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Sourcing Tips & Tricks Sourcecon Atlanta 2014


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Tip and Tricks to Assist your Search for Prospects

Who is Steve Rath?
The Sourcing Cognoscente! I have a unique combination of Corporate Recruiting/Sourcing, Agency Sales/New Business Development/Recruiting, and Technical development (IBM, G-P, and Coca-Cola). To my Corporate staffing clients I offer my expertise in best practices, recruiting and sourcing efficiencies, and training. I have assisted and presented at several ERE conferences, GAPS 2011 Conference, OnRec’s Recruiting Expo 2010 and the inaugural Sourcing Lab at Sourcecon 2010 (San Diego) and Sourcecon 2014 (Atlanta).

My specialties include searching Deep Web, LinkedIn, job boards, Blogs, FB, Twitter, and playing with tools (lots of tools). I can truly say I love what I do and enjoy the people I’ve come to know in the recruiting and sourcing industry.

Expertise in Sourcing, Recruiting, Staffing, Relationship building (HM), and passionate about creating positive candidate experience (the forgotten other client).

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Sourcing Tips & Tricks Sourcecon Atlanta 2014

  1. 1. Tips and Tricks to Assist your Search for Prospects Fasten your seatbelts as ATL 2014 Uncover sites and tools to add to your sourcing arsenal
  2. 2. It’s a Jungle out there!!!! Actual Profile from LinkedIn…
  3. 3. Lists, Lists, Lists Game Developers Animation Studios Semiconductor Conferences Groups Associations Lists Financial Accountants
  4. 4. Lists, Lists, Lists Game Developers Lists of Gaming software companies in the world
  5. 5. Access the free resumes By using the SITE: cmd And some keywords and Location Site: Java Javascript SQL “San Francisco” (from Google search) Yields the following results:
  6. 6. Email Address!
  7. 7. CONTACT INFO!!!
  8. 8. More Places to Source • Python Django • Python Django contributions repositories How to get prospect’s email addr: • Python Django Tools badges bounties reputation = variables (skills, location, etc) = fixed (must include in stmt)
  9. 9. If You Know Prospects Name and Company – find out Email! Finding the Syntax of Corporate Emails • • • Testing if Email is Valid • •
  10. 10. Other Sites of Interest to Visit inbody:resume !Bang (toolbar) (free/paid) (free/paid)
  11. 11. Outwit Email Sourcer is a free program that will extract email addresses and contact information from websites that you source. It will then allow you to export the results to HTML, TXT, Excel and other formats for importing into a contact database.
  12. 12. Step #1 find a website that will have multiple contact information such as emails phone numbers and mailing addresses of prospective candidates you are looking for. In this example Acoustic Engineers Graduate students from a top school: Stanford.
  13. 13. From this sample there are lists of names compiled and the actual emails addresses and contact information is behind each name as a link. Outwit Email Sourcer will go behind the links on this page and extract the email addresses for you. Then you can export the results into a spreadsheet, HTML file, TXT file, CSV file, XML file and SQL file.
  14. 14. Copy and paste your source web page’s URL into the address window of the built in browser for Outwit Email Sourcer. Then click the magnifying glass icon. Choose “Fast Search for Contacts” then choose “In the Links of This Page”. The results will begin to build at the bottom of the page. Once completed review and prepare to import them in the format of your choosing.
  15. 15. NOTE: The “Light” or free version of Outwit Email Sourcer limits the results to 10 rows and then prompts you to purchase the “Pro Version”. That is $39.90 per single user license per year or $59.90. to buy. Below is an Excel spreadsheet with the results.
  16. 16. Outwit Email Sourcer Pro version search Results from the same page. The results are much more precise.
  17. 17. Connect with us – we will accept! • Steve Rath - • Michael Gray -