The Best Mobile Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad


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The top 10 best mobile blogging apps for iPhone and iPad can create error free, creative, and unique content for any blog on any platform.

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The Best Mobile Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. 1. There are many blogging apps for iPhone and iPad at the Apple app store that will allow you to write well written, error free, neat, and creative blog posts for your blog. For the sake of this post let’s name and briefly explain the top 10 apps at the app store. Moving into 2014, mobile is becoming more attractive to bloggers and internet marketers that enjoy building a business with ease. Downloading a blogging app to your iPhone and iPad has never been easier. Here are the top 10 Mobile Blogging Apps For iPhone and iPad: 1. Blogging with iBlogger This app goes for $10 per month for users and supports WordPress, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, TypePad, and many more platforms. This is also known as home based business blogging platform. 2. Blogsy This is strictly for iPad and it costs $5 for bloggers. This app as a cool looking interface and it lets you drag and drop media files. 3. Posterous This is a free app that bloggers can use to send pieces of content to other social media accounts. You can email a post full of images, videos, or any other kind of media. 4. Tumblr You can download this free app to post blog posts, share images, communicate, share a quote, or a post. You can also follow people to see the content they’ve created and shared on their own blog. 5. Typepad This is one of the best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad because users can share blog posts and pictures in a sequential way. 6. Blogger A giant blogging appication that is completely free. Bloggers need a Google username to access this blogging app. The app has its own platform and a cool interface. 7. Blogpress
  2. 2. Offers everything many bloggers need. They can upload files, videos, images, anchor texts, hyperlinks, etc. The app platform supports include Blogger, MSN Live Space, WordPress, and a lot more. It costs users $3. 8. Worpress This is the one of the most popular blogging apps for iPhone and iPad as its very user friendly. Bloggers can have all the features that are normally available on desktop PC’s. Worpress supports its own platform. 9. Empower Network This is one the newest mobile blogging apps. Comes equipped with it’s own platform. Bloggers have the ability to post text, images, and videos straight to their blog within seconds. Has a unique high converting sales funnel already built in to make bloggers commission on their content. 10. Adobe Express This app is free for iPhone and iPad users. This app is fast for photo editing and manipulating images. The app supports a wide array of blogging platforms. As you can see there are many great mobile "blogging apps for iPhone and iPad" out there that you can use to start blogging on the go today. The blogging app I chose and why: I chose the Empower Network blogging app as my preferred on the go platform. Here is why I chose this app over the competition. - Ease of use for blogging, posting images, uploading videos.
  3. 3. - Built in SEO to optimize your blog posts. - Built in sales funnel for affiliate commissions (unique and high converting) - At the time of this post is in the top 300 trafficked sites in the world and top 100 in the US. This makes the domain considered authority, which gives my posts extra credibility at the search engines that naturally increases my rankings. - The activity feed with “reblog” feature. - Company leadership - Product value and training As you can see this is one of my favorite mobile blogging apps for iPhone and iPad. You can click here for my mobile money secrets newsletter for more information on the Empower Network blogging app. It starts with a free 30 minute training video. Until Next time,
  4. 4. Steve Smiley P.S. Bonus article "Killer SEO Tips for Blogs" Check it out!