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The world's largest and biggest


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Year 6 lesson introducing places in the world

Published in: Education
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The world's largest and biggest

  1. 1. Extreme World Geography Learning objectives:  To know the most extreme/biggest physical and human features of the world  To recognise the locations of these places  To be able to construct a map of these using the principles of STACK
  2. 2. World’s largest, longest, biggest, tallest… Use the Internet to find out the following: (Record the name and country/location in your book) 3 tallest mountains 3 longest rivers 3 biggest countries (area) 3 largest deserts 3 largest tropical rainforests 3 most populated cities 3 tallest buildings Extension: any other cool world facts!
  3. 3. Poster  Choose one extreme feature  Design a creative poster to say why your extreme feature is the best and most important in the world  Top tips:  Include a cool, catchy slogan  Describe its location (use place names (countries, continents), compass points)  Include a simple sketch map/drawings of it  Include 5 facts and statistics about it  Say why it’s important
  4. 4.  Using your atlas, let’s locate the features on your world map  You need to come up with an appropriate symbol (don’t forget to add it to your key!!)  Then label it with its name too!  REMEMBER to STACK your map World’s largest, longest, biggest, tallest…
  5. 5. Homework  Revise for the mini-test in the next lesson  You need to know:  STACK  Your continents  Your oceans  The largest features in the world (mountains, rivers, deserts, cities)
  6. 6. Sporcle links   