Session #6: Get More Bang For Your Buck


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Session #6: Get More Bang For Your Buck
Presented by: Ted Malone

Published in: Technology
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Session #6: Get More Bang For Your Buck

  1. 1. Get More Bang for Your Buck Getting the Most out of Team Foundation Server
  2. 2. What You‟ll Learn (hopefully) TFS can Team probably do Foundation more than you Server is Greedy think More people There are a lot can use TFS of TFS freebies than you think
  3. 3. In Case You Didn‟t Know..
  4. 4. Feed Team Foundation‟s Narcissism change requests Gimme! source code risks issues binaries tasks build data use cases test results bugs helpdesk tickets requirements
  5. 5. Get More Bang for Your Buck VERSION CONTROL
  6. 6. Don‟t Pigeon-Hole TFS • TFS is NOT a re-branded VSS • TFS is NOT just for .NET development – “If you can save it” • Any file size, any file type
  7. 7. Keep your Shelves Tidy • Don‟t keep them for too long • Share files, do peer reviews • Save WIP
  8. 8. Don‟t Hate, Annotate! • Use it for Good, not Evil (or try not to, at least) • Identify intra-file historical changes
  9. 9. Annotate DEMO
  10. 10. Hey, you in the 3rd row. Are you sleeping? It’s the last session! Stick it out, then go get a beer!
  11. 11. Get More Bang for Your Buck WORK ITEM TRACKING
  12. 12. Don‟t Re-Create, Relate! • Create related work items – Eliminate a lot of copy & paste • Link test results, but also the tests themselves
  13. 13. Office: Your Unspoken Hero • SQL Reporting Services is cool, but not for everyone • What about Excel & Visio?
  14. 14. Excel Reporting & TFS DEMO
  15. 15. Get More Bang for Your Buck OTHER STUFF
  16. 16. F5 is NOT a Build System • Test Drive Team Build • Several Build Scenarios – Continuous – Rolling – Scheduled – Ad-hoc • Heck, build your database, too.. (gasp!)
  17. 17. “Fire and Forget” User Licensing Take advantage of Expands New in 2008 Potential TFS Licensing Footprint Change NO TFS CAL Viewing/Editing Creating work work items needed when: items created by user Slimmed Down Confines UI to Use WIWA Web Access CAL-less model Integrate TFS Cross-post Partners can with Existing tickets into TFS help (plug, plug) work items Helpdesk
  18. 18. Everyone Needs a Power Tool Windows Explorer Extension • Team Members • Check-in Policy Pack • Alerts Editor • Power Shell Extensions • Command Line • – Unshelve, rollback, treeclean • Process Template Editor
  19. 19. Power Tools DEMO
  20. 20. What‟s in the Pipe? • Hierarchical Work Items • Version Control – First class branches – Visualize branch relationships • Drag & Drop Merging – Track change across branches • History, Timeline, Annotate • Workflow-based Build
  21. 21. If we have time, love to hear „em! QUESTIONS?