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Steve Nollau - Living the Entrepreneurial Dream


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Steve Nollau - Living the Entrepreneurial Dream

  2. 2. Steve Nollau and Bob Cuneo co-founded Brädo Creative Insight in 2002 as ambitious entrepreneurs. Today, they have elevated Brädo to multi-million-dollar status and it is among the best market research agencies in the world. Nollau serves as President and Chief Strategy Officer; Cuneo serves as President and Chief Creative Officer.
  3. 3. Both Steve Nollau and Bob Cuneo spent time in corporate marketing and advertising before Brädo. They worked together twice, at two separate companies, became best friends and often discussed going into business with each other. Though reluctant to risk their friendship over professional endeavors, they finally decided it was time to begin in 2002, and Brädo Creative Insight was born.
  4. 4. “It’s really been an incredible run for both the business and our friendship,” said Nollau, when reflecting on Brädo’s creation. “I get to work with the most talented, passionate and fun loving people I have ever been around, in the coolest office space I’ve ever worked in. And, I can legitimately say that we are one of the best in the world at what we do. It doesn’t get any better than that.”
  5. 5. Brädo Creative Insight didn’t reach its multi- million-dollar status on luck. Both Nollau and Cuneo put in a lot of hard work and an unbending passion for being the best. They built Brädo’s belief system to inspire clients, employees, communities and partners. They brought true insight and inspiration – not basic observations and information – to each project. In doing so, Nollau and Cuneo set Brädo apart.
  6. 6. Today, Steve Nollau says that he and Bob Cuneo are having a great time doing what they love, which is something that quantifies the dream for entrepreneurs everywhere.
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