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UX Hong Kong - We've Done All This Research, Now What?


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One of the most persistent factors limiting the impact of user research in business is that projects often stop with a cataloging findings and implications rather than generating opportunities that directly enable the findings. As designers increasingly become involved in using contextual research to inform their design work, they may find themselves holding onto a trove of raw data but with little awareness of how to turn it into design. How can designers and researchers work with user research data to create new things for business to do?

Participants will:

* Collaborate in teams to experience an effective framework for synthesizing raw field data
* Learn how to move from data to insights to opportunities
* Experience techniques for generating ideas and strategies across a broad scope of business and design concerns
* Develop a range of high-level concepts that respond to a business problem and integrate a fresh, contextual understanding of that problem

Published in: Design
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