CV Writing presentation


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A presentation designed to assist you in compiling a great-looking professional CV that best represents your skills, qualifications and experience to future employers.

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CV Writing presentation

  1. 1. CV writingAKA The 30-second sellSteve Whittington, SchoolJobs
  2. 2. ObjectiveThis session aims to:• Demonstrate the importance of the CV within the context of the application process• Provide you with the tools to develop an effective CV that reflects your personal experience, knowledge and skills• Avoid disasters like this...
  3. 3. Dispelling some job application mythsTrue or false?1. The school may receive over 50 applications for a single vacancy.TRUE!Last week I received 167 applicationsfor an advertised role.
  4. 4. Dispelling some job application mythsTrue or false?2. The employer reads the cover letter before reading the CV.FALSE!Imagine you are shortlisting for a position.You receive 50 applications. What is themost efficient way of selectingcandidates?
  5. 5. Dispelling some job application mythsTrue or false?3. It is possible to make an employment decision in less than 30 seconds.TRUE!I will prove it!
  6. 6. Dispelling some job application mythsTrue or false?4. Content is more important than presentation.FALSE!They are equally important. Considerthe last time you were marking studentwork. See example.
  7. 7. Dispelling some job application mythsTrue or false?5. Each application receives an equal amount of consideration.FALSE!Some are quickly rejected, otherspondered over. Sometimes, earlyapplications receive more attention.
  8. 8. Dispelling some job application mythsTrue or false?6. Principals are rational, unbiased, unemotional, 10 0% reliable professionals who are never tired or stressed.LOL! As if….!
  9. 9. How isthispicturerelevantto thissession?
  10. 10. ‘Selling’ your ‘magazine’• The 1st page of your CV is PRIME REAL ESTATE• Your USP is like a Nobel Prize winner on the cover of Time magazine. Don’t waste it!• Do you know what your USP is?
  11. 11. Knowing your brand Lifestyle Hopes, drea ms and aspirations ImaginationLiberty Innovationregained Simplicity Passion
  12. 12. Knowing your brandApple Microsoft
  13. 13. Knowing your brandCoca-Cola Pepsi
  14. 14. Knowing your brandQantas Virgin
  15. 15. Knowing your brandCollingwood Hawthorn
  16. 16. What are you known for? Academic Caring SportyOrganised Patient Leadership potential Relate well to Hard-working students
  17. 17. Your brandWrite down (BFF p.4) 3 – 5 bullet points thataccurately describe your ‘brand identity’:e.g.• Enthusiastic and outgoing• Comprehensive subject knowledge• Relate well to my students• Strong community values
  18. 18. What does a great CV look like?• Answer: How do you like your coffee?• i.e. A CV is a very personal document that reflects your individual strengths & values.• Know your strengths and lead with them: Highly qualified? Experienced? Sporty? Passionate about curriculum? Then say so!• Blow your own trumpet funky horn! Banish bashfulness. Kill or be killed (bit dramatic!).
  19. 19. CV ‘modules’• Personal statement• Qualifications• Key skills and achievements• Employment history• Professional development and memberships• Activities and interests• RefereesSee template on BFF pp.12-13
  20. 20. Which module goes where?• That depends on your brand!• Academic? Emphasise your qualifications.• Career change? Emphasise your experience.• High achiever? Emphasise your achievements.• Not sure what your brand is? Ask those who know you best and whose opinion you value.
  21. 21. CV style guide• Personal statement – Strong personal voice; use I and me; convey passion and enthusiasm• Key achievements – Dynamic language; past tense; omit 1st person; convey objective voice; increase credibility, decrease risk• Key skills/qualities/competencies – Dynamic; objective; use strong adjectives to emphasise nouns (e.g. extensive experience in, collaborative leadership style etc.)
  22. 22. Using dynamic languageWhich sounds more impressive?• I was involved in administering NAPLAN Or• Coordinated the school’s NAPLAN procedures and liaised with colleagues to ensure efficient and timely reportingNow write three of your own dynamicachievement statements.
  23. 23. Your CV: The basics Do Don’t Depends Put Résumé or CV at the Keep to 2 – 4 pages Use minimal colour top Give your file a suitable Hyperlink to portfolio Put your photo name pageKeep it ‘clean’: Balance of Use fancy fonts and Link with social media white & black graphics Keep formatting consistent: Send in multiple copiesBullets, fonts, tables and or hard copies tabs
  24. 24. Choosing referees• Professional – Your current Principal or Deputy Principal – Placement mentor/supervising teacher – University lecturer• Personal – Seldom required – Possibly a parent or member of school community• Check with them first! Choose wisely and confirm contact details
  25. 25. Conclusions• Quality overrides quantity• Applying for jobs is an exercise in selling – Know what you are selling – Articulate it concisely – Don’t sell yourself short – Ensure what you are selling is what people want• Don’t be afraid to solicit feedback on your application• If in doubt, seek advice
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