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Life Stem Cell Treatment Centers are proud to work with some of the top doctors and scientists from around the world to offer real anti-aging and disease treatments using Stem Cell Therapies

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Life Stem Cell Treatment Centers

  1. 1. Our MissionImproving lives through Advanced Stem Cell TechnologyLife Stem Cell Treatment Centers are dedicated to improving the quality of life for patientssuffering with many conditions, including “no hope” disease. Through advancedtechnologies, safety, quality and personal care, LSCTC brings hope to families around theglobe.
  2. 2. History“Inspiring Hope through Advanced Stem Cell Technology”. These are the few words that laid thefoundation stone for the Life Stem Cell Treatment Center. Together with world renowned medicalprofessionals and leading scientists, a novel biopharmaceutical medical center was born.Acquiring, transferring, commercializing and advancing thirty years of research and human treatmenthas enabled the treatment center to dedicate its resources to providing the highest standards ofstem cell therapy for patients through advanced technologies, safety, personalized service, qualityand care.
  3. 3. Stem Cells at LSCTC Our proprietary processes and procedures provide us with the capability to isolate, extract, expand, manufacture and master bank 3 unique lines of immune-privileged adult stem cells. These proprietary lines provide us with the ability to customize specialized formulations that are required to address complex diseases and other debilitating conditions.At LSCT, we use Umbilical Cord Lining cells for disease treatment. These cells are ideally suited fortreating systemic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. They also play a significant role inregenerating injured tissue. These cells come from human umbilical cord lining.Depending on the nature of your ailment, our doctors will administer the stem cells throughIntravenous Injection, Intraspinal injection, Intravascular Injection, Intra-Articular Injection, Intravitrealinjection or Intra-Muscular injection.Administration of cells will usually be 5 days apart and 4-6 such infusions would be required based onthe disease type.If you would like more information on the treatment of a specific disease, please fill out a patientapplication form and our team of medical experts will contact you with treatment options tailored toyour needs.
  4. 4. Unique Product LinesLife Stem Cell has a proprietary line of products and services that are unique to our organization:Multiple Cell Technology: Our proprietary processes and procedures provide us with the capability toisolate, extract, expand, manufacture and master bank 3 unique lines of immune-privileged adult stem cells.These proprietary lines provide us with the ability to customize specialized formulations that are required toaddress complex diseases and other debilitating conditions.Condition Specific Protocols: We have developed protocols that are designed to address patient-specificmedical conditions. These protocols include: patient health and physiological assessment; pre and post-patienttherapy; dosage and combination of cells require for treatment; transplantation methodologies; and the use ofadjunct therapies including rehabilitation, pharmaceutical compounds and medical devices and methodologiesthat support treatment.
  5. 5. Stem Cell Therapies have effectively treated: Neurology Cardiology •Traumatic Brain Injury •Cardiomyopathy •Stroke •Autism Diabetes •Alzheimer’s •Type I & II •Parkinson’s •Spinal Cord Injury Liver Cirrhosis •Multiple Sclerosis •Cerebral Palsy Muscular Dystrophy Ophthalmology •Macular Degeneration Autoimmune Diseases •Retinitis Pigmentosa •Diabetic Retinopathy Asthma & Allergies •Cornea Degeneration Dermatology Joint Repair & Bone Repair •Burns, Wounds, Scars Total Body Rejuvenation
  6. 6. Treatment OverviewAs a rough guideline, the entire process from initial contact to appointment scheduling usually takes 2 to 3weeks. Once your appointment has been scheduled, we will assist you in attaining a visa for China and answerany questions pertaining to your travel and stay in Shanghai. The cost of treatment includes hotel stay andconcierge service.The concierge will be your personal assistant for the duration of your stay in Shanghai. Our concierge staff isfluent in both English and Chinese and will be responsible for the following:✓ Transport needs from the airport for pickup and drop-off, as well as for scheduled hospital/clinic appointments✓ Sightseeing you may wish to partake while in Shanghai✓ Assistance to find closest Bank/ATM, restaurants and shopping in the surrounding area✓ Ease of contact- 24h hotline in case of any emergency
  7. 7. Sample Treatment program From the moment you contact us until your departure from China, Life Stem Cell Treatment Center will take care of all your needs. A typical stem cell therapy procedure is as follows: • Submit patient application form • Receive treatment options (including Stem Cell Therapy brochure) within 5 working days • Schedule appointment at patients convenience • Arrive in Shanghai where a concierge will be present to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel • Meet with your personal Doctor the following day at WA clinic for initial consultation where your condition will be evaluated • You will be assigned a personal nurse who will proceed with required assessments and standard checks including blood tests • The Doctor will do a review of all your initial tests and will recommend the best suited therapy (including rehabilitation) for treatment • Start stem cell Treatment…usually lasts 4-6 weeks • The concierge will take you to airport • Contact from us to see how patient is recovering
  8. 8. Location: Shanghai Treatment CenterConveniently located in the middle of the French Concession area of Shanghai, our flagshiptreatment center is surrounded by peaceful private gardens, along with the 5-star Radisson Hotel. •Central Shanghai •International Airports •Peaceful location •International fine dining •5-star service & surroundings •Variety of shopping and sight-seeing
  9. 9. Contact UsLife Stem Cell Treatment Centers (+1) 424 777 2397