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27 Benjamin Franklin Quotes: The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin and the Wit of Poor Richard


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Benjamin Franklin is one of the greatest American’s of all time. One of the “Founding Fathers”, he was also a noted inventor, scientist, diplomat, publisher, writer, statesman and even a postman. He was a wise, and often funny guy. This presentation features some great Franklin quotes as well as those of his writing, “alter-ego” “Poor Richard.”

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27 Benjamin Franklin Quotes: The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin and the Wit of Poor Richard

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  2. BBeennjjaammiinn FFrraannkklliinn iiss wweellll kknnoowwnn aass oonnee ooff tthhee ““FFoouunnddiinngg FFaatthheerrss”” ooff tthhee UUnniitteedd SSttaatteess.. BBuutt hhee wwaass mmuucchh mmoorree tthhaann tthhaatt.. hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//3300116699996633@@NN0066//55550000117788883333//
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  4. IInn aaddddiittiioonn ttoo hhiiss oowwnn nnaattuurraall wwiitt,, hhee aallssoo wwrroottee aass ““PPoooorr RRiicchhaarrdd”” iinn ““PPoooorr RRiicchhaarrdd’’ss AAllmmaannaacc”” wwiitthh aann aacceerrbbiicc wwiitt..
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  6. ““BBeewwaarree ooff lliittttllee eexxppeennsseess.. AA ssmmaallll lleeaakk wwiillll ssiinnkk aa ggrreeaatt sshhiipp..”” 11 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//1100775577669900@@NN0033//66773322883355999977//
  7. “There will be sleeping enough in the grave.” 22
  8. ““LLoosstt ttiimmee iiss nneevveerr ffoouunndd aaggaaiinn..”” 33 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//6688339977996688@@NN0077//1144111188666666338800//
  9. “Money has never made man happy, nor will it; there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.” 44
  10. ““TTeellll mmee aanndd II ffoorrggeett.. TTeeaacchh mmee aanndd II rreemmeemmbbeerr.. IInnvvoollvvee mmee aanndd II lleeaarrnn..”” 55 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//4488445500225555@@NN0088//55118833226677778833//
  11. “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” 66
  12. 77 ““WWee aarree aallll bboorrnn iiggnnoorraanntt,, bbuutt oonnee mmuusstt wwoorrkk hhaarrdd ttoo rreemmaaiinn ssttuuppiidd..”” hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//1122227766777733@@NN0000//112299446655115599//
  13. “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” 88
  14. ““HHee tthhaatt iiss ggoooodd ffoorr mmaakkiinngg eexxccuusseess iiss sseellddoomm ggoooodd ffoorr aannyytthhiinngg eellssee..”” 99 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//6677995533116622@@NN0000//44552277000044556688//
  15. “A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two different things.” 1100 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//5555004466664455@@NN0000//228800559977998822//
  16. ““IInn tthhiiss wwoorrlldd nnootthhiinngg ccaann bbee ssaaiidd ttoo bbee cceerrttaaiinn,, eexxcceepptt ddeeaatthh aanndd ttaaxxeess..”” 1111
  17. 1122 “A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.” hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//8833334466664411@@NN0000//44003366448822000044//
  18. ““DDiilliiggeennccee iiss tthhee mmootthheerr ooff ggoooodd lluucckk..”” 1133
  19. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” 1144 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//88668877224499@@NN0033//55335566009900666677//
  20. ““TThheerree aarree tthhrreeee tthhiinnggss eexxttrreemmeellyy hhaarrdd:: sstteeeell,, aa ddiiaammoonndd,, aanndd ttoo kknnooww oonnee''ss sseellff..”” 1155 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//3311443377555555@@NN0000//88447766880011774433//
  21. “Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is.” 1166 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//4433116644007766@@NN0066//55663388882244771177//
  22. ““AAnnyy ffooooll ccaann ccrriittiicciizzee,, ccoonnddeemmnn aanndd ccoommppllaaiinn -- aanndd mmoosstt ffoooollss ddoo..”” 1177 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//5511778833887799@@NN0000//11666688557733990055//
  23. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” 1188 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//2266440066991199@@NN0000//445511990000997766//
  24. ““AAtt ttwweennttyy yyeeaarrss ooff aaggee tthhee wwiillll rreeiiggnnss;; aatt tthhiirrttyy,, tthhee wwiitt;; aanndd aatt ffoorrttyy,, tthhee jjuuddggmmeenntt..”” 1199 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//4444002288110033@@NN0077//1144660088995599334422//
  25. “Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.” 2200 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//8844994411994499@@NN0088//1122882211883333997733//
  26. ““II wwaakkee uupp eevveerryy mmoorrnniinngg aatt nniinnee aanndd ggrraabb ffoorr tthhee mmoorrnniinngg ppaappeerr.. TThheenn II llooookk aatt tthhee OObbiittuuaarryy.. IIff mmyy nnaammee iiss nnoott oonn iitt,, II ggeett uupp..”” 2211 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//3355666600339911@@NN0088//66112277228822119933//
  27. “Well done is better than well said.” 2222 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//8877442222111188@@NN0066//88007777999900552200//
  28. ““GGuueessttss,, lliikkee ffiisshh,, bbeeggiinn ttoo ssmmeellll aafftteerr tthhrreeee ddaayyss..”” 2233 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//9999339955773344@@NN0088//1144332266556611220066//
  29. 2244 “It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man.” hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//2288116655338899@@NN0055//1133444488774422112233//
  30. ““LLiiffee''ss TTrraaggeeddyy iiss tthhaatt wwee ggeett oolldd ttoooo ssoooonn aanndd wwiissee ttoooo llaattee..”” 2255 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//4499550033000022889944@@NN0011//6644224422990033//
  31. “There was never a good war, or a bad peace.” 2266 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//4455440099443311@@NN0000//55113333115511112288//
  32. ““HHaassttee mmaakkeess wwaassttee..”” 2277 hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//2277557766555599@@NN0000//11555588557722445522//
  33. WWaanntt ttoo rreeaacchh ggooaallss,, rreeaalliizzee ddrreeaammss aanndd lliivvee oouutt aassppiirraattiioonnss?? hhttttppss::////wwwwww..fflliicckkrr..ccoomm//pphhoottooss//7733664455880044@@NN0000//11443311338844441100//
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