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InFocus 2015: Games, gamification and game-based learning


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My introduction as chair to the CDE organised InFocus 2015 symposium on 'Games, gamification and game-based learning'. Held at Senate House, University of London on 4th March 2015. Co-chaired with Alex Moseley, University of Leicester.

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InFocus 2015: Games, gamification and game-based learning

  1. 1. University of London, Senate House, 4th March 2015
  2. 2. Games, gamification and game-based learning State of play?
  3. 3. Mobile Apps (< 1yr) Tablet computing (< 1yr) Game-based learning (2-3yr) Learning analytics (2-3yr) Gesture-based computing(4-5yr) Internet of things (4-5yr) Use-created content(< 1yr) Social networking(< 1yr) Mobile phones (2-3yr) Virtual worlds (2-3yr) New scholarship (4-5yr) Massive Multiplayer gaming (4-5yr) Social computing (< 1yr) Personal broadcasting (< 1yr) Phones in their pockets (2-3yr) Educational gaming (2-3yr) Augmented reality (4-5yr) Context aware devices (4-5yr) Learning objects (< 1yr) Scalable Vector Graphics (< 1yr) Rapid prototyping (2-3yr) Multimodal interfaces (2-3yr) Context aware computing (4-5yr) Knowledge webs (4-5yr) Extended learning (< 1yr) Ubiquitous wireless (< 1yr) Intelligent searching (2-3yr) Educational gaming (2-3yr) Augmented reality (4-5yr) Social networks (4-5yr) 2004 05 06 07 08 09 NMC HORIZON Reports for Higher Education Grassroots video (< 1yr) Collaboration webs (< 1yr) Mobile broadband (2-3yr) Data mashups (2-3yr) Collective intelligence (4-5yr) Social operating systems (4-5yr) Mobiles (< 1yr) Cloud computing (< 1yr) Geo-everything(2-3yr) Personal Web (2-3yr) Semantic aware applications (4-5yr) Smart objects (4-5yr) 10 11 12 13 2014 E-books (< 1yr) Mobiles (< 1yr) Augmented reality (2-3yr) Game-based learning (2-3yr) Gesture-based computing(4-5yr) Learning analytics(4-5yr) Mobiles (< 1yr) Cloud computing (< 1yr) Geo-everything(2-3yr) Personal Web (2-3yr) Semantic aware apps (4-5yr) Smart objects (4-5yr) MOOCs (< 1yr) Tablet computing (< 1yr) Learning analytics (2-3yr) Games and gamification (2-3yr) 3D printing (4-5yr) Wearable technology (4-5yr) Flipped classroom (< 1yr) Learning analytics (< 1yr) 3D printing (2-3yr) Games and gamification (2- 3yr) Quantified self (4-5yr) Virtual assistants (4-5yr)
  4. 4. NMC report – Higher Education BYOD (< 1yr) Flipped classroom (< 1yr) Makerspaces (2-3yr) Wearable technology (2-3yr) Adaptive learning technologies (4-5yr) Internet of things (4-5yr) 2015 NMC report - Schools Cloud computing (< 1yr) Tablet computing(< 1yr) Mobile learning(2-3yr) Games and gamification (2-3yr) Personalised learning(4-5yr) Virtual and remote labs (4-5yr) 2014 NMC report – K12 BYOD(< 1yr) Cloud computing(< 1yr) Learning analytics (2-3yr) Games and gamification (2-3yr) Internet of things (4-5yr) Wearable technology (4-5yr) 2016 Where next? NMC Horizon reports available at 2007 2010 2014 2016
  5. 5. #cdegames 10:00 Introduction: Steven Warburton and Alex Moseley 10:10 Opening Keynote ‘Gamification: too good to be true?’ Nicola Whitton, Professor of Professional Learning, Manchester Metropolitan University 10:50 Coffee (and Game design challenge) 11:20 ‘HullCraft: A blend of historical architecture and Minecraft’ - H. Rice and J Mills, University of Hull. ‘Think with things’ - Jules Verbeelen and Isobel Demangeat. ‘A brief introduction to building gamified experiences for multiple types of users’ - Andrzej Marczewski ( ‘The Quick and Dirty Gamification Game’ - Katie Piatt, University of Brighton. 13:00 Lunch Boardgaming session - guided and free play Game design challenge (continued) 14:00 ‘Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system’ - Paul Hollins, CETIS, University of Bolton. Charles Wiles from Zzish ( ‘MinecraftEDU’ - Santeri Koivisto, TeacherGaming ( Gaming with apps - Adrian Hon from London: Six to Start ( 15:45 Closing notes 16:00 End of day
  6. 6.