Rheumatoid Arthritis Power Point


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PP discussing Rheumatoid Arthritis for Medical Assisting at Community Care College

Rheumatoid Arthritis Power Point

  1. 1. Rheumatoid Arthristis(RA) Stephen Luce
  2. 2. Doctors don’t know what starts thisprocess, although a geneticcomponent appears likely. While yourgenes don’t actually cause rheumatoidarthritis, they can make you moresusceptible to environmental factors –such as infection with certain virusesand bacteria – that may trigger thedisease.
  3. 3. At Risk People between the ages of 30 -50 yrsAlthough it can occur at virtually any age It affects around 1.3million Americans, which 70 of are women.
  4. 4. Exercising regularly those still and painful joints can reduce the pain of RA. It alsoAlternative helps keep bones and muscles strong, andTreatments helps reverse joint stiffness. Choosing the right exercise is important in RA patients NSAIDS these drugs reduce pain and caution needs to be used with any exercise inflammation but do not slow down the that puts pressure on the joints, like jogging progression of the disease. and heavy weight lifting. DMARDs disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs which help slow or stop progressin of RA. The most common prescribed is methotrexate, DMARDs work to supress the immune system. However, they aren’t selective in their targets. In the end they decrease the immune system overall and increase likelihood of catching some infections. But particularly methotrexate, have seen dramatik improvements in severe RA and can help joint function. Steroids, for severe RA or when flare ups occur. They may be recommended by your Knee Replacement Surgery ; While doctore to ease pain and stiffness and osteoarthritis may strike just one knee, afffected joints but are usually only used rheumatoid arthritis tends to affect both temporarly. Possible long term effects sides of the body. It can also affect the include high blood pressure, osteoporosis, hands, wrists, and feet. RA can also cause and diabetes. other symptoms, such as fever and fatigue.
  5. 5. AlternativeMedicine1 Plant oils2 Fish oil3 Tai chi4 acupuncture5 Cat’s clw6 Moist heat7 Borage seed oil
  6. 6. Symptomsmightinclude; 1 2 3 Morning joint Swelling in the Rheumatoid stiffness, wrist, hand, or Arthritis can also Swellling/flui finger joints. cause firm lumps d around Usually the under the skin several same joints known as joints at the are affected on rheumatoid same time. both sides of nodules. the body.
  7. 7. Connect with others, as in your family make them aware of how you’re feeling. Find a1 family member or friend you can talk to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take time for yourself. Its easy to get caught up in the busy world but dont’t forget to take2 time for yourself, travel, go for a walk, listen to your favorite music.3 Know your limits. Your body knows when its oudone itself and need to recharge, so let it. A rest or short nap that doesn’t interfere with your regualr sleep schedule. Exercise regularly, certain excersise can help strengthen the muscles around the4 joints and promote growth. So take a short walk, go swimming. Take conrole, in other words make a plan for how you going to manage your arthritis.5 This will help you feel in charge of your disease. Apply heat or cole. Heat helps ease the pain and relax tense, painful muscles.. Cold6 may lessen the sensation of pain but it also decreases muscle spasms.
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