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Life's journey


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Life's journey

Published in: Spiritual
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Life's journey

  1. 1. As you journey through life & itsRoads and Paths,there may be some steep hillsto climb, Music: True Nature He Yan:21.12.2012
  2. 2. sometimes when the road seemstreacherous and you arent surewhich turn to take...
  3. 3. times when you feel like you are on thebrink of falling,
  4. 4. and there may be many curves in theroad.
  5. 5. As you make your way through the upsand downs of 2013,
  6. 6. May you know Gods presence with youthrough each tunnel,
  7. 7. every steep climb,
  8. 8. every curve,
  9. 9. in the beautiful mountaintopexperiences with Him,
  10. 10. and through the slippery stormsof life;
  11. 11. May He walk with you down throughthe valleys and up the mountains,
  12. 12. take your hand and guide youthrough to the light,
  13. 13. put a hedge around you tokeep you safe,
  14. 14. help you to find joy andexcitement in the rollercoaster ride,
  15. 15. and fill you with amazement at thebeauty He provides along the way.
  16. 16. Take time to smell the flowers,
  17. 17. To admire His handiwork
  18. 18. along Lifes railway;
  19. 19. And may His love flood over you, fillyou,and overflow in praise to Him for allHes done, does and will do!Amazing..... ISNT HE!!Live simply. Love generously. Caredeeply. Speak kindly. Leave the restto God."WORRYING does not take awaytomorrows TROUBLES; it takes awaytodays PEACE."