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Bowling Rewards General Overview Centers

  1. 1. Build Your Center’s Future Today Presented By: A revolution in open play marketing.
  2. 2. Please Consider This: In a typical 24 lane center. If just 25% of your open play customers visited your center just one more time, you would increase your revenue by almost $20,000. 10% of our customers bowl 24+ times and many are league based, than 90% must be “less frequent” open play bowler based. (BPAA stats) 32 league bowlers per lane X 24 = 788 bowlers (USBC stats Based on the fact, the center has 7900 open play bowlers; (1,975 bowlers spending $10 more one more time = $19,750). Latest USBC research showed that rewards and reminders were the Top 2 answers when consumers were surveyed as to what would make them bowl more often.
  3. 3. The Demographics Are In Our Favor • Matures (league bowlers) 38 million • Baby Boomers 80 million (non committal, anti league bowlers) • Generation X 37 million • Generation Y 78 million * *A monster untapped market that loves rewards, customer service and value.” • This is our open play market • It is the future of the sport and requires cutting edge marketing • This is not their Father’s bowling world
  4. 4. The Lifetime Value of a Bowling Customer League Bowlers $7000 Open Play Bowlers $ 750
  5. 5. What the Experts Say “87% of today’s consumers are looking for rewards and membership benefits from the companies they do business with.” National Retail Federation July 2008 “There is perhaps no better use of the marketing budget than a well planned data base strategy… having its highest objective the delivery of a sustainable customer service experience that consumers will want to repeat”. The WISE Marketer Sept 2008 “Rewards and loyalty programs are the most cost efficient ways to increase spending, visits and repeat purchases. In many circles, they are considered a ‘part of doing business’, rather than a marketing option”. The Wall Street Journal Aug 2008
  6. 6. Information is Key “We need systems in place to gather information. Because today’s internet world is impersonal. Those who gather information, and mine their data will dominate. The importance of data base building cannot be overstated.” Fred Kaplowitz
  7. 7. Does Your Center Use Customer Data in Marketing Efforts? Do you know your customer names? Do you know where they live? Do you know how much they spend? Do you know their email address or mobile phone number? Do you communicate with your customers on a regular basis?
  8. 8. How Do You Currently Get Information? Beg customers Give away millions of free games Paper and pencil Illegible names and addresses Inconsistent data Just a mailing list Consistent updating when you get to it What do you do with the data anyway?
  9. 9. Introducing Bowling Rewards A revolution in open play marketing. 1. Customer Database Outsourcing 2. Prepaid Gift & Games 3. Instant Cash Back Rewards 4. Community Fundraising Program 5. Data Mining & Reporting 6. Email Marketing 7. Mobile Text Messaging
  10. 10. It All Starts With A Database WE collect your customer data so you don’t have to be bothered. Customer information is collected over a web based card activation process OR by phone with live human operators in US based call centers 24x7. Basic information collected includes: name, email, birthday, league status “This is the 32nd consecutive week and mobile phone. that we have shown an increase in open play. Even during the six and Confirmation e-mail is sent to new a half feet of snow in December customer validating their email address. and a down economy, our numbers were beating last year numbers. Thank you Bowling Rewards.” Centers simply distribute cards to both league and casual bowlers with a value Max Cook North Bowl on it (e.g., $10) that can be redeemed Spokane, WA upon activation toward their next visit.
  11. 11. Bowling & Las Vegas Other than gambling and shows, there is another major concept that helped make Las Vegas so successful. . . . Removing money from the customer’s hands and replacing it with chips.
  12. 12. One Card for Gifts & Games The Bowling Rewards program includes the ability to run an electronic gift card program for your center that completely replaces old fashioned paper based certificates. In addition, our prepaid strategies will remove money from the customer’s hand (i.e. Las Vegas) and transfer it to your cash register which helps guarantee a future visit without any advertising cost. Open Play Cards Example: Collect $50 in advance OR load 10 games of bowling. No Cash Back Refund Cards can be reused and charged “Bowling Rewards will become the primary if not exclusive vehicle we will again. use to market our casual play business. Our industry sorely needs these tools Improved Security & Audit Trails and should adopt the standards Every transaction is time stamped and established with Bowling Rewards; it's a fundamental function we need to market recorded by authorized personnel. to a changing customer base. Fantastic program!” Breakage Frank Ruggerie 23% non-use means more $$ for you. Colerain Bowl Cincinnati, OH
  13. 13. One Card for Rewards Bowling Rewards offers your customers a customized percentage of each sale loaded back on their card for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed anywhere you decide. Simplicity: Every time a customer bowls and presents his/her card: Easy to understand cash back rewards are loaded on their card rather then complex points. Rewards are value that can only be spent inside of your center. Where, when, and how much customers earn “Bowling Rewards is one of the is up to each proprietor. best investments I have made over the past 20 years. I see it as the Flexibility: Rewards and redemption levels cornerstone to building open play can be changed within seconds to suit your and being able to re-contact our marketing needs. customers. It has also reduced discounting of our open play Communications: Automatic “Thank You” pricing” emails are sent to customers the following Jon Perper day reminding them of how much they earned Playdrome Bowling Centers and where they can spend their reward. Cherry Hill, NJ
  14. 14. One Card For Fund-Raising BR Fundraising offers outstanding ROI by replacing what is normally spent on advertising with donations back to selected non-profits. We offer the only fundraising program in the world today with real-time transparency and accountability. Simply distribute your cards to as many local non-profit organizations as you desire. “It is the easiest way of collecting names for The program automatically tracks our database I have ever seen in 30 years. spending separately by non-profit. I’ve sent emails to our cardholders within 24 hours notice to shore up a day we didn’t When cardholders come in to use their have business and was amazed to see 43 bowlers attend! Customers spend more card, you capture their data and a and come in more often. Bowling Rewards designated % of their spending is customer service is also incredible. They have helped save my business.” automatically allocated to their selected Kathleen Perry non-profit as a donation. Franklin Bowl Franklin, VA
  15. 15. Data Mining & Reporting Bowling Rewards is the only marketing vendor of its kind that offers everything you need to market to customers in one simple application. Watch your database grow and your cash register fill. With the push of a few buttons sort data by a myriad of demographic information, e.g., Females Aged 30 to 50 who have not visited in past 30 days. League bowlers who spend over $200 month. “Bowling Rewards has increased my Customers with birthdays next month sales by 24% and profitability by 25% within 6 months of going live. I can’t Send specified customers an say enough about the program, it’s email or text message to drive phenomenal.” visitation and frequency for Ken Keegan pennies on the dollar. K&K Bowling Services Las Vegas, NV
  16. 16. Email Marketing BR’s On Demand HTML Email Marketing Service combines professional, eye-popping graphic design with a user-friendly interface and maximum delivery rates through ISP spam filters. Regular contact with customers is the best way to increase your business. Email is the best way to stay in touch because it’s the most popular online activity, You save money. No printing, no postage, no addressing, no waste. You save time. Turnaround for your emails is very short. Professional email campaigns are trackable with open rates, bounce back statistics and more.
  17. 17. Mobile Text Messaging Our Mobile Text Messaging module integrates directly from your Bowling Rewards Account. Query the database, create a campaign and deliver SMS text or electronic coupons in minutes. A consumer’s cell phone is ‘always on – always with’. They simply don’t leave home without it! Popular technology. Text messaging is used by millions. Instant offers. Drive business with coupon campaigns ‘today only’. Reach your customers within seconds to advertise a special event or promotion. Opt-in and Opt-out preferences are seamlessly handled on behalf of the proprietor. The Stats • 84% of Americans own a cell phone • 40% of all “texters” are Adults 35+ • Daily text volume > 2 Billion Sources: CTA, Wireless Quick Facts 2008 and Mobile Marketing Association Usage Study
  18. 18. Entry Level Pricing *One-Time Setup Fee: Includes: Rewards program design & consulting, downloads and installation, original card graphic design & artwork, personalized Bowling Rewards plastic cards in quantities referenced below and equipment required to process transactions over the Internet Explorer browser or using certified Verifone Omni credit card terminal. Monthly Subscription Fee: $95 per location per month. Flat rate subscription fee includes all baseline features (gift and rewards applications), unlimited transaction fee volume (no per item transaction fees), customer database building, database hosting, automatic email notification of rewards, online real-time reporting, daily settlement e-mails and technical support. One Time Setup Basic Silver Gold # Cards Included 1,000 5,000 10,000 Startup Price $1,495 $2,495 $3,495 Monthly Fee $95/mo. $95/mo. $95/mo.
  19. 19. For More Information Please call 1-800-978-1338 x1 Email Thank You For Your Attention