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Justin Bieber Presentation

  1. 1. -Justin Bieber-My World-My World 2.0-Believe-Believe Acoustic-Believe Deluxe-Under The Mistletoe-Never Say Never-My World Acoustic-Selena Gomez-love song and pop-My World Tour-The Next Steps
  2. 2. -St Josephs Hospital-London, Ontario-Pattie Mallette-Stratford-Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School-Jazmyn-Jaxon-Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Drums-Hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, skateboarding and chess-Stratford Idol-YouTube
  3. 3. -Scooter Braun-Atlanta-Usher-Ludacris, Carly RaeJepsen, Drake, Chris Brown, NickiMinaj, Big Sean, Far EastMovement and Jaden Smith-Raymond Braun Media Group-Justin Timberlake-Antonio L.A. Reid-Island Def Jam Music Group-Island Records
  4. 4. -My World-My World 2.0.-Sean Kingston-Jessica Jarrell on North-The Stunners-UnitedStates, Ireland, England, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico,Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peruand Venezuela
  5. 5. -Believe-North America,Europe, Africa, andAsia-Asia, Australasia,South America, alongwith South Africa andthe Middle East-Madison SquareGarden
  6. 6. -3D Concert Film Countingdown to what is consideredto be Bieber’s biggestperformance in MadisonSquare Garden-United States-Canada-Syracuse-MSG-Grand Father
  7. 7. -MTV Video Music Award-“Baby”-Twitter-Forbes Magazine-Childrens Miracle NetworkHospitals-City of Hope-Cure Duchene-It Gets Better Project-Jumpstart–Red Cross-KaBOOM-“We Are The World” for Haiti
  8. 8. -Sean Kingston-My World 2.0. -Justin BieberIt was -Heather -Carlos BatteyBright -Steven Battey-The -Benny Blanco -Marcos PalaciosStereotypes -Ernest Clark-The latter -Produced by Blanco-US mainstream -Back 2 Lifeand rhythmic -My World 2.0.radio -Appeared on charts worldwide, including the-MTV Video top ten in the UnitedMusic Awards Kingdom and New-The X Factor in Zealand, and the topthe United twenty in Australia, Canada, IrelandKingdom and the United States
  9. 9. -Believe -Nasri & Pharrell -Carlos and-Jerry Duplessis - Williams AdamArden Altino Messinger Steven Battey -Boy band N-Dan August of The Jackie Sync -Released onRigo -Debuted at Boyz October-Produced by number two on -Mason "MdL" 17, 2011Duplessis and the Billboard -Levy and Hot 100 after -Reached the Kevin RistoAltino selling a total of top ten in -Waynne-Was released to 521,000 digitalmainstream radio Canada, De Nugent of units of thein Canada on single nmark and Midi MafiaAugust -Ying Yang Norway, wh -Charted in the9, 2010, followed Rapping Twins ile also lower regionsby a mainstream also released a reaching the of charts in the remixed versionand rhythmic top forty in United States, -Another remixrelease on of "Boyfriend" ten other Canada, andAugust features Chainz, countries the United24, 2010, in the Mac Miller and KingdomUnited States Asher Roth
  10. 10. -Usher -Was released on -Max Martin-Ezekiel November -AntonLewis 17, 2009 Zaslavski-Balewa -Usher -SavanMuhammad -Tricky Stewart Kotechaof TheClutch -The-Dream -Nicki Minaj-A-Rex duo -Midi Mafia -US BillboardSean -U.S. Billboard 200 Hot 100 at 72Hamilton -Sold over a -Canadian-Hyuk Shin million copies Hot 100 at 47.-iTunes
  11. 11. -Christopher "Tricky" Stewart-RedZone Entertainments and Terius -The BeatlesChristopher "Tricky" -"The-Dream" Nash -U.S. Billboard 200Stewart, Terius -R&B singer-"The-Dream" Nash, and Christina Milian -Ranked number oneKuk Harrell album in Canada-JB & Corron -Labelmate, rapper-First single released from Ludacris and in its secondMy World -The song was week the album-The song was a number three and peaked at numbercommercial five in Canada and the United States, one in Ireland. It alsosuccess, reaching the toptwenty in and also within the charted in the topCanada, US, Germany, Un top ten of France, ten of eleven otherited Kingdom, France and New Zealand, countries the albumNew Zealand Ireland, and the-The Dome, The Next that comes after this United KingdomStar, and Dick Clarks one is called BelieveNew Years Rockin Evewith Ryan Seacrest
  12. 12. -Justin Bieber is a protestantChristian, and he said he has arelationship with Jesus and he said that heprays and talks to Jesus-Claims that going to church is very usefulbut not 100% needed-Does not believe in abortion and he saysit’s like killing a baby-Does not agree with the American heathcare system he prefers the -Canadian health care system- In June 2012, Justin Bieber released the"Music Makes It Better" campaign -Victoria Justice-The Band Perry-“Pray”