Les Mills Tribe Thought Leaders Australia 2009


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Steven Renata a founding member of Les Mills International gives an authentic and compelling view of the birth and growth of the World'sLeading Group Fitness Company.

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Les Mills Tribe Thought Leaders Australia 2009

  1. 1. Words to Les Mills HAKA “Tu Mai Nei Nga Toa“ Maori English Kaitataki: Kia wiri Leader: Let your hands quiver by your side Hope Hands on hips, Ki raro Hands down by your side (still) A kia mau Hi Kia whakata hoki au i ahau Be steadfast Hi Aue Hi Let me be at one with the earth E nga matua tipuna Hi aue hi tukua mai te kaha Ancient ancestors/warriors of old te rangatiratanga e bestow upon us strength and leadership Kapa: Tu mai nei nga toa e Group: Standing here are the new warriors Haka ana ki te noho mangere We haka in fury at sedentary lifestyles Ko te whakaara ko te momona Obesity is our adversary Let us do battle Me pakanga, parekura e Let your mind, body and spiritual Kia pakari hinengaro, tinana, wairua. Ko te ha o tane e essence be revitalised Kaitataki: I te wehenga ka puta hihiri e Through the breath of life Kapa: Na reira, me puta to ihi e Leader: At the separation of earth from sky, Kia tu te wana all potential was released into this world Kia tu te wero aue Group: Therefore, let your true potential be known Kia tu kotahi tatou Reveal your inner strength & power Ana, Ana, Ana, Hold fast to the challenge Tenei whakatau. Hi. Let us unite as one global entity Yes it is , Yes it is, Yes it is This we decree.
  2. 2. Four steps to change the Worldand become professional … 1. Start with a great Idea 2. Innovate 3. Breed a Tribe 4. Create a Movement
  3. 3. 1. Start with Great Idea that sets the World on Fire
  4. 4. 2. Innovate from Product to Systems
  5. 5. 3. Breed a Tribe with a Powerful Purpose
  6. 6. 4. Create a Movement based on Aspirational Values
  7. 7. Over 3 million people every weekparticipate in our classes in 80 countries
  8. 8. Lead by a Tribe of 70000 Instructorsthat would fill Stadium Australia
  9. 9. From Circus to Cirque Du SoleilFrom Aerobics to Les Mills Group Fitness
  10. 10. Old New New
  11. 11. Old New New
  12. 12. Old New
  13. 13. OldOld New
  14. 14. Old New
  15. 15. Old New
  16. 16. Old New
  17. 17. Old New
  18. 18. The World before Group FitnessLycra and Amateurs…
  19. 19. Going to the Gym is becoming theLargest Sport in the World…
  20. 20. 90% of all exercisers prefer to workoutin a Group…
  21. 21. Group Fitness is one way to achieve thisin a Club Environment…
  22. 22. Group Fitness creates better motivation,physical results, and fun… !
  23. 23. Group Fitness creates bettercommunity amongst members…
  24. 24. Group Fitness Promotions are morecompelling and engaging…
  25. 25. …the environment has become31mirror-less and more inviting …
  26. 26. …and much more entertaining… !
  27. 27. Group Fitness is the new Rock Concertshowing in 13000 clubs around the world
  28. 28. After 10 years in the market this is whatCustomers say about our Brand… • 94% -74% satisfaction across all programs • 96% of all participants in a Les Mills class will continue for next 12 months • 95% of participants in a Les Mills class would recommend the program • 70% of participants would consider cancelling if the club stopped offering Les Mills programs • 3.4 average visits per week to Les Mills Classes , versus industry standard of 1.75 Source: AC Nielsen Survey 2007 Notes: Sample size n = 3080
  29. 29. Be the Number One in Fitness Experience in EveryMarket we are in – 100 million people Top 100 Global Brand by 2025
  30. 30. Future Rock Concerts will beexperienced in your “space”