Analysis Of 3 Music Covers


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Analysis Of 3 Music Covers

  1. 1. I’m using Q as my inspiration for my music magazine because I want my magazine to be aimed towards the more sophisticated audience, my main feature has got to be the photo and then the writing should be noticed second but stand out to a level. Masthead – Simplistic, bold, a good size so always noticed. Skyline – Maybe reinvent this idea of a “special edition”. This is why I used this cover, I might consider having an image this close up, but instead my person will have their fingers pointing under their mouth like they are thinking. I like how the white sits on the dark back round, really makes the cover-lines bold. Move the date! Not too keen on it here, when I have the barcode I will put it with that. These are images I might consider reinventing; they really draw the reader and remain sophisticated and tasteful. The clothes the women is wearing are dark and dull, this is not very interesting when you say it that well, but it goes really well with the type of magazine this is. So in relation to my magazine, I’m going to keep in mind what my band/artist is wearing to suit the style of the magazine.
  2. 2. There are two places I am drawn to on this cover, first being the photo, but then when I looked at it again, the bottom section with the CD and poster advertisements, it helps fill the page and make it seem like there is a lot of activity going on with the magazine cover. Barcode – This is also better on this magazine because its bottom right, classic and just the way I see it to be best. When making my cover, I might consider using the poster idea, this could help to put more into the cover, use a variety of interesting pictures and help the reader understand the total genre of the magazine. Masthead-The second thing the reader notices will be the masthead with this magazine because the main image comes first. I’m not too keen on this masthead because it’s dragged across the back round and put in the corner, I am going to look into making my masthead short, to the left third and more outstanding. Main coverline-The main coverline for this magazine takes up a proportion of the page. It stands out more than anything on the page. With my magazine being based around a more sophisticated image, I think the main coverline will be important but not as in your face.
  3. 3. I have used this cover because I think the colour scheme used is fantastic, it sticks to using a certain short range of colours, making the cover look like it all blends together just perfectly. I can use this in my magazine by keeping a short range of colours, to make the magazine piece together right. Main image – Now this is ok and it works effectively for this magazine, but it’s so simple, this set up is used so often and conforms to the stereotypical image of an R&B singer and that is fine, but I would rather mix up my magazine and portray which ever genre I choose in a non-stereotypical image, making the magazine individual for that reason. Main coverline-The main coverline here is only 5 words, I think it is too small, simplistic, which makes it boring. The only concept of this being interesting is the fact it’s bold and changes colour. Skyline-I’m not too keen on the skyline here because it’s really plain, If I was to put one in, I would have the top of the page cut off with the skyline writing on top of it, I think it will make it stand out more. The clothes and accessories the artist wears are very important, and for a man to portray his image as a masculine male, his clothes and image have to be right for him, this is why I think they have dressed him in just jeans and put the biggest watch they could find on him.