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At GS&F, we relate to clients, brands, consumers, marketing challenges, as well as various industries. We build connections between brands and consumers. We involve ourselves in our clients’ business because we truly care about their success. We work diligently to understand our clients and their brands, in order to help them accomplish their goals. The work we do – advertising, public relations, interactive, even the media choices we make – helps create relationships between our clients’ brands and their customers. And, finally, yes, we tell stories. Because every ad is part of an unfolding story about a unique brand, a story that we believe is worth sharing. Visit us online at

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GS&F PR Fact Sheet

  1. 1. relate
  2. 2. Speak to Me! Talk with GS&F Public Relations, and communicate with the world. Got something to say? Public relations allows you GS&F will work with you to define your specific goals to announce your presence, establish your identity, and implement the best practices and tactics for position your brand, and build relationships with clients, your business. We’ve worked with manufacturers, employees, and the general public. technology firms, retail and service companies, nonprofit organizations, and medical groups on a daily basis At GS&F Public Relations, we create comprehensive to meet their communications needs—from brand strategies for effective, on-target messaging. We’re management and media relations to copywriting, crisis specialists at launching a new product, unveiling a new planning and communications, special events, trade service, or promoting your entire company. shows, media training, and much more. “We create a customized strategic plan to promote your message to your specific audience. Without a strategy, it’s just talk.”
  3. 3. What Can We Do For You? Developing a strategy to suit your specific needs and and the most effective tactics to be used are vitally budget is of paramount importance in order to implement important. At GS&F Public Relations, we can help our an effective public relations plan. Identifying your target clients in the following areas: audience, appropriate messaging, key periods of delivery Communications Crisis management, Press releases, Media relations Community relations, Internal communications Press kits, Media coaching, Social media Writing Case studies, Newsletters, White papers Editorial and by-lined articles Speeches, TV and radio scripts Events Corporate events Media tours Trade shows Brand Development Strategy development Marketing materials Product placement Analysis Media coverage analysis Competitive message analysis Interactive eCards Web communications
  4. 4. Our Capabilities—A Closer Look C O M M u n I C A T I O n S Crisis Management Internal Communications Negative press can have a significant impact on the Effective internal communications is primary to reputation and bottom line of your business. GS&F PR a foundation for successful growth in any type has the skills to be able to pre-empt and manage the of organization. GS&F PR can help you develop a potential for negative press. communications plan and support materials, such as newsletters, that are tailored to meet the needs Press Releases of your organization. A succinct press release that sparks the interest of an Press Kits editor has a good chance of getting published. GS&F PR will research, conduct interviews for, write and proof Making a positive first impression can open the door your release. A targeted media distribution list will be to long-term relationships with editors, journalists, developed and your story circulated to editors with a and others. GS&F PR can develop electronic and/or potential interest. In order to maximize delivery to the paper press kits that will be valuable marketing tools in media, guaranteed placement services are also available. promoting your business, product or services. Media Relations Media Coaching Personal contact with the media is important to getting What to say, what not to say, and how to say it—these your story heard. GS&F PR will use their expertise all influence effective communication of your message to bring your story to the attention of relevant media, through the media. GS&F PR can provide you with the whether locally or nationally. tools to confidently handle any media opportunity. Community Relations Social Media Contributing to nonprofit organizations and educational The way people get their news is changing. The online institutions is a win-win situation for both sponsor and community discovers and shares news and information beneficiary. GS&F PR is able to research and develop through many different platforms. In order to expand suitable community programs for your business. your reach, GS&F PR can help share information across the entire social media landscape. “Making a positive first impression can open the door to long-term relationships with editors, journalists, and others.”
  5. 5. Our Capabilities—A Closer Look W R I T I n G Case Studies Speeches The testimonial approach has proven to be one of the Don’t know what to say—or unsure of how to say it? most effective means of communicating a message. GS&F PR can provide you with talking points or a fine- GS&F PR will research and develop case studies that tuned speech that communicates your message in a position you and your business as a leader in your field. personality that defines you and what you represent. Editorial and By-lined Articles TV & Radio Scripts By-lined articles allow more editorial control over Our staff has experience as television and radio the message and provide editors with articles in a producers, and we bring the talent of scriptwriting to completed format. By-lined articles and feature stories our clients. are advantageous because they allow you to educate a targeted audience in a whole story format. White Papers Identifying problems and presenting information from a newsletters perspective that will provide convincing solutions for the Newsletters targeted to a specific audience can help you purpose of influencing your targeted audience can be a communicate information in a clear and easy to read very powerful tool. format. We specialize in both printed and e-newsletter formats, giving our clients a delivery option that best suits their need. CASE STUDY Project Indiana Southern Railroad Location Indiana Overview Case Study case 2 • 2009 Crouch Engineering, headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., provides civil and railroad engineering consulting services to private railroads and federal, state and local A. O. SMITh iCOMM™ SeRvICe GIveS government agencies. Founded in 1991 by Harvey Crouch, the company has PeACe OF MINd Case Notes acquired more than 200 years of Project: combined national and international Tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar experience. Crouch Engineering is an installs iCOMM service acknowledged leader in the business of providing design, planning, surveying, Location: Tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar layout, rehabilitation, and construction in Nashville, Tenn. management of railroad tracks, bridges and related structures. Product: iCOMM Service INDIANA SOUTHERN RAILROAD In November 2003, the Indiana Southern Railroad bridge over the Product Highlights: White River experienced a failure in one of the concrete/stone piers. • Allows remote, Internet The railroad authorities asked Crouch Engineering (CEPC) to propose connectivity to water heaters a design to replace the pier that had caused the railroad to take the and boilers bridge out of service. The railroad authorities had also planned for replacing the pinned through truss spans, which had been costing $1 • Provides leak detection and million per span. fault alerts through e-mail As the only Green Restaurant Assoc- This changed when Barlow recently or text messaging CEPC proposed a creative design that would not only replace the failed pier but also replace the low rated pinned through truss that iation certified restaurant in Nashville, installed the A. O. Smith iCOMM™ Tennessee, Tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar, system, a service that monitors water • iCOMM Web site displays the was bearing on the failed pier, for about the same cost as the pier temperature, heater status, replacement. a restaurant dedicated to sustainability, heaters and boilers and alerts users of brings in fresh ingredients daily from any faults or areas of concern regarding current faults and fault local farms. The use of locally produced their water heating equipment. Barlow history of each water heater Working closely with Indiana Southern Railroad, Inc., suppliers, and foods carries with it a bit of unpredict- can now put all of his attention where contractors, CEPC designed the new bridge, obtained agency or boiler ability such as a constantly evolving it’s most needed rather than having to permits, ordered materials, and bid out the construction of the menu and flexibility during severe focus on the status of his water heaters; • BACnet compatible replacement structure. CEPC performed all project management and weather. As a result of this ever chang- the iCOMM system watches the water engineering tasks including planning, surveying, permitting, ing atmosphere, restaurant owner and heaters for him. designing, bidding and construction project management. Installation: Chef Jeremy Barlow has to be ready for anything that comes his way. Placement of iCOMM system Due to the low prices CEPC obtained for the replacement of the first “Now, with the iCOMM system, I don’t have any worry, any concern about in Nashville restaurant truss, the railroad company decided to replace the second through Phone 615.791.0630 truss span. The total project cost was $800,000, as opposed to $2.35 For Barlow, the most important part the restaurant having to shut down FAX 615.791.8451 million had a traditional approach been taken. of his restaurant, and consequently because the water heaters have stopped the part that requires the most of his working,” Barlow said. email attention, is the food—his passion and the reason he opened Tayst The iCOMM system’s remote in 2004. But due to a previous connectivity to the iCOMM bad experience with a water Web site allows users to heater at another restaurant, proactively manage, monitor Barlow has always felt the A. O. Smith Water Products and interact with their full need to keep his eye on the fleet of A. O. Smith water back room. heaters and boilers from 500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway Ashland City, TN 37015 W R I T I n G Corporate Events Media Tours Promotional events launching a new product or business, With strategic planning, taking your message to a or celebrating a corporate milestone, can be a great way variety of targeted media outlets can strengthen media to create a buzz amongst potential new clients and the relationships and result in free press and promotion of media. GS&F PR can develop and implement a strategic your product or services. plan incorporating everything from the theme, guest and media invitation lists to venues, catering, entertainment, Trade Shows sponsors, and a detailed logistics plan that will ensure a GS&F PR will identify shows that will maximize exposure successful event. of your product or service to trades and media as well as provide pre-show, exhibition and post-show strategies and support.
  6. 6. Our Capabilities—A Closer Look B R A n D D E V E l O P M E n T Strategy Development Product Placement Do customers and business prospects immediately Product placement can be a vehicle for just about any identify you as the solution to their need? To succeed product or service. GS&F PR can investigate trading in branding, it is important to understand the needs of integration or placement for a supply of product, or your customers and prospects. GS&F PR can assist you placement for financial compensation, in channels that by developing and integrating brand strategies for your will achieve exposure for your product or service. business at every point of public contact. Marketing Materials GS&F PR can advise you how best to incorporate branding, information and creative to produce marketing materials with maximum impact. “To succeed in branding, it is important to understand the needs of your customers.” SETTING THE S TA N D A R D Phone 615.791.0630 FAX 615.791.8451 email
  7. 7. Our Capabilities—A Closer Look A n A l Y S I S Media Coverage Analysis Competitive Message Analysis Clients have the option of registering with a clip report Through different services we can track and report on service that provides a summary of media coverage competitive messaging for our clients. A summary of achieved. This is a valuable tool that provides information media coverage achieved during a specific period is on the positive and negative impact of media coverage, its prepared and sent to our clients upon request. This is value, and competitor analysis. a valuable tool that provides information on the media coverage and activities of our clients’ competitors. This knowledge is valuable in determining future messaging and marketing initiatives. “In this technological age, animated or simple eCards are a very effective way of communicating your message.” I n T E R A C T I V E eCards Web Communications In this technological age, animated or simple eCards From writing copy to investigating appropriate Web are a very effective way of communicating your marketing and communications for your business, GS&F message. The viral nature of eCards enables you to PR will work with IT professionals to produce a unique potentially reach many more people than those who and user-friendly website for your business. initially receive it. GS&F PR can write copy, design, and arrange production and eBlasts to any number of recipients.
  8. 8. Clients CoMMerCIAL And resIdenTIAL noT-for-profIT pubLIC ChArITy youTh deveLopMenT WATer heATers orgAnIzATIon orgAnIzATIon since 2006 since 2009 since 2005 energy ConservATIon orgAnIzATIon AMerICAn-MAde JeAn CoMpAny InnovATIve gLAss produCTs since 2008 since 2009 since 2007 WheeL-servICe equIpMenT ConvenIenT sTore pIzzA & food servICes for CAnCer pATIenTs since 2008 since 2008 And TheIr fAMILIes since 1996 CAreer CoLLege CoMMerCIAL And resIdenTIAL ThIrd-pArTy LogIsTICs since 2009 buILdIng produCTs since 2007 since 2006 CoMMerCIAL And resIdenTIAL Tennessee AssoCIATIon of reALTors eLeCTrICAL produCTs WATer heATers since 2008 MAnufACTurer since 2006 since 2007 CLInICAL doCuMenTATIon LIghTIng bALLAsTs TeChnoLogy & servICes since 1996 since 2009
  9. 9. Statistics COMPAnY nEW BuSInESS COnTACT GS&F Steven napoli 4235 Hillsboro Road Phone: 615-385-1100 ext. 259 Nashville, TN 37215-3344 Mobile: 615-579-5368 Phone: 615-385-1100 Fax: 615-783-0500 Fax: 615-783-0522 Email: ASSOCIATIOnS PR STAFF International Association of leigh Marie lunn Business Communicators vice president, public relations Nashville Chamber of Commerce Public Relations Society of America liz Guzzo Second Wind Account Manager Joe Finlay InDuSTRY EXPERIEnCE senior Account executive Automotive Aftermarket Tara Tocco Book Publishing senior Account executive Building Products Commercial/Residential Construction Rick lewis Consumer Goods Account executive & senior Writer Entertainment Fine Dining Malea Barron Garden Products Account executive Glass/Residential Windows Golf Virginia Tharpe Healthcare Assistant Account executive Home Comfort HVAC DESIGn STAFF Insurance Kitchen Ranges/Ovens Drew Pope Lighting director of design Motorsports Nonprofit Ted Cass Plumbing Art director Telecommunications
  10. 10. References David Chisolm brand Manager 500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway Ashland City, TN 37015 Phone: 615-792-8372 Jéanne Brooks Marketing Consultant 2857 S. Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60608 Phone: 615-248-2023 Judy Musgrove osb Marketing Manager 414 union Street, Suite 2000 Nashville, TN 37219 Phone: 615-986-5794