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Graduation presentation Rotterdam Olympic Games 2028


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"Olympic Aftermath; Olympic Games as a catalyst for urban regeneration in Rotterdam"

The build program for the possible 2028 Olympic Games in the Netherlands were the starting point for this master thesis. The post-Olympic situation can be very beneficial for the host city, however in too many former Olympic cities the negative effects have taken over the positive effects in the long run. Empty unused stadiums, large debts and unpleasant public space turned out to be the result instead of an improved city.

In this plan, a new metro line forms the backbone of an integral urban regeneration plan in the weakest part of the weakest city in the Randstad, the economic center of the Netherlands, Rotterdam-Zuid.
Adjacent infrastructure, accommodation and sports facilities are planned in such a way that the livability and economic development of vulnerable, deprived neighborhoods in Rotterdam-Zuid are assured in the long run.

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