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Goal Setting StrategiesGoal Setting Strategies
2020 KillerKiller
We all have importantWe all have important
we’d like to reach.we’d like to reach.
The value ofThe value of goal settinggoal setting
is to take anis to take an unclearunclear ideaidea......
…… and turn it intoand turn it into realityreality..
The trick is toThe trick is to createaplancreateaplan andand commitcommit to it.
Specific goals answer your six “W” questions:Specific goals answer your six “W” questions:
whowho,, whatwhat,, wherewhe...
FocusFocus right
and you can
do amazing
The wordingwording
of a goal is
CreateCreate measurable goalsmeasurable goals
to make it easy to determine ifto make it easy to determine if
you have p...
Measurable goals help you figure out when you'reMeasurable goals help y...
Look at your current life and set an objective thatLook at your current life and set an objective that
seems justseems ...
That way, evenThat way, even
if you fail,if you fail,
youyou stillstill
somethingsomething ofof
Take time toTake time to reflect on what trulyreflect on what truly
mattersmatters so you can create milestonesso you c...
When youWhen you focusfocus on the wrong things, you mighton the wrong...
Everything can be turned into aEverything can be turned into a
step-by-step projectstep-by-step project
that's chunked ...
comes downcomes down
to theto the
you makeyou make
every day.every day.
Schedule timeSchedule time
every day to work on goals.every day to work on goals.
How long you spend on a goal dependsHow long you spend on a goal depends
on theon the timethat’srequiredtimethat’srequired...
Create a schedule where youCreate a schedule where you
do thedo the same activitysame activity atat
thethe same time ev...
The key to achieving a goal isThe key to achieving a goal is consistencyconsistency..
Track your goals on a daily basis.Tr...
Identify tasks that have theIdentify tasks that have the biggestbiggest
impactimpact on your life and do themon your li...
The more routine a goal becomes, the moreThe more routine a goal becomes, the more
you’ll do it on ayou’ll do it on a cons...
Commit toCommit to
practicing positive habitspracticing positive habits
every day.every day.
It’s yourIt’s your habitshabits that will make or breakthat will make or break
your goal achievement efforts.your goal ach...
Consider your personalConsider your personal
obligationsobligations when identifying yourwhen identifying your
major ...
We all experience interruptions and setbacks.We all experience interruptions and setbacks.
How you handle themHow you hand...
Writing down goalsWriting down goals is one of the bestis one of the best
strategies for successfully achieving a goa...
It embeds it into yourIt embeds it into your subconsciousmindsubconsciousmind andand
stores it in yourstores it in your lo...
Create a life listCreate a life list to defineto define
your inner values and the specific goalsyour inner values and...
Allow your subconscious mind to identify theAllow your subconscious mind to ident...
Treat each goal like a businessTreat each goal like a business
planplan instead of a mandatory milestoneinstead of a ...
Your goals are aYour goals are a
in a certain time fr...
Take the time toTake the time to
examine your goals regularlyexamine your goals regularly
to see what strategies work...
so you’ll know where to focus your effortsso you’ll know wher...
The key to successful goal achievement isThe key to successful goal achievement is
turning your goals into projects.t...
ProjectlistsProjectlists clarify what needs to beclarify what needs to be
accomplished, while youraccomplished, while your...
Mind maps are a powerful toolMind maps are a powerful tool
for planning, organizing, andfor planning, organizing, and...
An important part of mind mapping isAn important part of mind mapping is
Avoid creating goals simplyAvoid creating goals simply
because theybecause they sound good on paper.sound good on pap...
Goals must beGoals must be
and what’s really
Take time toTake time to
think about the fearsthink about the fears
that hold you back from going after a goal.that h...
It’s not hard toIt’s not hard to overcomeafearovercomeafear once you’veonce you’ve
clearly identified why you feel a certa...
Getting rid of distractionsGetting rid of distractions
is just as important as creating an action just as imp...
Learn how toLearn how to say“no”say“no” when something doesn’twhen something doesn’t
align with your goals.align with your...
Other people can helpOther people can help
during the times whenduring the times when
you’re not feeling motivated.yo...
The moreThe more encouragementyougetfromothersencouragementyougetfromothers,,
the more success you’ll have with a goal.the...
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