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Upgrade Your Thinking, Upgrade Your Results


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14 Principles That Will Put You at the Top of Your Game

Published in: Business
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Upgrade Your Thinking, Upgrade Your Results

  1. 1. Your Success Matters Upgrade Your Thinking, Upgrade Your Results Winning Business Mindset 14 Principles That Will Put You at the Top of Your Game
  2. 2. Your Success Matters Clarity of Purpose Seeing your end game and focusing on the most important things that will get you there. Article: Resist the Grip of Minutia!
  3. 3. Your Success Matters Embrace Risk Not all risk has negative consequences. Many times, risk that is calculated leads to new levels of growth and accomplishment. Article: Get Comfortable With Risk
  4. 4. Your Success Matters The Power of 80/20 Are you focused on the ‘vital few’ or the ‘trivial many’? Think what your income would look like if you continuously worked on the 20% of your business that produced 80% of your revenue. Article: What Drives Business Success
  5. 5. Your Success Matters Provoking Insight That one question, served up with unapologetic frankness, producing inward reflection and a clear view of reality. Resource: Need Answers? Ask Steve
  6. 6. Your Success Matters Confidence Builders Those activities performed on a regular basis (not what's easy or familiar) that move you closer to results you have never achieved before
  7. 7. Your Success Matters StrategicDecision Making With every decision you make, consider how your actions will impact future results. Don’t just hire someone that fills a position; hire someone that upgrades your organization. Article: How to Make Better Business Decisions
  8. 8. Your Success Matters Entrepreneurial Orgasm That feeling you get when a great but unrelated business opportunity presents itself.
  9. 9. Your Success Matters Cash Flow Remedy Many programs in business have a life cycle. Yet we continue to cling to them long after their productivity runs out. Recoup some cash! Stop paying for programs that no longer work!
  10. 10. Your Success Matters Passion Fuels, ProcessRules Your passion is what got you into the business you have. Your process is what will enable you to be successful with the operation that supports it. Article: Insights into ImprovingYour Business Process
  11. 11. Your Success Matters Customer ServiceBlindSpots Those annoying issues that your customers are aware of but go unnoticed by you. They are the main reason customers do business with you only once. Video: 7 EssentialsTo Excellent Customer Service
  12. 12. Your Success Matters Spread Gratitude When you show appreciation to your employees, they will show it to your customers. Video: Chester Elton- Employee Recognition,The Carrot Principle
  13. 13. Your Success Matters Integrated Revenue Generation Every employee who touches (comes in contact with) a customer has the opportunity to generate revenue. Providing exceptional service, support or problem solving can be as powerful as closing a sale
  14. 14. Your Success Matters The ‘Do’ Factor Do not let what you cannot do, get in the way of what you can do. ~ John Wooden
  15. 15. Your Success Matters Surviving vs. Thriving Both require determination. Both require commitment. Both require action. Only one leads to success and prosperity.
  16. 16. Your Success Matters When You Grow, Your Business Grows