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Survey Responses

  1. 1. I’m not too surprised about these results, the people I asked are around the bottom age of my target audience (18-30). This is why I expected R&B to be popular. What I was surprised about was the amount of people who chose Rock as their favourite kind of music, I imagine these are the older part of the group I asked. Or younger people who are in a band might have chosen this genre.
  2. 2. I thought that facebook would be the most popular result but it’s ridiculous how many people have chosen facebook as their favourite website. Out of the 32 people I asked to take the survey I expected at least a few to choose maybe YouTube or other, this could effect how music spreads, if everyone uses facebook, maybe the best way to get music out there is by advertising on this type of site.
  3. 3. I predicted that more people would choose that they spend over £15, but I was surprised to see that over half of people spend nothing on music. Because people have said they spend nothing on music in a whole month, it lead me to think weather people download illegally.
  4. 4. This information is useful to me because a lot of people go to gigs and festivals frequently, meaning that to make my magazine a success I should try to put something in about a gig or festival, maybe on the cover I should advertise money off or do an article.
  5. 5. There is no-one that doesn’t download music and this means that in terms of my magazine I am going to make, I should put something in about downloading music. I found these results interesting, because I thought that at least a couple of people would have never downloaded music, simply because of resources or money, so from this I can draw the conclusion everyone has access to download music. Meaning it might be worth considering putting some technological information into my magazine.
  6. 6. Out of most of my questions this could possibly be seen as the most important. I expected this to be split into thirds, for example 33% would find out about music from each media type. I will definitely include some media information about websites and that type of media because it is very popular in today's world.
  7. 7. For this question I predicted that only a small percentage would say they had never illegally downloaded music, and the majority left would say C. Surprisingly there a lot of people who download illegally on the regular, whereas I though people would say they “have done before”. From this you can conclude that illegal downloading sites are costing artists and music labels millions of pounds every year. I might try to use this to promote cheap legal downloading and talk about how it can affect the artists.
  8. 8. This question produced results as expected, I think that a lot of people watch music videos, they are advertised everywhere; tv, radio, etc. I could incorporate music videos into my magazine by maybe using screenshots from real videos, for example the ones taken from “youtube” to the right.
  9. 9. This question was surprising because I thought there would be at least a couple of people who said they don’t watch music videos, maybe because they wouldn’t find them that important to them. It seems that the music videos that go with our favourite music, are an important to us today more than they were say just a year or two again. I think this is because the music business is more commercialized these days, and with music awards such as “MTV”, artists strive to make the best music video by investing however much money it takes.
  10. 10. This question was vital to the creation / success of my magazine, I can use and interoperate these favourable aspects of magazines, to create and design a magazine that can relate to my target audience.