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绝美爱情感人语句3 (Chinese & English)


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绝美爱情感人语句3 (Chinese & English)

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绝美爱情感人语句3 (Chinese & English)

  1. 1. Desert weed 绝美爱情感人语句 3 (Chinese & English) August 2009 He Yan Music: 两个人的夏天
  2. 2. Edge of wood 1 .在友情的盆栽中培养爱情不是件容易的事,但是在长出爱情的盆栽里培养友情是件更困难的事。如果掏空了我心中的土,是否能培养出过去那种友呢? 1.It's not easy to change friendship into love. But it's even harder to turnlove into friendship. If I swallow my heart, whether I can regain thefriendship once I had.
  3. 3. English spring 2 .如果花开了,就喜欢;如果花落了,就放弃。陪你在路上满心欢喜是因为风景,不是因为你。 2.If it blossoms, I will love; if not, give up. I just accompany u merrily forthe sake of scenery not for you.   
  4. 4. Sidewalk in the fall 3 .千万别交一个无法替代的情人,否则你就会成为那个可以替代的情人。情人之间的自由就如同过期的支票,你可以继续拥有,但却无法兑现。 3.Never get a lover that no one can replace, otherwise you will be easilyreplaced. The freedom between lovers is like an overdue check that you can ownit forever but can not turn it in cash.   
  5. 5. Fall at the lake 4 .我知道这世上有人在等我,但我不知道我在等谁,为了这个,我每天都非常快乐。 4.I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although I've no idea of whohe is. But I feel happy every day for this.   
  6. 6. Fall scene 5 .当我们满怀喜悦和惆怅的成长已经成为一种可以被讲述的故事时,我们发现我们从未遵守过任何一个诺言,但我们真的真心真意相爱过。 5.When we grow up with happiness and sorrows, a story is coming out. We findthat we never abide by any promise, but we really loved each other at one time.
  7. 7. Field of Gold 6 .我安慰自己,虽然在最底最底的位置,看不到花儿绽放是的艳丽,然而却总不会错过花瓣飘落时在风中悠扬飞舞的浪漫。 6.I comfort myself like this: although I am in the lowest place, seeing nowflowers blossoming, I can always witness the romance when the petals fall downand fly in the wind.
  8. 8. Fiji sunset 7 .所有的爱情故事都有相同之处,在我生命的某一时刻我也经历过这些,然而我已记不得这些。我所记得的是,爱是以另一个男人的形式,带着新的希望,新的梦想重回我心中。 7.All the love stories have something in common. Once upon a time, I have thatexperience too. but I can not remember it clearly. All I can remember is thatlove returns with another man bringing new hopes to me.   
  9. 9. Frost 8 .曾经有机会目睹他最软弱最糟糕的时刻,你仍然能够微笑接受他的不完美,并且和他共同拥有这个秘密,这段爱情才能够长久一些。 8.Once I have the chance to witness his worst moment, but u still can accepthis defects and keep this as secret. Then ur love will last longer.   
  10. 10. Frozen Heaven 9 .我相信了你编写的童话,自己就成了童话中幽蓝的花。 9.I believe in the fairy story u wrote for me, and myself becomes the faintflower in the story.
  11. 11. Frozen Niagara Falls 10 .幸福的关键不在与找到一个完美的人,而在找到任何一个人,然后和他一起努力建立一个完美的关系。 10.The key for happiness is not find a perfect person, but find someone andbuild a perfect relationship with him.
  12. 12. Glacier NP, Montana 11 .在我们生命中出现的人,一些给我们上课,一些让我们痊愈,有的用来分担分享,有的用来真爱。 11.Among those people that appear in our life, some are to teach us, some to comfortGetWord("comfort"); us, some to share and some to love.   
  13. 13. Golden Gate 12 .与其等到别人来爱你,不如自己学着努力多爱自己一些,如果今天的你没有比昨天更喜欢自己,那明天对你来说又有什么意义呢? 12.It's better to try hard to love yourself more than to waitsomeone to love u. if today u don't like yourself more than yesterday,so what's the meaning of tomorrow?    
  14. 14. Grand old Mill 13 .你可以用自己不喜欢的方式赚到财富,也可以用自己不相信的药治好疾病,但你无法从自己不爱的人身上获得幸福。 13.You can make fortune by ways that u don't like, and can getcured by medicine that u don't believe, but u can never feel happy fromsomeone you don't love.    
  15. 15. Grand Teton mountains 14 .有一个人让我觉得很安心,所以想要依靠他,而另一个人让我觉得很孤单,所以想要拥抱他。 14.Someone makes me comfortable, so I want to rely onGetWord("rely on"); him; while another one makes me feel lonely, so I want to embrace him.
  16. 16. Ice blue 15 .一段不被接受的爱情,需要的不是伤心,而是时间,一段可以用来遗忘的时间。一颗被深深伤了的心,需要的不是同情,而是明白。 15.An unacceptable love needs no sorrow but time- sometime for forgetting. A badly-hurt heart needs no sympathy but understanding.   
  17. 17. Half Dome, Yosemite, CA 16 .所谓的自由,就是自己活着的理由,如果轻易放弃生命,那么在哪里都找不到自由的。 16.The so-called freedom is the reason to be alive. If u easily give up life, then u can never find freedom .
  18. 18. Happy Halloween 17 .当一个人谁都不爱的时候,他就可以爱上身边的任何一个人。 17.When someone loves none, he will fall in love with anyone around him.
  19. 19. Haystack Rock 18 .女人如果不性感,就要感性;如果没有感性,就要理性;如果没有理性,就要有自知之明;如果连这个都没有了,她只有不幸。 18.If a woman is not sexy, she needs emotion;if she is not emotional, she needs reason; if she is not reasonable,she has to know herself clearly. coz only she has is misfortune.
  20. 20. Grand Tetons 19 .一个有着优美背影的女人的最佳动作是背身离去 —— 回忆就是这样一种女人。 19.The best for a woman who has nice figure is to turn around and leave. This kind of women will be always in memory.
  21. 21. Honeymoon shack Last slide. Click to exit ….. 20 .在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。 20.In this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.
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