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Custom logo design

  1. 1. Logo design and creation of logos Logo design and creation of logos Custom Logo Design - Will submit up to 20 different logo designs from the 10-experienced graphic designers Creating the logo of the company is our long-term specialization. We are different than traditional graphic design studio. Our team consists of 10 experienced designers who are ready to submit up to 20 different logo designs. That's a decent portion of what you say? Of course you can choose from several packages, one that will meet your needs. Logo creation is not an easy thing and it is understandable that the decision about whom to entrust such an important job. We think that for us is quality work and the best proof is experience to our customers. Do not forget to also look at our references. Such logos can expect from us.
  2. 2. Creating logos on 2 phases Creating logos in our ongoing in two phases - logo designs and logos revision. Logo design - depending on the selected package, your contract will pay up to 10 experienced graphic designers and present you with up to 20 different logo designs. But it is not only the quantity but also the logo design of their diversity. Every graphic designer has his original ideas and brings ingenuity. It is undeniable advantage when working on your project more graphic.
  3. 3. Revision logos Revision logos - of the suggestions you choose one logo. On the selected logo perform an unlimited number of revisions (PRO package and TOP) respectively. 3 rounds of revisions (BASIC package) After selecting the final logo will receive this professional quality, in 5 graphic formats , vector and raster. Logo creation Because the creation of logos divided into two phases, do not pay the full amount in advance.
  4. 4. For packages and PRO TOP pay first drafting the logo and to their visitors decide whether you want the rest of the price formation logos pay. The exception is the BASIC package, where the price paid for the conferences to all in advance. Price for creating logos Total price for the development of a logo depends on the choice of package: Package Total price Detail BASIC 24 USD the total price you pay in advance PRO 49 USD first pays CZK 29 for drafting logos and designs to seeing you pay the remaining CZK 2000 TOP 89 USD first pay 4999 USD for drawing logos and designs to seeing you pay the remaining 4000 USD Permission to use the logo will get the final payment of the total price of the logo.
  5. 5. Default Logo designs When will the logo designs to preview? Logo designs you submit for 7-10 days or express in 48h
  6. 6. By default, you logo designs, the number depends on the chosen package will present in 7-10 working days from payment at a clarification of the assignment. In case you're in a hurry, we offer the possibility of making a logo design express, by the deadline of 48 hours from payment at a specification by for a surcharge according to the chosen package. Length revisions logos depend primarily on the amount of required changes and your cooperation. Graphic works - modernization logos, business stationery We build not only the company logo, but also the product logo, logo design, logo, etc. Annual We also provide modernization logos, logo redesign, revitalize logos, and redraw logos and other graphic works. If interested, you produce graphic design business stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelope, and stamp).
  7. 7. Business Logo Design - Why is the corporate logo important? Logo for any business is a key attribute. The larger the company has ambitions to succeed in the market, differentiate you from the competition gray; it should seriously consider creating a professional logo design company. Company Logo is often the first thing a customer sees and on what basis you make your first impression of the company. Needless to say, the first impression can be made only once.