing content- 2012 piece from NYT on sexting helped uncover this, and many news stories therafter.

    Amidst all the controversy, the app is still a hot commodity. Before we move on, I want to ask.. you’re 23 years old and built an app.. Mark Zuckerberg comes to you and offers to give you $3B in cash, what would you say?

  • November 13th, news breaks about possible acquisition.

    The wild thing about this, is that only 1 year prior Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1b and left untouched.

    Facebook was interested in this app, due to the audience it had. Young teens.. We know FB has grown but it has grown with older audiences, not young ones. This would have been a chance to capture the teens in a growing mobile space.
  • Offers a way to share whats happening ongoing, in real time. After 24 hours photos and videos expire.

    As of June over 1 BILLION photos from snapchat stories are viewed per day
  • Snapchat bring together a lot of new ideas.

    Smaller peer groups, sharing personal moments. Not everything needs to be shared with everyone.

    Using Time as a variable, even thought of as a social weight where not every post is equal. I wonder how often would permanence be used? Sometimes you just want to share something that is only viewed for an hour, or a day. It doesn’t have to live forever.

    We sometimes think of our social profiles as a reflection of self, things don’t go away unless you manually delete them. But what if our online identities were changing by the day or week.

    The logic of the profile is that life should be captured, preserved, and put behind glass. It asks us to be collectors of our lives, to create a museum of our self. Moments are chunked off, put in a grid, quantified, and ranked. School of thought that identity is never solidified and always in flux. Instead of a single, unchanging self, we might consider a ‘liquid self’, one more verb than noun. one that isn’t comprised of life hacked into frozen, quantifiable pieces but instead something more fluid, changing, and alive.

  • Difficult to activate on snapchat because it requires a lot of production, constant video and photo needs.
  • This Thursday, MTV will be announcing
  • Used with other social media platforms

    Beefy crunch burrito and breakfast launch
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