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Governance on the Business Side for SharePoint and Knowledge Management


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Governance on the Business Side for SharePoint and Knowledge Management

  1. 1. Great Knowledge Work Business Governance for SharePoint Steven Warmoes 1 S
  2. 2. Your Coach: Steven Warmoes • Independent consultant with more than 20 years of experience in Knowledge Management. • SharePoint environments from 2005 • www.warmoes.com2
  3. 3. Aren’t we all Knowledge workers? • Searching for answers to our questions? From people and systems? • Thinking together to create answers to problems? • Making Sense from huge amounts of messages, documents, data…?3
  4. 4. In Paradise… • All our colleagues are always in our office… • There’s excellent documentation and message-board in our office • We have corners to work, to meet, to learn… • We have an office for every team or community we are a member of… We can even pay it!4
  5. 5. In Virtual Paradise, • Every team and community has a virtual office to collaborate, dialogue and learn • Members are virtually present • There are good common facilities: search, communication, navigation…5
  6. 6. In Virtual Hell, • You must wait months for your virtual office and it is not adapted to your way of work • All facilities are in different places with different user interfaces • Your virtual office building has no navigation aids, and looks like a graveyard of abandoned offices • Your search engine seems to look only in the recycle bin6
  7. 7. Governance Angels • The Architect designs your virtual office and change management, based on analysis of your way of working. • The Facilitator(s) in your team help you to collaborate, communicate en manage content • The Urban Designer manages the overall facilities such as search, standards, navigation…, and global change • Architect(s) and Urban Designer are on the business side, and interface for you with ICT7
  8. 8. Steven Warmoes coaches: • Top Management towards a shared vision on great Knowledge Work • Managers and their facilitator(s) to take their responsibilities in collaboration, content and communication. • Architects of Knowledge Work and Virtual Offices • Urban Designer of your virtual Office Building, Campus or City • oes.html8