Inspirational Social Media campaigns: Red C's Social Media SO-WOW Book


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The proliferation of Social Media over the past 10 years has opened up new and
exciting ways in which brands can promote their wares to an ever more technologysavvy
Within a blink of the eye, brands from all sectors had set up Facebook and Twitter
profiles, YouTube pages and Flickr streams. The brands that were successful, were the
ones who thought about how to connect and interact with their audience, fully utilising
the immediacy and reach of each chosen medium. On the other hand, there were others
who jumped on the bandwagon with nothing to say and failed spectacularly and publicly
to engage with their intended audience.
Some brands just get it. They know who they are talking to and understand that
social media is not about delivering straight marketing messages but about providing
interesting, relevant or entertaining content that users will want to engage with.
They also recognise that social media allows for customer interaction on an
unprecedented scale and every comment, positive or negative, provides an opportunity
to show the world what a fantastic brand they really are.
On the following pages you’ll find a host of
recent campaigns and initiatives from brands that we
think get it. Take a look and see if your favourite
campaign has made the cut.

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Inspirational Social Media campaigns: Red C's Social Media SO-WOW Book

  1. 1. Social media WOW BookSOEnjoy!Bookf+
  2. 2. The So Wow BookThe proliferation of Social Media over the past 10 years has opened up new andexciting ways in which brands can promote their wares to an ever more technology-savvy audience.Within a blink of the eye, brands from all sectors had set up Facebook and Twitterprofiles, YouTube pages and Flickr streams. The brands that were successful, were theones who thought about how to connect and interact with their audience, fully utilisingthe immediacy and reach of each chosen medium. On the other hand, there were otherswho jumped on the bandwagon with nothing to say and failed spectacularly and publiclyto engage with their intended audience.Some brands just get it. They know who they are talking to and understand thatsocial media is not about delivering straight marketing messages but about providinginteresting, relevant or entertaining content that users will want to engage with.They also recognise that social media allows for customer interaction on anunprecedented scale and every comment, positive or negative, provides an opportunityto show the world what a fantastic brand they really are.On the following pages you’ll find a host ofrecent campaigns and initiatives from brands that wethink get it. Take a look and see if your favouritecampaign has made the cut.Enjoy! Leigh Whitnall Account DirectorContentsasosFrench ConnectionEurostarSwintonIkeaLive below the lineBritish AirwaysCarnavalJessopsBMIGuess JeansWalkersNike+Cadburys+4 - 514 - 158 - 96 - 710 - 1112 - 1316 - 1718 - 19ffffff
  3. 3. I loved the ASOS sale preview app on Facebook dubbed theGet Lucky Sale.The Facebook app gamifies the ASOS Sale; fans aregiven the chance to play a handful of games to win points and improve theirposition in the queue for access to the sale.The games are highly addictive andwith each rise in score you move up in the queue and reduce the time you have towait to access the sale. Games such as “Play Your Clothes Right” and “LuckyFriends” gave you the chance to win more points or you could gamble everythingwith “Changing Places” where you swap places with a random person in thequeue, this was disastrous for me twice as I kept getting demoted until finally myluck struck gold and I swapped places with someone very high up in the queue.I thought it was highly engaging and interactive and a fun way for ASOS topromote their sale. I’ll be looking out for what they come up with next time!Daisy RowanJunior Account ExecutiveCustomers that subscribe to French Connection emails will already be familiar withtheir strapline ‘The Collection is...’.They use it to give a particular range a distinctpersonality and match it with their quirky photography style – to give you anexample, they sent out an email before the June double bank holiday stating that‘The Collection is jubilant’ with an accompanying shot of models looking happyand gorgeous in French Connection clothes.‘The Campaign Takeover’ campaign invited French Connection Facebook fans tocreate their own ad by selecting one of 8 photos and adding their own straplinestarting with ‘The Collection is...’. 20 finalists were selected and Facebook fansvoted for their favourite.The winner, a lucky lady called Kate Corbett-Winder, won£1000 French Connection gift card with her line ‘The Collection is dancing throughthe streets’.FacebookDate: April 2012Social media campaign: Get Lucky SaleasosDate: May 2012Social media campaign: The Campaign TakeoverFrench Connectionf f4 5Katharine AllenAccount DirectorThe winning entryFacebook app where you can choose to play gamesto improve your position in the sale queue.The CampaignTakeover page wherefans selected theirimage and added their‘ The Collection is...’’strapline.Facebook
  4. 4. Eurostar came up with a fresh way to integrate real-time social media withoutdoor advertising – and were the first brand to ever attempt this on such alarge scale. Using 363 digital screens located across London and the South East,Eurostar created live ad campaigns for their London to Amsterdam service madeup from photographs that people uploaded to Facebook. Over 4000 commentsand tweets were also put up on screens in live time.They asked people to tweet about places they had been to in Amsterdam andevents that were happening in the capital. I like this approach as therecommendations come from other customers and work as testimonials that arefar more likely to connect with the audience. It also gives it a sense of explorationand adventure as travellers were encouraged to tweet and blog about their‘hidden gems’ and places that were ‘off the beaten track’. Participants were put ina prize draw for the chance to win tickets to Amsterdam.Date: February 2012Social media campaign: Now from the heartof London to the soul of AmsterdamEurostarLiz BirchenoughSenior ArtworkerSophie BennettAccount ManagerfNow, you might not think insurance is the most exciting of subjects to base asocial media campaign on but it’s surprising how much interaction you can achievewith your customer base if you approach it with a little imagination.The purposeof Swinton Facebook apps aren’t to sell insurance directly but to give customers(or prospective customers) an opportunity to have a bit of fun and win some greatprizes... with the added benefit of keeping Swinton front-of-mind when renewaltime comes around.The Best of British Pub Quiz Facebook app was launched during the build up to theQueen’s Diamond Jubilee, with everyone looking forward to not one but two bankholidays.To get in the mood for a party, fans of the site answered a generalknowledge quiz question for the chance to win some excellent prizes in a weeklydraw, including a Great British Jubilee party hamper!Date: May 2012Social media campaign: Best of British Pub QuizSwintonfFacebook/Twitter/Blog Facebook6 7Tweets,competitions,photosand blogs appearedon 363 digital screensFans answered a series of general knowledgequestions for their chance to win prizes.
  5. 5. Facebook/TwitterIKEA are really one of the forerunners of social media and regularly come up withsome amazing ideas to get their loyal community of followers buzzing. I reallyloved their recent campaign ‘Snap a Napper’.The beauty of it really is in its playful simplicity.All you had to do to enter is takea photo of someone you know catching a few zzzs, upload it to the competitionpage then get your friends to vote on it.The prize was a dream bed for both thesnapper and the napper so they can snooze happily ever after.Importantly, all entrants to the competition had to sign up tobe part of the IKEA FAMILY, which woud mean they receivedexclusive promotions and loyalty discounts.Jennifer AmbroseHead of CreativeLive Below the Line was a charity social media campaign that challenged you tolive for five days spending £1 or less on food and drink from 7th - 11th May.The £1 benchmark for the campaign relates to the amount of money 1.4 billionpeople living in extreme poverty spend each day on food. Participants weresponsored for their efforts and the international campaign raised over $1 million.The whole point of the campaign was to raise awareness and social media providedthe perfect forum for this.There was a Facebook page where participants could share their experiences andpick up tips for meals, and even if you weren’t one of the Below the Liners, youcould follow the conversation by using the hashtag #belowtheline.Another part ofthe campaign called ‘Come Dine Below the Line’ encouraged people to host theirfriends for a dinner party and serve a meal worth 50 cents per person.Taking placeworldwide on the 9th May, diners shared tweetpics of their 50 cent per personmeals with the hashtag #dinebelowtheline.Date: May 2012Social media campaign: Live Below the LineLive Belowthe LineRachael TaylorBusiness Development ManagerDate: April 2012Social media campaign: Snap a NapperIKEAff8 9The winning napperLBLers (Live Below theLiners) were encouraged totweetpic images of theirmeals and dinner parties.Lots of interactiontook place withparticipants onFacebook and Twitterthroughout the5 days.Finalist page where fans vote fortheir favourite entry.Facebook
  6. 6. Facebook YouTubeBack in 2004, I was lucky enough to visit Salvador in Brazil for Carnaval, 6 days ofdancing and partying in the streets with a million other revellers. For those of uswho couldn’t be there this year (or, like me, are unlikely to ever get there again),you could experience all the colour, sights and sounds from the comfort of yoursofa, via Google+ and YouTube (and Orkut, the most popular social mediachannel in Brazil).It really was the next best thing.You could access everything from a livetransmission from the streets of Salvador to videos of the bands and artiststravelling on their blocos (electric trucks) through the throngs.You could eventeach yourself some of the troupe dance routines to try out in your own frontroom! There was also real time chat on Google+ with some of the bands andcelebrities performing.Katie ShoardHead of CopyDate: February 2012Social media campaign: YouTube CarnavalCarnavalThis tongue-in-cheek campaign by British Airways skillfully incorporates Google’sStreetview to give the illusion of a Boeing 777 plane being driven down yourstreet. It’s part of British Airways’‘Don’t fly. Support team GB’ ad campaign whichhumourously suggests Britons shouldn’t go overseas on holiday this summer butstay put to lend their support to the Team GB at the London Olympics.On their Facebook site, users input their postcode to launch a personalised videoadvert which merges footage of a taxiing aircraft making it’s way through thestreets with Google Streetview images, creating the illusion of the plane beingdriven down your street.Katie AtkinsonAccount ManagerDate: June 2012Social media campaign: Don’t fly. Support Team GBBAf10 11On the YouTubechannel you could accessten top dance routines,plus live performances.Boeing 777 being driven by Anchoragetrain stop, just by Red C HQ.+
  7. 7. Date: OngoingSocial media campaign: VariousJessopsVariousWe wanted to promote the use of DSLR cameras through social media in a creativeway. So a few Red C creatives knocked their heads together with The Mob Films tocreate a digital SLR film competition called ‘The Shot’.The idea was to invite film students and camera enthusiasts to shoot their ownshort movie and then post their results on Jessops YouTube site.The rules werethat every entry had to be titled and based on the competition name (The Shot)and filmed using only a DSLR camera.The winner of The Shot would win a ‘money can’t buy’ prize… £5,000 worth ofcamera equipment and an all expenses paid trip to spend the day on Paul WSAnderson’s latest film set.We created a poster which we mailed out to filmschools, used Twitter to target cinematographers, screenwriters and buddingfilmmakers and received retweets to over 1 million people, and got Paul WSAnderson to promote the competition with a YouTube video that received over100,00 views.Over 60 entries were made and then whittled down to 10 before Hollywooddirector Paul WS Anderson chose his top 3.They were then invited to a ratherplush do in London where the winner was announced.Date: March 2012Social media campaign: The ShotStuart ClarkSenior CopywriterfFacebookf12 13Over the course of the last 12 months we’ve worked hard to create what is athoroughly engaging and interactive page for Jessops.We’ve quickly accumulatedover 19,000 fans and they are rewarded with engaging relevant content that allowsthem to share their passion of photography with other enthusiasts.We’ve run a number of photography competitions each of which have generated agreat deal of interest and engagement. In fact, the first competition we ranreceived over 400 entries. However, it isn’t just the incentivised competitions thatcreated the buzz.We’ve also had great success with our monthly non-incentivised‘How to...’ homework challenges – our fans just love sharing their photos!However, what we are most proud of is how engaged and content-hungry our fansare when it comes to our daily feeds.We spend a great deal of time ensuring that the content that we publish isn’t justpromotional but rich in value. By ensuring that the content is both timely andrelevant we’re able to produce healthy and positive engagement rates and our fansjust keep coming back for more.Steve WhiteStrategy DirectorCampaign poster for ‘The Shot’Intro tocompetition fromPaul WS Andersonon You TubeSome of the entries intoour photo competitions.Jessops
  8. 8. When a new Social Media platform arrives on the scene, it’s a brave marketer whojumps into the medium first to see if it can work for them. Pinterest usage is gatheringpace in the UK and, whilst its format won’t work for everyone, there are clearlyopportunities for a good idea from the right brand to engage with its users.This was a really neat little competition from BMI and a great way to utilise therepinning function of Pinterest. Over 7 weeks between April and May, BMI ran aweekly ‘Pinterest Lottery’ where flights to 7 of their destinations could be won. BMIset up 11 boards:Amman, Basel, Belfast, Bergen, Beirut, Dublin, Edinburgh, London,Marrakech, Moscow, Nice, each of them containing 9 images from that destination,numbered 1 to 99.To be in with a chance of winning, you had to repin any of the destinationphotos, the first 6 counting as your lottery numbers. If your number/picturewas selected you were entered into a prize draw to win the flight.Date: April - May 2012Social media campaign: The BMI Pinterest LotteryBMILeigh WhitnallAccount DirectorPinterestI really liked GUESS jeans’s creative use of Pinterest this spring to celebrate thelaunch of 4 new vibrant jean colours. Entrants were asked to choose one of thefour ‘ambassador’ colours: Hot House, Noir Teal, New Plum Light, and Red HotOverdye and show how the colour inspired them on their pinboard.Each board had to have the title “GUESS my Color Inspiration” and each imagehad to be tagged with #GUESScolor.A really nice way to get people talkingabout a new product.Date: March 2012Social media campaign: Colour me InspiredGuessJeansSurakshitha JagadeeshAccount Manager14 15Entrants picked an image from11 destinations for the chanceto win flights.Entrants used the 4 colours of the GuessJeans range to inspire their pinboards.Pinterest
  9. 9. VariousFrom Miss Marple to Jonathan Creek, us Brits do love a good mystery. So when WalkersCrisps launched three new mystery flavours and challenged the nation to discover them:everyone understandably went bananas.The new flavours flew off the shelves and peoplewere rushing online after sampling the goods to enter their flavour suggestions.This was a very simple yet quite brilliant mulitmedia campaign. People guessed theflavours via the Facebook site and the ones that got it right were entered into a prize drawfor £50,000.A TV ad was made to create campaign awareness and social media was used so audiencescould interact with it and discuss the flavours.And it was the social media aspect thatreally impressed me.Why? Because often social media campaigns look to use Facebookjust for the sake of it, and give no real benefits for the audience to visit the page. But notWalkers, this campaign makes visiting Walkers Facebook page a rewarding experience, as itsubmits clues as to what those three flavours could be.Unsurprisingly, the campaign proved to be a huge hit.There were over 250,000 views ofthe TV ad watched on YouTube, the Walkers Facebook page achieved an astonishing115,000 additional ‘likes’ while the brand gained 9,500 followers on Twitter.Dawn GreavesStudio ManagerTwitterNike wanted to create a social media campaign that would motivate the massesand urge the nation to step up their game in 2012. So at the start of 2012,‘Make itCount’ was launched, a Twitter campaign that encouraged fellow users to tweethow they would achieve their future goals in light of the London Olympics.Posters and YouTube videos of famous athletes giving inspirational messages werecreated to promote the campaign and urge people to tweet. And the results?Despite Nike not being an official sponsor of the Olympic Games, research fromBrandwatch shows that the company was dominating conversations about theevent on the internet from 1st December to 7th February 2012, with 7.7%of the conversations about the Olympics associated with the brand. By contrast,Adidas only pulled in 0.49% of conversations, despite a reported £100msponsorship deal to be the official Olympic sponsor.However, it hasn’t all been positive for the Make it Count campaign, in June 2012it became the first Twitter campaign in UK history to be banned after 2 famousfootballers, sponsored by Nike, tweeted on their personal account about their aimsfor 2012 using the Make it Count hashtag.The Advertising Standards Authoritydecided that this broke advertising regulations and these Tweets were ads.The mishap is a clear reminder that social media advertising is still in its infancyand care needs to be taken when experimenting with your brand in this area.Nike+Andy CampbellCopywriterWalkersfVarious16 17YouTube and Facebookwere used to support anabove the line campaignThe tweet that landed thecampaign in hot waterDate: February - March 2012Social media campaign: What’s the Flavour? Date: December 2011 - June 2012Social media campaign: Make it count
  10. 10. 18Across the UK on Saturday 12th May, over 14m people settled down to watchPudsey the dog win this year’s Britain’s Got Talent Final.As is the case with anyreality TV programme where viewers vote for their favourite act, a largepercentage of the audience use their phones, laptops and tablets to tweet, postand chat with friends as the onscreen action unfolds. During the commercial breakCadbury’s new Shazam ad campaign,“Unwrap Gold”, was launched, and alongwith a Pepsi campaign, became the first UK ad to use the app to interact with itsaudience.Shazam is a smartphone app that recognises the music used in adverts. Users areencouraged to hold up their phone to their television and ‘tag’ the music beingplayed during the commercial for the chance to access tracks, competitions andadded value content.When you did this during the Cadbury’s ad, you wereautomatically taken to an online quiz, for the chance to win tickets to the 2012London Olympics.The great thing about Shazam is that brands are able to gaugereal-time response in a way that has never before been available for television, itwas successful too – around 50,000 viewers ‘shazamed’ the ads.Sonya GreenwoodArt DirectorDate: May 2012Social media campaign: Unwrap GoldCadbury’sShazam2012Design StuffParticipants taggedthe music in the ad fortheir chance to winOlympic tickets.