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28 Insightful Quotes About Business


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Business sense, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard work. It takes a lot to achieve success in the business world. This presentation offers great quotes from those who have made it. Perhaps they can help inspire YOU to achieve the success you deserve.

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28 Insightful Quotes About Business

  1. InsightfulInsightful QuotesQuotes AboutAbout BusinessBusiness 2828
  2. Business sense, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard work. It takes a lot to achieve successsuccess in the business worldbusiness world. This presentation offers great quotes from those who have made it.
  3. Perhaps they can help inspire YOUYOU to achieve the success you deserve…
  4. ““Business peopleBusiness people are like sharks, not justare like sharks, not just because we're gray and slightlybecause we're gray and slightly oily, or because our teeth trailoily, or because our teeth trail the innards of those we havethe innards of those we have eviscerated, but because weeviscerated, but because we mustmust movemove forwardforward or die.”or die.” StanleyStanley BingBing 11
  5. ““ DriveDrive youryour businessbusiness.. Let notLet not your businessyour business drive you.”drive you.” BenjaminBenjamin FranklinFranklin 22
  6. ““In business,In business, three things arethree things are necessary:necessary: knowledgeknowledge,, tempertemper,, andand timetime.”.” OwenOwen FelltFellt 33
  7. ““Customers don’tCustomers don’t expect you to be perfect.expect you to be perfect. They do expect you toThey do expect you to fixfix thingsthings when theywhen they go wrong.”go wrong.” DonaldDonald PorterPorter 44
  8. ““Fail often soFail often so you canyou can succeedsucceed sooner.”sooner.” TomTom KelleyKelley 55
  9. ““The only thingThe only thing worse than startingworse than starting something and failing…something and failing… isis notnot startingstarting something.”something.” SethSeth GodinGodin 66
  10. ““We are whatWe are what we repeatedly do.we repeatedly do. ExcellenceExcellence then, isthen, is not a single act,not a single act, but abut a habithabit.”.” AristotleAristotle 77
  11. ““A man shouldA man should never neglect hisnever neglect his familyfamily forfor business.”business.” WaltWalt DisneyDisney 88
  12. ““The competitorThe competitor to be feared is one whoto be feared is one who never bothers about younever bothers about you at all, but goes on makingat all, but goes on making his ownhis own businessbusiness betterbetter all the time.”all the time.” HenryHenry FordFord 99
  13. ““AnAn economisteconomist is anis an expert who will knowexpert who will know tomorrow why the thingstomorrow why the things he predicted yesterdayhe predicted yesterday didn't happen today.”didn't happen today.” LaurenceLaurence J. PeterJ. Peter 1010
  14. ““I don’t look toI don’t look to jump over 7-foot barsjump over 7-foot bars to jump over — I look forto jump over — I look for 1-foot bars that I can1-foot bars that I can step over.”step over.” WarrenWarren BuffettBuffett 1111
  15. ““If you thinkIf you think your boss is stupid,your boss is stupid, remember: youremember: you wouldn’t have a job ifwouldn’t have a job if he was anyhe was any smarter.”smarter.” JohnJohn GottmanGottman 1212
  16. ““Every greatEvery great business is built onbusiness is built on friendshipfriendship.”.” J.C.J.C. PenneyPenney 1313
  17. ““The man whoThe man who will use his skill andwill use his skill and constructive imagination toconstructive imagination to seesee how much he canhow much he can givegive forfor a dollar, instead of how littlea dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, ishe can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.”bound to succeed.” HenryHenry FordFord 1414
  18. ““If you work justIf you work just for money, you’ll neverfor money, you’ll never make it, but if youmake it, but if you lovelove what you’re doingwhat you’re doing and youand you always put the customeralways put the customer first, success will befirst, success will be yours.”yours.” RayRay KrocKroc 1515
  19. ““The secret to successThe secret to success in business, and in life, isin business, and in life, is toto serveserve othersothers. Put. Put others first in all thatothers first in all that you do.”you do.” KevinKevin StirtzStirtz 1616
  20. ““Behold theBehold the turtle, he makesturtle, he makes progressprogress onlyonly when he sticks hiswhen he sticks his neck out.”neck out.” BruceBruce LevinLevin 1717
  21. ““YourYour reputationreputation is more important thanis more important than your paycheck, andyour paycheck, and youryour integrityintegrity isis worth more than yourworth more than your career.”career.” RyanRyan FreitasFreitas 1818
  22. ““And while the lawAnd while the law ofof competitioncompetition may bemay be sometimes hard for thesometimes hard for the individual, it is best for theindividual, it is best for the race, because it ensures therace, because it ensures the survival of the fittest insurvival of the fittest in every department.”every department.” AndrewAndrew CarnegieCarnegie 1919
  23. ““The golden ruleThe golden rule for every businessfor every business man is this:man is this: 'Put'Put yourselfyourself in yourin your customer’scustomer’s place.'place.' ”” OrisonOrison SwettSwett MardenMarden 2020
  24. ““BusinessBusiness opportunitiesopportunities are likeare like buses, there’s alwaysbuses, there’s always another oneanother one coming.”coming.” RichardRichard BransonBranson 2121
  25. ““Your work is goingYour work is going to fill a large part of yourto fill a large part of your life, and the only way to belife, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do whattruly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. Andyou believe is great work. And the only way tothe only way to dodo greatgreat workwork is to loveis to love what you do.”what you do.”SteveSteve JobsJobs 2222
  26. ““ ConfidenceConfidence isis contagious; so is lackcontagious; so is lack of confidence.”of confidence.” VinceVince LombardiLombardi 2323
  27. ““I am a man ofI am a man of fixed and unbendingfixed and unbending principles, the first ofprinciples, the first of which is towhich is to bebe flexibleflexible at all timesat all times.”.” Sen. EverettSen. Everett DirksenDirksen 2424
  28. ““The secret ofThe secret of business is to knowbusiness is to know something thatsomething that nobody elsenobody else knows.”knows.” AristotleAristotle 2525
  29. ““No enterpriseNo enterprise is more likely tois more likely to succeed than onesucceed than one concealed from theconcealed from the enemy until it isenemy until it is riperipe for executionfor execution.”.” NiccoloNiccolo MachiavelliMachiavelli 2626
  30. ““A business has toA business has to be involving, it hasbe involving, it has to be fun, and it has toto be fun, and it has to exercise yourexercise your CreativeCreative instinctsinstincts.”.” RichardRichard BransonBranson 2727
  31. ““To be successful,To be successful, you have toyou have to havehave youryour heartheart in yourin your businessbusiness, and your, and your business in yourbusiness in your heart.”heart.” ThomasThomas Watson, Sr.Watson, Sr. 2828
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