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Paid Owned Earned Model v1.2


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Paid Owned Earned media planning model

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Paid Owned Earned Model v1.2

  1. 1. Paid, Owned, Network, Borrowed and Earned Media Model<br />Steve Sponder: @stevesponder - Lawton Communications Group - Version 1.2 - 03/08/11<br />Paid Media<br /><ul><li>Direct cost
  2. 2. Partial ‘editorial’ control
  3. 3. No ownership </li></ul>Paid for media spaces; TV ads, radio ads, press ads, outdoor, sponsorship, social ads, banner ads, paid search, paid lists<br />Borrowed Media<br /><ul><li>No direct cost
  4. 4. Partial ‘editorial’ control
  5. 5. No ownership </li></ul>Media spaces you ‘borrow’; social outpost (e.g. Facebook & Twitter) and public spaces (e.g. guerrilla tactics & location based PR stunts)<br />Beyond 1st Generation Exposure<br />Earned<br />Media<br />Earned<br />Media<br />1st Generation<br />Exposure<br />Paid<br />Media<br />Borrowed<br />Media<br />Owned Media<br /><ul><li>No direct cost
  6. 6. Full ‘editorial’ control
  7. 7. Full ownership </li></ul>Your media spaces; Website, blog, Email, Catalog, Packaging, Company owned retail stores and vehicles.<br />Network Media<br /><ul><li>No direct cost
  8. 8. No ‘editorial’ control
  9. 9. No ownership </li></ul>Your network’s media spaces; media relations, blogger relations, community relations<br />Beyond 1st Generation Exposure<br />Content<br />Beyond 1st Generation Exposure<br />1st Generation<br />Exposure<br />1st Generation<br />Exposure<br />Network<br />Media<br />Owned<br />Media<br />Earned Media Aka WOM, buzz, viral effect <br />While the other media spaces generate opportunities for 1st generation exposure, earned media generates 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc generation exposure.<br />People using their own media spaces; sharing, tweets, likes, comments, check-ins, reviews, bookmarking and conversation<br />Content<br />To successfully move out from 1st generation exposure into the earned media space, content needs to provide one or more types of value.<br />5 Value Types; Entertainment, Utility, Information, Monetary & Emotive -<br />1st Generation<br />Exposure<br />Earned<br />Media<br />Earned<br />Media<br />Beyond 1st Generation Exposure<br />Creative Commons: Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License<br />