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Introduction to Open Badges, example with Upbete and JISC innovation bid overview

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  • Who are MyKnowledgeMap? And what have we been doing?
  • About 12 months ago we created a free website called – 1st components in creating an open badge
    1. Badge design To facilitate the creation of badge graphics
    2. Define rules for the issuing of badges
    3. issue badges to individuals based on system activities and defined rules
    will push awarded badges to individuals’ backpacks
    In order to issue a badge to an individual you need:
    the email address of the individual (that is tied to their backpack)
    a valid PNG badge graphic
    a publicly accessible webpage detailing the criteria that were met in order to get the badge
    You can also provide:
    an expiry date of when the badge is no longer valid
  • Open Badges.Me uses HTML 5 to allow you combine different visual elements, colours and text to create attractive open badges.
    Then you can use this graphic in an Open Badges issuing system.
    We are Building a library of plug-ins to help you complete the process. There is a WordPress Plug-in available from
    So far we have had nearly 12,000 badges created.
    The badge designer can be built into other software applications – see API documentation on
    You can also give us feedback on the site
  • About Upbete – provided for 3 NHS regions for Type 1 young people up to age 19
    Helps with drug compliance and become a destination site for children, parents and schools
    We are creating:
    And an event processor so that the badges can be issued automatically with notification by email and mobile (SMS and Apps)
    Upbete is becoming a very useful TEST SITE for this technology.
    We can’t push the badges to the MOZILLA BACKPACK because U.S. and Canadian Law does not allow this to be used by under 13’s – so the children’s badges will be kept on the Upbete site for them. By doing this we are gamifying Upbete with rewards - OB’s to motivate and encourage good behaviour and engagement.
    Users can demonstrate their skills and achievements and when they are post 13 can export to a Back Pack or whatever is available.
  • So far we have provided components in the Open Badge creation workflow. Our aim is to productise these components to make it much easier and break down barriers for both tutors and students.
  • The overall aim with OB for Upbete is to automate Open Badges seamlessly and issued AUTOMATICALLY
  • Our JISC bid will enable all badge receivers to access the badge platform and saved in the system.
  • Are your teachers coming to you and asking how they can make use of OB’s
    There are some issues to consider:
    OB must be relevant to the student and the achievement
    How do you want to use OB to motivate
    OB use for verification (certificates)
    Rules to achieve an OB
    Aggregated badges – multiple achievements recognised.
  • Some typical questions
  • Discussion points
  • 12 month project
    Taking part in the development of the platform – testing
    Educational consultancy to help implement
    Technical implementation support
    Dissemination events March – June 2015
  • MKM Open Badges presentation - Steve Sidaway

    1. 1. Inspired assessment & learning technology MyKnowledgeMap’s adventures in badge land Steve Sidaway - @sidaway_steve Business Development Manager, MyKnowledgeMap Ltd ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 1
    2. 2. Inspired assessment & learning technology ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 2
    3. 3. Inspired assessment & learning technology 1 year of supporting Open Badges and over 11,000 awesome designs created! ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 3
    4. 4. Inspired assessment & learning technology Project components ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 4
    5. 5. Inspired assessment & learning technology Product components ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 5
    6. 6. Inspired assessment & learning technology A great community, and some awesome implementations ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 6
    7. 7. Inspired assessment & learning technology So where are we now? • ‣ HTML5 design widget to create Open Badge graphics ‣ All client side and in-browser ‣ Open API - plug it into your own badge system ‣ Emerging plugins to make integration even easier - • •’re adding Open Badges to the UpBete diabetes support system across 3 UK regions Open Badges JISC bid with 15 colleges – A simple platform for the easy creation and issuing of Open Badges ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 7
    8. 8. Inspired assessment & learning technology Everyone we talk to is superexcited about Open Badges and digital rewards... ...but there are some practical considerations ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 8
    9. 9. Inspired assessment & learning technology I don’t have technical skills or a technical team what can I do? What happens if my server gets changed and files are moved? How do I prove a badge on a third party service was issued by us? We use (have to use) lots of different systems - which ones work with badges? How do I work out what to badge and what not to badge? ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd I have thousands of students - can I automate things? How can I stop people “faking” our badges? How long do I need to host things for? Should I invest in the Mozilla standard or wait to see who else comes along? 9
    10. 10. Inspired assessment & learning technology Some other questions • • What features would a college need to be able to validate learning? • • Can you support levels of badges inside an overall badge structure? • • Can you build mega badges out of combinations of smaller badges? • Could badges be tied to frameworks or framework elements/competencies to support analysis of badge contents and also framework coverage analysis? How can an outside user place appropriate value on a badge? How can they place it within it’s context? Can you trace pathways from badge to badge to provide contextual information on the journey the holder took? Could a “tipping point” of badge acceptance be reached by targeting a chosen subject, industry or area? ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 10
    11. 11. Inspired assessment & learning technology What are your concerns or requirements? ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 11
    12. 12. Inspired assessment & learning technology MKM Open Badges Platform Overview • The project is to build a platform for the creation and issuing of Open Badges that is easy to use by anyone, without assuming any technical knowledge. • The platform will include a badge design and creation tool, and allow awards to be manually made to a single individual or a group, and will also include some automation through an activity manager. • Both Recipient and Issuer will have a dedicated space after log-in where records will be kept – with functionality dependent on type of account. • The system will run as a standalone platform, as well as feature an open integration capability, with a number of such integrations being planned as part of this initial project for LMS interoperability. ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 12
    13. 13. Inspired assessment & learning technology Open Badges JISC bid package •Premium-level access to the MyKnowledgeMap Open Badges Platform for the period of the project •Development of open source plugins for common FE learning management systems, with an opportunity to influence their development in order to support the needs of their own planned pilot projects •Educational / pedagogical design session to help plan a successful pilot project and ongoing educational support throughout the project •Technical implementation support for both the premium badge platform and the open source plugins •On-going technical support throughout the project to ensure success •Opportunity to present project results as part of a number of dissemination events to a wider group of FE, HE and industry members ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 13
    14. 14. Inspired assessment & learning technology Interested in being involved? To register your interest and join this group of colleges as part of the JISC innovation bid contact today: Joel Mills, Learning Resources Manager at Darlington College, You will receive a response and a letter of commitment to sign and return if you wish to be involved. But please hurry – this is Limited to just 15 colleges and the deadline for the bid is 6th December 2013 ©2013 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 14