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Date Dimension in 30 Minutes or Less


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All data warehouses need a date dimension to enable proper analysis across dates. Most Data Warehouse designers will just use one provided by tools or whip it up in Excel, but what if you need to set up custom holidays or want different calendars, such as Fiscal or Julian? You can have any date dimension you need by using a single SQL script that can be modified and rerun as necessary. Learn what it takes to design a date dimension that does all of the calculations and formatting up-front so the reports can be easier to create. Sample script will be provided that creates the date dimension and can be reused as often as necessary without breaking your data warehouse and it only takes seconds to run!

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Date Dimension in 30 Minutes or Less

  1. 1. Date Dimension in 30 Minutes or Less Steve Wake Consultant, RevGen Partners President, Denver SQL Server User Group
  2. 2. What is a Date Dimension? • Dimension to track dates (usually by day) • Can track multiple calendars (Gregorian, Julian, Fiscal) • Time should be in separate Dimension (if needed) • One row per date/day
  3. 3. Why Date Dimension? • Most reporting is done by date/time • Track Holidays and other significant dates • Do date calculations in SQL once • Date/Time period comparisons • Generate for years/decades easily
  4. 4. What to Include in the Date_DIM? • Date as Integer for PK to make reload not break links (20130806) • Date in multiple formats (“08/06/2013”, “Tuesday, August 6, 2013”, etc.) • Multiple parts (Month, Day, Year, Month Text, Day Text, etc.) • Holiday indicator (domestic/international/religious) • Gregorian/Julian/Fiscal Calendars • Calculated measures (Day # in week, Day # in month, Day # in year, Week # in month, Week # in year, etc.)
  5. 5. Demo • Date_DIM script
  6. 6. Summary • What & Why of Date Dimensions • Date Dimension Benefits • What to Include in Date Dimension
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