How to drive massive member and guest traffic in your health and fitness facility


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How to host a party that drives massive mebers and guest traffic. Execution brilliance from the World's best operators Les Mills New Zealand. Notes from Britomart Club Manager and Group Fitness Guru, Carrie Kepple.m

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How to drive massive member and guest traffic in your health and fitness facility

  1. 1. CLUB PARTYAugust 2011Post Analysis
  2. 2. What Was CLUB PARTY?CLUB PARTY was a one day event KEY OBJECTIVES(however the promotional offer wasavailable all weekend) where we >Drive sales for the end of the monthshowcased Group Fitness, but alsooffering low risk entry to Personal > Encourage attendance (increaseTraining and Team Training, bringing all member satisfaction)our products together in creating a‘party like’ atmosphere. Décor included > Increase Incremental contactsred carpet, balloons with Group FitnessTeam Teaching, prizes, giveaways,Rowing Competitions and on-site >Showcase our USP – Group Fitnessactivity from George FM (broadcastingtheir 12-2pm show from Britomart), andGillette on-site at Auckland City offeringfree shaves, coffees, and give-aways(also with on-site cross-overs fromGeorge FM and The Edge).
  3. 3. Marketing Communication& Collateral> Pull-Up Banners> A2 posters> A3 posters> A5 flyers> A5 locker stickers> Cardio Screen imagery> Website Tiles> Facebook> HeadStart Newsletter> Corporate email> George Radio Website> Reception Announcement> Group Fitness Shout Outs
  4. 4. CLUB PARTYFriday 26th - Sunday 28th July 2011 AUCK BRIT NL TAKA TOTALTOTAL ENQUIRIES (Leads + Contacts) (During Promo Period)Total Promotion Enquiries 89 120 209TOTAL SALES (on Club Party Day)Total Promotion Sales 72 74 146TOTAL CONVERSION (During Promo Period)Promotion Enquiry to Sale Conversion 80% 62% 70%PROMOTION COSTSMarketing Spend $4,666 $4,974 $9,640Marketing Cost per sale $65 $67 $8Actual Cost of Sale* $147 $149 $148Opportunity Cost of Sale* $140 $146 $99INCOMEActual TPI from Promotion Sales* $130,808 $154,245 $285,053Average Months Sold 18.0 23.0 20.5R.O.I = $1 $12 $14 $13*Actual Cost of Sale = Marketing Spend + $82 (sales commission per sale)*Opportunity Cost of Sale = $99 (No Joining Fee Discount), plus free weeks*Actual TPI from Promotion Sales = Value of the Membership (excluding the JF).*R.O.I = Actual TPI/Total Actual Cost of Sales.
  5. 5. Key LearningsPROS’S>Provision of a CLUB PARTY sales switch which is of greater value than current offer proved anexcellent motivator for both Membership Consultants and contemplators for driving sales andactivity on the day/weekend.>Email communication and online flyers sent to surrounding corporate offices resulted in amarked increase of corporate prospects on Club Party Day (Britomart only).>Using helium balloons in Reception for new members to pop once they had joined was afantastic visual and also added to the ‘party atmosphere’. Each balloon held a further ‘gift’ forthe new member, i.e. 10 RPM rides, RubyWaxx vouchers etc.>The introduction of 30 minute classes back to back in Britomart proved very successful inallowing members to taste a class they may not normally try, plus really emphasised the hype forthe class giveaways via the raffle tickets – Britomart members loved this!>Including the articles in the HeadStart newsletter was instrumental in getting the word out>The quality/value of the giveaways proved very successful and something that should berepeated, members felt they were truly getting something for nothing with prizes valued from$300 - $40>George FM broadcasting on-site at Britomart really added to the party atmosphere
  6. 6. Key LearningsCON’S•As the offer is available all weekend, so should have the balloons. It was felt we would havemade more sales by allowing the popping of the balloons all weekend rather than just on ClubParty day.•Introduce a booking system for the Team Training and Personal Training taster sessions tomaximise participants. Need to drive this more through the departments on the floor in theweeks leading up to Club Party.•Have posters and marketing collateral up in the club two weeks prior to the event, with perhapsa little more emphasis on WIIFM for the members.•Have a little more ‘in-club’ theme on Club Party Day.