Felix master 1961-1970


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Felix master 1961-1970

  1. 1. 90th Birthday 1960 - 1969 • Fam ily Visits • Building Blackfoot House • Stacy Born • A Hoff Dies nna • Fam ily Portrait • Visit to Arizona • Going Into Business
  2. 2. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 World Events President: Dwight D Eisenhower, John F Kennedy (1961), Lyndon B Johnson (1966), Richard M Nixon (1969) Vice President: Richard M Nixon, Lyndon B Johnson (1961), Hubert H Humphrey (1966), Spiro T Agnew (1969) Population: 180,671,158 (1960) Postage Stamp: $.04 Unemployment: 3.5% Average US Annual Salary: $4,743, Teachers $5,174, Loaf of bread $0.24 •U-2 spy plane shot down over Russia, Gary Powers pilot (1960) •Berlin Wall erected to halt flood of refugees ( 1961) •First US astronaut, Alan Shepard, rockets 116.5 miles up and 302 miles down range (1961) •Russia orbits moon (1961) •Pope John XXII opens Second Vatican Council (1962) •John Glenn is first American to orbit Earth – three times in 4 hours 55 minutes (1962) •First artificial heart transplanted in a human (1963) •President Kennedy shot (1963) •Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa (1964) •The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show (1964) •The Sound of Music premieres – remains a most popular musical (1965) •US planes begin bombing North Vietnam war ends 1975 (1965) •Medicare begins (1966) •First black US Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall (1967) •Congress creates PBS (1967) . •Martin Luther King Jr. shot in Memphis (1968) •First walk on Moon , Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin ( 1969) •The FCC bans all cigarette advertising on television and radio (1969) 2
  3. 3. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Visits to Bozeman When Ray was in college in Bozem an, MT the Hoffs visited as often as possible and stayed with them in their 8x44 foot trailer house. They had traded the little trailer in on one with a bathroom . Ray, Melanie, Bessie, Steve, Felix, and Colleen. Ray had j oined the college flying club and when he got his pilots license Felix was his first passenger. Fishing on the Montana lakes was a favorite pastim e. They caught lots of fish from that 1 8’ . canoe. Felix, Colleen, Steve & Melanie are pictured but A Hoff was along as well as Bessie, Ray and nna Phyllis. They were tenting and Felix had a VW Bus. 3
  4. 4. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Idaho In 1 959 after the Arizona trip, Felix excepted a j in Blackfoot, Idaho with a ob lum ber yard. So the m ove was m ade, a Kit m obile hom e was parked in Groveland and Bessie opened another beauty salon. Bessie, Steve, Felix, Phyllis, Melanie, and Colleen. Felix, Melanie, and Colleen by their trailer in Idaho on Easter Sunday 1960. That trailer is now the tool shop at the Ranch. Felix, Bessie, Phyllis, Steve, Ray, and Colleen & Melanie in the front. 4
  5. 5. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Ground Breaking 64 It wasn’t long before Felix and Bessie bought som e land on the edge of Blackfoot. They m oved the trailer onto it and Felix was able to have horses and raise som e cattle. He first built Bessie a salon and then a house. The property was soon annexed into the city and their street was nam ed Hoff Drive. Ground breaking.Colleen in front of what was torn down. Bessie & Felix by the house he built. One of the exotic foul they raised. 5
  6. 6. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Stacy -1962 Stacy Sam m ons joined Ray, Phyllis and Steve on Novem ber 3, 1 962 in Bozem an, Montana. The second grandchild of Felix and Bessie and the second nephew to Melanie and Colleen. Felix was 48, Bessie 49, Melanie 9, Colleen 7 and Great Grandm a Hoff was 89. 6
  7. 7. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Anna Hoff Passes On Decem ber 7, 1 963 A Sophia Sangren nna Hoff passed away j a few days short of ust her 90th birthday. She had had a stroke several m onths earlier. Services were held in the Bethel Lutheran Church in Firth and she was buried in the Rose Hill Cem etery beside her husband Peter Hoff how had passed away in 1 931 . She was survived by four of her six children. Elm er had passed away as a baby in 1 905 and Rudolf passed away in July of 1 963. She will always be rem em bered as one of the m ost loving and giving and selfless persons ever. Mrs. Anna Hoff Seventy three year old Anna Sangren Hoff, Firth, boasts 16 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. She was born in Gowrie, Iowa and has been active in red Cross, P-TA, WCTU and other organizations. A member of the Bethel Lutheran church, she has been a Sunday school teacher for many years. She has done much sewing for the poor and for the Red Cross. During her later years she has spent the most of her time caring for the sick. She has a great many family gatherings for the family at her home and is loved by all her grandchildren. She has 16 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. In the late forties A Hoff was nom inated as a nna Her husband died several years ago. contestant for Idaho Mother of the Year. The They have five children, Rudolph Hoff, following article appeared in the Idaho Falls paper. Aberdeen; Ruth Rogers, Firth; Alvin Hoff, Rockland; Gladys Alloway, North Hollywood, CA; Felix Hoff, Powell, Wy. 7
  8. 8. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Family Fam ily Portrait taken in the m id 60’s. Melanie, Colleen, Felix, and Bessie. 8
  9. 9. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 Christmas 1966 For Christm as 1 966 the Hoffs loaded their VW Bus and drove to Tucson to visit Phyllis and Ray and boys. Ray had taken a j with ob the University. Ray always boasted about Tucson’s good weather but Felix never let him forget that he scraped ice from the van windows in Tucson! Felix, Colleen, Melanie, Bessie, Steve, Stacy in tiger pajamas, and Phyllis before the trip back to Idaho. 9
  10. 10. 90th Birthday 1960-1969 The Lumber Business In the late sixties Felix went into the lum ber business with a friend and later for him self. Then the decision was m ade to rem odel houses and sell them . This he did until he retired. 10